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  • Canoe, Orinoco Delta
    Canoe, Orinoco Delta
    by SallyM
  • A torch may be helpful
    A torch may be helpful
    by SallyM
  • I think it's blushing...
    I think it's blushing...
    by SallyM

Tucupita Things to Do

  • Paddle your own canoe

    Whilst staying at the Orinoco Delta Lodge we were taken to a more remote lodge under the same ownership where we had an opportunity to explore in a dugout canoe. These are able to penetrate into the narrower channels where motor boats can't go. My canoe trip was unfortunately curtailed by bad weather, but not before I had seen a turtle, capuchin...

  • Boat rides in the Delta

    You travel along the main in a fast motorboat, but your guide will stop the boat when there is something of interest to see. It's a good idea to wear sunglasses, even if it's a bit overcast, so that they can double as goggles. Beware: if it rains, it will really sting whilst you are travelling at speed. We were given a plastic sheet to hold up to...

  • Piranha Fishing

    I had been a bit nervous about the promised piranha fishing expedition, having read stories about people wading into the water with the piranhas. It was not like that at all. We were taken in a boat to a nice, quiet backwater, given a rod (well, long stick) with a nylon line and twisted wire hook and a piece of meat as bait. The technique is to...

  • Jungle walk

    A walk in the jungle enables you to see some of the plants up close. Your guide may even give you an opportunity to taste some of them.Be careful - the ground is very muddy and slippery. Your lodge will supply wellies. Make sure that you also have plenty of insect repellent (with a high % of DEET), and are wearing long trousers and a top with long...

  • Internet and long distance telephony

    Cantv has offices which are open until 8 pm where you could put your name down to use the internet as there are always lines of people waiting to use it. but the waits are not that long, perhaps twenty minutes which you could profitably spend sipping a cafe pequeno next door.there are facilities to call all over venezuela and abroad. it is better...

  • Vulcan the port in the river orinoco for...

    At vulcan the market scene is hectic like everywhere else but amenities are lacking such as public toilets. that is where this restaurant comes in handy. order a coffee sit down and sip it and if you wish to use the bathroom you may and it is reasonably clean. especially after a long boat trip you may wish a cup of coffee and use a clean toilet


Tucupita Restaurants

  • closed due to lack of payment of taxes

    I had eaten here before and was looking forward to Lau Lau the local fish. when arriving at the front entrance, the now familiar poster greets you. This place has been closed by the order of the people for the non payment of taxes and this will be closed for a few days..power of the people and the cubanization of venezuela lau lau the local fish

  • Popular "chinese" restaurant

    As you enter, very cold air hits you, this has to be the most air conditioned place in the town, except of course long distance venezuelan buses. Lots of people eating. Chinese owners and family lording it over the place. Very mediocre kind of decoration.Didnt expect chinese food but a mixed venezuelan creole chinese food and that is exactly what i...

  • Tucupita Hotels

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Tucupita Transportation

  • The motor boats are fast!

    For some reason, I had expected that the motor boats on the Orinoco Delta would go slowly, like on the Norfolk Broads where there are speed restrictions to protect the wildlife.In fact they can go pretty fast, especially when transporting you to and from your lodge or camp. The boats don't have any windshield, so it's helpful to wear sunglasses...

  • Fluvial de Vulcan.. where you leave for...

    When you get off your boat in Vulcan, you need to get to Tucupita which lies 10 km away. There would always be a taxi ready to take you which charges 4 usd but if you are a little patient, a rickety bus with hello kitty towels hung all over the bus arrives soon to take you there for 25 cents

  • Taxis abound before sunset

    There are taxis, usually old american cars with broken windows and torn upholstery withextremely pleasant drivers who dont cheat you. You must know the price before hand though. it is around 2000 bs within town, 3000 bs to saxxi but everything goes up after dark including your ability to engage a taxi...


Tucupita Shopping

  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    by cochinjew Written May 17, 2005

    owned by chinese and organized in chaotic fashion, supervised by the owner and his family these have become institutions in venezuela. even in the more remote parts of town there are chinese shops.
    reminded me of the mom and pop stores of argentina which are now chinese and the history of chinee stores in jamaica of the last century

    chinese store in the plaza

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Tucupita Local Customs

  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    by cochinjew Written May 17, 2005

    almost all the supermarkets are owned by the chinese in this country. they keep to themselves and work very hard and are better off than most. good place to change money into bolivares from usd. also cheap prices for the general everyday goods and food. not very friendly but that may due to other factors

    chinese restaurant

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Tucupita What to Pack

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    by SallyM Updated Feb 5, 2009

    Luggage and bags: You will need a daypack to carry around your suncream, insect repellent and camera etc.

    An ordinary suitcase is fine for your main luggage, as long as it isn't huge.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Long trousers
    Long-sleeved T shirt type tops, ideally with a high neckline
    Sturdy boots and socks
    Waterproof poncho or cagoule (it rains even in the dry season

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Insect repellent with a high percentage of DEET (e.g. 'Jungle Formula') - don't forget to reapply the repellent to your hands after washing them!
    Sun cream
    Calamine lotion or other remedy for insect bites
    Vitamin B supplement? (I was told that taking this changes your smell so that insects are less likely to bite. I wasn't able to test this, but it's certainly worth a try)

    Photo Equipment: Camera with telephoto/zoom lens
    Plenty of film or digital storage cards
    Spare batteries

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Torch/flashlight

    Miscellaneous: Notebook

    A torch may be helpful
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