Atlantis Coral Towers

Atlantis Casino Drive, , New Providence Island, Caribbean
#3 of 67 hotels in Nassau
Great (4.0 out of 5.0) 10 reviews
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Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 6, 2014

Atlantis Review:
Incredibly poor customer service: everyone on staff has become an expert at passing the buck. If you have a problem, you will be passed from indifferent person to even more apathetic person for the first 30 minutes until finally someone will say “sorry” but offer no consideration or a solution.
Facilities: The Royal Towers public areas are super smoky. It is mainly a Casino so the entire area smells like a smoky bar. The Royal Towers is looking quite old with rust from rebar sticking through most walls. It is certainly showing its age. The facilities were not at all what I expected from the TV advertisements. There is only one restaurant in the royal towers and it is an expensive and not good buffet. All the other restaurants are about a 10 minute walk through the smoky casino area.
Booking complications: Our airline cancelled our 7 am flight from Denver and informed all booking agents and direct bookings that the flight had been cancelled. Atlantis, our booking agent in this case, was informed of the cancellation but failed to inform us. What this meant is that I got my family up at 4 a.m. (Wife, daughters of 4 and 9 years old) and headed to the airport only to find out the flight was cancelled and the next flight left at 1 pm. Airtran must have cancelled the flight some time the prior evening after I had confirmed the flight. We were the only ones at the airport for that flight b/c everyone else had been contacted according to the airline agent. This meant we would have to spend half the day at the Denver airport and the night in Atlanta because there were no other flights available from Atlanta to Nassau until 1 pm the next day. The hotel was clearly to blame for not informing us of the change in flights. They again offered no consideration for this.
The Dolphin experience: They could not find our booking. Again, I called many people with everyone passing the buck to PIV in Florida. My wife had to go back to the room to find the printed confirmation. The reservation was paid for with my name and my address but for the benefit of someone else. We waited 45 minutes again trying to find the reservation. The point is that if you have to go to Atlantis print every single document you receive and carry it with you like your passport. Without all these documents, you really do not have a reservation and you will not be helped. This applies to everything from dinner reservations, to Dolphin Experience, to the Majestic Tour Airport Shuttle etc.
Consideration: For the failed airline cancellation notice issue, I was not charged for the night we spent in Atlanta, Georgia and I was given the $200 resort Winter booking credit which by the way everyone arriving in January receives. In our opinion, this is no consideration at all.
Overpriced and supplemental costs: You need to know that they charge a mandatory gratuity for everything: A 15% mandatory gratuity on all food (not knowing this I mistakenly double tipped); $5 per guest per room Housekeeping gratuity per day -- For a Family of 4, this is $20 per day; Taxes of course; $15 per day to use the fitness room. The point is that you are paying 5 star hotel prices for a low 4 star quality hotel and then they tack on a lot of gratuity charges. The staff all knows they receive the gratuity either way so the consequence is very poor customer service.
Conclusion: Avoid Atlantis at all costs. Hawaii is a much better value. If you must go to Bahamas, I suggest waiting until the Bahamar opens.

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Navihawk's Profile Photo

Lost in translation

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 31, 2011

Spent about 10 days @ the Atlantis hotel. What an experience. Several restaurants to eat from; but make use of the Board walk with its' live performances, chic boutiques, exotic looks and amazing boats to look at. Inquire from the front desk at what movies will be shown, which are all free. Check out the pool and splash areas to have fun. They also have a neat library for you to read in if you just want to relax. Take the time to also enjoy the beach. Stay off the beach when it gets dark - even though there may be security, it is recommended that you stay within well lit areas and off the board walk (along the beach) if there are no people around. Do take the time to walk off the premise of the hotel and visit the beautiful houses located on Paradise Island. Don't forget to try the Fish Fry along the beach - a local market with several small local joints of restaurants. You get fresh fish of the day which is tasty. And almost opposite the same place is the old FORT! Exciting history there. Enjoy

Unique Quality: We stayed in the older part of the hotel as the newer part was filled up/ However, all amenities are available to both those staying at the new or old wings of the hotels. If you are into saving money, then opt for the older section of the hotel (Beach Tower - which was updated). If you are a couple and are traveling with another couple, you can share one room and split the cost - way cheaper. Loads of pools to swim in and don't forget to go up the pyramid. Check out the caves with fish-views.

Directions: Paradise Island

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daviage1's Profile Photo


Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 24, 2011

Atlantis Coral Towers-the inside room's look like Motel-6! At least my room did! So the room

was not that great. But the surrounding- park-waterpark very nice!! That's what you are

paying for!! I'll say Hawaii's cheaper to go too! One week at Atlantis and I had one week

on Nassau , Bahamas- One night at Atlantis Coral Towers cost $700.00 ! Then I stayed at a

condo, nice condo--$900.00 a week . So if your going to Atlantis plan to spended money for

everything! If you got spend it! But I must say-- me and the family had a great time!

Unique Quality: Outside hotel very Nice!!! And in the larger bigger hotel outstanding!!

Sorry no picture's- Used Camcorder!

Directions: Bridge to Paradise Island--from Nassau

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Atlantis- A Fabulous Vacation Destination!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 4, 2010

I read these reviews the night before leaving to begin a 7 day stay at Atlantis and was so dismayed. I just knew I was in for the biggest disappointment ever. I will quickly say, I could not have had a more fabulous time! Check in at the Royal Towers was fast and each staff member went above and beyond to be so very kind and friendly. Our room was beautiful and ALWAYS clean. We signed up for a meal plan before arriving and it was well worth the time and effort! I will say, we went to various restaurants, but our favorite was The Market. It is a buffet and has such a variety. My family loved it! Again, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. We commented over and over about how wonderful the service is at this resort. The staff would consistently talk to my 10 yr. old daughter.
Each morning we would watch the various staff members feed the fish, sharks, and stingrays. They would always speak to us and tell us such interesting information about the marine life. It was obvious to us that they loved their jobs!
The weather was perfect, lines were not a problem. We have Dollywood here in TN. We're use to lines, though they moved very quickly. We did plan a few excursions, such as being with the dolphins, (next visit we'll sign up for the "swim with the dolphins"... we didn't know if our daughter was old enough, but we saw all ages swimming with the dolphins and it looked like a blast!) guided snorkeling tour around the hotel (very educational, but our next visit we'll sail to another island for a picnic and snorkeling), and finally a tour of Nassau.
No one in my family was injured in ANY way! We did it all- the 60ft. leap of faith, every slide and river ride offered. Use common sense and LISTEN when they say "Lift your bottom"! They tell you that for a reason. There is a life guard every 25 ft. along the river rides. They are constantly jumping in to help out when needed. (sometimes you get away from the current and don't move- they'll get you back in the current!)
We met people from all over the world, which was such fun! Several families commented that they have been visiting Atlantis for years. That speaks volumes!
We will definitely be returning!
Finally, is this a place to budget? NO! If cost is a factor/concern- go somewhere else- come visit Dollywood, it's cheap!
Even the natives told us they do ALL of their shopping in the states- even grocery shopping. It's expensive in the Bahamas, even off the Atlantis resort.
My daughter ranked it above Hawaii! We had such a splendid time! I would recommend it to anyone- who can afford this type of vacation $8K and up for a weeks stay.

Unique Quality: Outstanding pools, aquarium, art, caves, rooms, food, views, beaches, things to do, etc.

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j986gtf6's Profile Photo

View of Atlantis from above

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 27, 2006

The link at the bottom of this tip leads to my google page that I just created with a picture I took before we landed last year. That page then leads to my photo album with many more photos of the Atlantis complex. When I went last year I could not find any good pictures or maps online, hopes this helps people.

My Google Link

Unique Quality: Atlantis is a great place, we went there in off season October. The place was empty I have seen specials about the Atlantis shot in peak season and the place looked mobbed. I would not recommend going there in peak season way too crowed. There was not waiting in lines in October I heard of upwards of an hour wait to some rides on peak season. Also the only bad part is that there was alot of walking.

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steve_slu's Profile Photo

This review for people 16-28

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 24, 2006

This review is for people 18-not too old to have fun. Gambling is fun, dont lose your money in the first night though. Dragons is free if you stay at the hotel and it always has fun good-looking people there. I have met alot of people who I see almost every year, and the number grows with new people each year. I find the best thing to do is wake up at about 11am go out to the beach or the pools, grab a drink and start partying then. take a break for lunch. Go see some stuff on the Nassau side if you'd like. make sure to buy some liqour for the week and sum soda. I do Rum and Coke. Don't buy drugs from anyone, its too risky. get sum rest before or after dinner, then figure out where you are going that night. Try to make it back t othe resort before too late if you go off of the property. It's always fun to stay up until about 3am either gambling, drinking w. people you have met, or doing some night swimming. I suggest trying to do all of them.

Check out my pictures:

Highlight the above link and cut and paste ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Unique Quality: Great pools, lagoons, atmosphere.

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Atlantis Hotel

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 11, 2005

Very huge hotel in Paradise Island. I personally (and my husband) was not impressed. Although very beautiful and lots to do on site, I think it takes away from being in the Carribean. I'm sure it works for other people, but as fast as I got there, that's how fast I left lol. I guess if you are going as a family this will be the place to go, but for me I would rather it be more subdued. There is too much going on for this place to work for me or my family.

Directions: From Nassau, Bahamas, you can take a Ferry over to Paradise Island.

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niceflop2003's Profile Photo

Amazing property!!! poor service!!!

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 16, 2005

Sol Kerzner built an amazing property, every aspect of the property was considered to make everyone believe this was the real Atlantis. I even overheard people say it was Atlantis! The marine exhibits, the Chihuly glass, the pool, all aspect of the property itself Amazing! I took "The leap of faith" (60 ft free fall waterslide) twice it was insane! the "serpent slide" tubing through the shark tank was incredible. The Chihuly installations there are a must see for the admirers of his work. However, the service side of Atlantis was Amazingly poor. I haven't been there for a few years, so maybe things have changed? Check in was slow, I had washcloths on the day of arrival and that was it. I asked to get more and they said they were out? How many rooms are at this place and your out of washcloths? Service at the restaurant in the casino would have the managers in Las Vegas pulling their hair out it took like 2 hours by the time we got a seat and left! The way you get a coffee and muffin at the bar near the casino is laughable one person gets the coffee, another the muffin, another rings up the items and yet another takes the ticket rings it up again and takes the money!!! Really!! like four people involved to get a cup of coffee and a muffin! So, go for the property not the service it is worth seeing at least once and the kids will go crazy with things to do.

Unique Quality: See above

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Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on February 28, 2005

I loved everything about this place but the prices. WOW, it is expensive but WOW is it beautiful. If you do stay here, you might as well go all out and stay in the Royal Towers.

Unique Quality: The pool and the beach are awesome, the huge gazebo is awesome, and the water slide is very cool, as you slide into a pool with clear seperators to the side that have tanks full of sharks- very cool stuff. The Casino in here is the largest in the Carribean if you are into gambling. The aquarium is awesome as well.

Directions: Over the bridge on the Northeast side of the island.

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crazygal59's Profile Photo

Resort for entire family

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 9, 2004

This is like the Disney world of Nassau. Very gaudy and fun. Great resort for the whole family. Lots of things to do. Good service and excellent food, although very expensive.

Unique Quality: The amazing number of pools and lagoons are one of the main features. There are water slides and lazy river rides and rides through tunnels surrounded by sharks. The beach is beautiful and there are secluded areas as well. Some of the older James Bond movies were filmed here.

Directions: Directly across the harbour from Nassau.

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Nearby Atlantis Coral Towers

Atlantis Coral Towers

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

  • Atlantis Coral Hotel
  • Atlantis Coral Resort
  • Atlantis - Coral Towers Hotel Paradise Island

Address: Atlantis Casino Drive, , New Providence Island, Caribbean

22 Photos of Atlantis Coral Towers

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Amenities at Atlantis Coral Towers

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Fitness Center
  • Business Services
  • Kids Activities
  • Casino
  • Shuttle Service
  • Spa
  • Suites
  • Bar / Lounge

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