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Accra Slavery Museums and Forts Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in central Accra and set off on your leisurely paced walking tour. Although the slave trade is long gone monuments still stand here as chilling reminders of this terrible human trade.With your knowledgeable guide explore the former slave prisons of Ussher Fort and James Fort in the Jamestown district. Two of the many European forts built along the Ghanaian coast these military posts were used to store commodities and to hold West African slaves before they were shipped overseas.At Ussher Fort head inside the museum that charts Ghana’s slave trade with poignant artifacts and displays. View the exhibits and learn about the incredible cruelty involved in the enslavement of West Africans around 4.5 million of who are believed to have been shipped from their homelands during the 18th and early 19th centuries.Hear heartrending tales from the era as you explore James Fort a building once used by the British to imprison slaves
From $39.00
Old Fadama Slum Tour in Accra
"Meet your local guide and head off on foot to Accra’s Old Fadama area. As the capital city of Ghana Accra attracts high numbers of people in search of a better way of life. Many are drawn here from rural areas across the country in the hope of improved living conditions and this puts a strain on the city’s resources. During your tour learn how Accra has expanded and grown to accommodate the influx and meet some of its residents.Stroll through Old Fadama and observe people going about their daily lives. Life isn't particularly easy in a slum such as this yet many of the residents maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenging circumstances. Hear all about it from your guide and see locals hard at work salvaging discarded appliances and machinery. Learn how unwanted items are turned from waste into profit
From $39.00
Accra Architecture and Neighborhoods Tour
"Start your walking tour by meeting your guide at the city’s Ussher Fort built in the 17th century by the Dutch to enforce their stronghold in the area. Then take a stroll with your group to the area that was first colonized by European settlers the Danish and Dutch neighborhoods to observe the beauty and elegance of the European-style architecture that abounds. See the many grand buildings and stately homes once used by the city’s first colonizers.Continue onward to Accra’s so-called English neighborhood otherwise known as Jamestown. The majority of the English officials and staff who managed the colony lived and worked in Jamestown during the 19th century a turbulent time in the country’s history. Admire the most impressive buildings with your guide
From $41.00

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