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Venezuela Restaurants


    Arepas must be the traditional favourite snack here. It is a round bland tortilla-looking thing made from wheat and thick enough to be sliced or ripped open. In-between, the Venezuelans would put the yummy fillings that can be anything, from tuna to cheese to chicken to meat to eggs…


    Pabellon criollo is a plate of rice, beef and black beans, usually with 'tajadas' (fried plantain slices) or a fried eggThe fried plantains are sticky, sweet and yummy. It is like having dessert on the same plate of main meal. This particular dish with the fried plantains apparently has a humourous name 'pabellon con barandas' (guard rail) because...


    Some fruit names are different in Venezuela, compared to other Spanish-speaking countries.'Lechosa' = papaya (normally, known as 'papaya')'Patilla' = water melon (normally, known as 'sandia')'Parchita' = passion fruit (normally, known as 'maracuja')


    Heladeria Coromoto is world-famous and tour buses download scores and scores of tourists to visit it. Well, it is apparently in the Guiness Book of Records. It has up to 750, or some say, 1000 ice-cream flavours… whatever! OK, there were many many many and I mean many ice-cream flavour signs on the board, but the ice-cream flavours available at the...


    'Chicha de arroz' is a refreshing drink made from boiled rice, milk, sugar and chopped ice, after it is way overcooked and blended. You can see 'chiceros' which are 'chicha' sellers along the streets or in the malls. I tried one with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Loved it.


    The Maltin Polar Ice malta drink was also something that I had, so far, only seen in Venezuela. I later learnt that it came from Germany. These were drinks bottled in a dark-coloured bottle. At first, I was shocked to see parents buying these drinks for their kids as it looked positively alcoholic. When I decided to try it, I realised it was...


    Coffee, taken here in Venezuela, is almost always black, and they often come in plastic cups just a little over an inch tall, much like a shot-glass. How very tiny.They are frequently sold by walking street vendors who carry a flask of coffee and a wooden rectangular carrier holding the plastic cups.


    I was momentarily stunned at the huge number of Chinese restaurants all over Caracas. Indeed, after coming from Brazil where there were only a very pathetic handful of Chinese restaurants, this was quite a nice welcome.I strongly believe that amongst the majority of the Venezuelans, Chinese cuisine rank high amongst their favourite.

  • 800 flavors of ice cream in Merida

    Coromoto is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's largest selection of ice cream flavors. Not all 800+ flavors are available at any one time, but you will have a mind boggling number of flavors however. Many of the flavors will blow your mind. Here are some of the flavors on hand: asparagus, onion, trout, beef,...

  • Claims to have most flavors of ice cream

    If you are going to claim to have the most flavors of ice cream in the world you will have to come up with some truely exotic. Certainly some of the flavors were worth a laugh but of doubtful interest. For example, the flavor "spagetti and meatballs" seemed a bit extreme. I love ice cream with a preference for tropic fruit flavors not available in...

  • Eating on a budget

    Many of the locals eat lunch here. It is very busy at lunch time. The food is very low cost and good. Soup, plate lunch and drink are included for one price. I like the chicken best of all.

  • Best drinks!!

    Don't miss the drinks at Aquarena in Grand Roque....Mohitos, cahipirinha and everything is great...the appetizers are a must try. The setting is perfect with big cushions were you can read a book looking at the sunset

  • Unimaginative Food

    Venezuelan food is not the most diverse of South American countries especially if you are a vegetarian. The cheese is good however it is much heavier than American or Mexican cheese. Three in our group are vegetarians and had a very challenging time to avoid eating the same food every day. Having been in several South American countries, I found...

  • Venezuelan Typical Food

    In Venezuelan we have our own typical food that you will not find at any other countries...You have to eat not miss it!!!See more at my traveloge Venezuela food Arepas (with many opcion of filing)CachapasPabellon CriolloCasabeHallacas (only in crismas)

  • Road side Restaurant

    The food was good. It was just traditional Venezuelan. Notice the dirt floor and mud brick wall at the kitchen area. One thing nice about restaurants in this area, they are open air and no insects bother you as you eat. Chicken is common in Venezuela and it is good. Also I like cachapa and yucca frita.

  • Red Snapper and cocktails by the sea

    On my second last day in Venezuela i treated myself to this wonderful seafood place in Santa Fe. I don't remember the name but it's the only fancy place in town and has a great outdoor terrace on the beach. Red Snapper, fresh from the boat, accompanied by a pina colada

  • Cachapas!!

    Besides the typical Arepas you have to eat Cachapa con Queso!!! Cachapa is my preferred Venezuelan dish. It is similar to a pancake but it is made out ground tender corn... Uhhmmm, it is delicious...

  • Best Pizzas!!

    the best restaurant in Cumana is La ducheff`s. It looks bit like a garage but there`s best pizzas i have ever had!Owner in such a funny guy, singing, playing trumpet, guitar, drums etc. during making pizza. yummy! All pizzas were great and cheap.

  • Chinese food in the middle of nowhere

    Venezuela is certainly not a destination for gourmets and this restaurant is no real exception. But Tommy Town in the remote town of Santa Elena near the Brazilian border offered huge servings of decent Chinese food and prices were moderate.

  • Ask for "EL OSO!!!" (Venezuelan beer)

    Pita's its my favorite Cafe!. I've been there so many times that the owner and her family became very good friends of mine. The attention it's unbelievable, so nice, and you feel like you are in your sofa at home with music, drinks, and friends around. Excelent place!.

  • Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood!

    There are only eight restaurants on el Grand Roque, but the one my friends and I always went to for breakfast, lunch and dinner was the 'La Chuchera'.The owners name is Pedro and is a great friend of mine and will take really good care of you. Another great restaurant and lovely owners is called 'Aquarena'. It’s also located on 'Plaza Bolivar'.'La...

  • The biggest shopping-center in...

    The biggest shopping-center in Caracas is Centro Sambil. There is a place that specializes in Churros, and they're delicious. If not properly a restaurant, but rather a candy house, it's still a place for some traditional local (hispanic) meal. Churros

  • My favorite restaurant where I...

    My favorite restaurant where I eat several times is La Isla.Here is a picture of the restaurant..he is in the beach, in the midle of the sand..he has a realy good atmosphere especially at night..standing in the chair waiting for the food, and listening the waves, near..The prices are between $5 to $10..but worth the price. The food was very good...

  • The food is fantastic in...

    The food is fantastic in Venezuela. Thousands of good restaurants in all price ranges will keep you busy. The country has great beef -- if that's what you like -- and a wonderful assortment of breads and fruits. Try the soft corn and cheese 'dumplings', at many restaurants. Don't miss a morning coffee, typically made rich and dark with foamy hot...

  • Our guide (his mother stopped...

    Our guide (his mother stopped us as we left the ship - her name is Mary) took us to a wonderful resturant that was frequented by the military brass. The food and service were excelent I just don't remember the name.

  • SunnyIsle's Restaurant Tip

    I appreciate the use of natural fruit juices. You can choose froma variety of fresh fruits for your drink. Try yantequilla - if adventurous. Chicken seems to be the main staple. You can a whole chicken as a meal.

  • My favorite restaurant was...

    My favorite restaurant was 4D. It was an icecream place and it had the best icecream. I love Venezuela ice cream....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good! One thing about 4D they have the cutest unfoirms and the nicest people and the most wonderful icecream! ICE CREAM!!!

  • Once again, we vistied a few,...

    Once again, we vistied a few, but generally if you find a good hostel to stay in you can cook your own food, which is a lot cheaper. Favourite place to eat has to go the the Mano Posada in Tabay near Merida. This was a little place that we stayed which was very cheap and cooked us the most amazing food... I will find out the instructions to get...

  • Didn't eat in restauraants. ...

    Didn't eat in restauraants. We ate maily from the bakeries and food stalls. We never got sick at all.All the food stall seemed to be clean. They were all cheap and it meant we could eat where the local people ate. Enjoyed the Polar beer and the extreamley strong shots of coffee!

  • 'El Pulpo' Playa CaribeMost...

    'El Pulpo' Playa CaribeMost hotels are all inclusive. Try the local food on the street, it's not very hygienic, but tastefull.On the beach and on the streets. Just a hamburger !Anything local..

  • While there are many fabulous...

    While there are many fabulous restaurants in Caracas (where I spent most of my time in Venezuela), some of the best and cheapest food can be purchased from street vendors and in small cafes. You MUST try the refreshing fruit drinks, batidos (mixed with water) and merengadas (mixed with milk). A trip to venezuela cannot be considered complete...

  • The magestic Andean Condor....

    The magestic Andean Condor. With a wingspan of up to 3 meters and weighing up to 10 kgs, is the worlds largest flying bird. However, with numbers less than 100 in the world, the Andean Condor is one of the worlds many endangered and protected species.

  • Chic e Chock...(again, the...

    Chic e Chock...(again, the spelling?) French and fun.Tio Pepe's...tacky and fun!Crazybar...need I say more?price, people and fun...learn some helps! Order any seafood from the above worries.

  • There are approximately 1000...

    There are approximately 1000 different restaurants ONLY in Caracas. It would be very difficult for me to think of my fav, I would recommend Arabica Restaurant (Samui). This is a very small place with simple candle lights on the table and nice arabian tea and coffee combined with thai cuisine. Prices are fair and the attention is just what is...

  • Franciaqui restaurant the only...

    Franciaqui restaurant the only in the island....very easy to finne serve excelent big for one person but allways a lot of volunter to help you finnish,

  • La Mamma's y La Abadia...

    La Mamma's y La Abadia Internet CafeOn Thursday and Saturday you are sure to catch some live jazz music. And most likely you will meet some very nice people. La Mamma's Vegetarian Pizza. Best pizza in Merida!

  • I ate mainly at home but we...

    I ate mainly at home but we went to one restaurant on the way to Ciudad Guayana that served grilled meat cooked right next to our table. It was delicious!Another favourite was on the way to Puerto la Cruz we stoped to eat arepas and cachapas, like corn pancakes but not really, I can only say that these were delicious, too. Chicken, ribs and huge...

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