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Abidjan Things to Do

  • Sanctuaire Marial d'Abidjan - Eglise...

    Sanctuaire Marial d'Abidjan - Eglise principale that is the name of this church that I finally found in wikipedia- see the link below ! Take a look at this interesting church with a spiral tower. The full name of this church is "Sanctuaire Marial de Notre-Dame d'Afrique mère de toute grâce" it is catholic church and was built in 1985

  • The goat-market

    Lots of goats are waiting here to get sold on a local market, it was interesting to see them walking between various shops. In general goats are walking freely through the villages when you drive overland in Western Africa and I dont know how they will be recognized again by their owners, but maybe they are marked like they do it in Ireland and...

  • The Zebu-market

    Cows like we have it in Europe are not able to live in a hot country like Cote d'Ivoire, so they have Zebus there instead for giving milk and for the meat-production of course and here in this market these animals are sold and might spent several hours before they are able to leave the market again, so they get water and food there as well.Some...


Abidjan Hotels

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  • Hotel Ivoire Intercontinental

    "Hôtel Ivoire" in the upper class Cocody residential district west of Le Plateau is the best hotel...

  • Novotel Abidjan

    10 Ave Du General De Gaulle Abidjan 01 Ivory Coast

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Tiama

    Just finished first of 2 weeks here, pleasantly surprised by quality of hotel generally. Room is...


Abidjan Restaurants

  • Great Vietnamese food

    We were supposed to go to a cheaper Indian place closer to our hotel but Kim did not read the map properly so we ended up in the upscale part of Abidjan called Les Deux Plateaux.There were plenty of other places from pizza joints to Chinese...some had UN trucks out front which means it is probably good and cheap. Had a good seafood soup for a...

  • Cheap eats in Treichville

    THis place is a 10 min walk up from the Tachie menson Lodge (STC bus station). It is a cheap, clean and great little Lebanese place with friendly owners. It seems to be popular with the locals and a fills up around lunch time. Keep in mind it is in the cneter or Treichville so if there are problems in Abidjan all the steel gating on the place is...

  • Abidjan Hotels

    9 Hotels in Abidjan

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Abidjan Nightlife

  • Sleazy

    Wow. One-to-one patron to prostitute ratio. This place is sleazy, relatively expensive, far from the city center (edge of Zone Four) and leaves you with a different sense of humanity after viewing the disgusting spectacle inside.Popular with wealthier Ivorians on Friday and Saturday nights, Saint Germain is an unfortunately typical west African...

  • Campsite and bar at the ocean

    When we were in Abidjan, we spent our evenings at the lovely campsite at the ocean east of Abidjan. It was a safe and relaxed place. The campsite was run by two French brothers, Jean and Jeannot. In the evening we sat at the campsite or at the stairs down to the beach to look at the sunset or we drunk our beers in the campingbar and chatted with...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Abidjan Transportation

  • take a cruise to the Ivory Coast

    The Port of Abidjan is quite big and ment mainly for transportation of cars and other goods, BUT not really a popular port for cruiseships.The distance to the citycentre is about 6km and there will be taxis available that charge about 20 US$ per hour of driving. The main handicap with taxidrivers will be that they talk only french and not much...

  • book a guided tour on your cruiseship

    Guided bustours are extremely expensive in this part of the world, because good and comfortable buses are hard to find and tours are also made in a convoy of several buses with a policecar in front and another policecar at the end of the convoy. And when we got to a street-crossing all of the other trafic had to stop, so the convoy was able to stay...

  • take a private taxi from port

    YES, that is possible and it will cost you about 20,- US$ per hour, when you want to fix a price ahead.BUT in order to be able to explane, where you would like to go to, it is absolutely necessary to speak good french, because english is not known by lots of taxidrivers there.Some of my friends tried to see these "river-laundies" like shown in my...


Abidjan Shopping

  • Local flea market

    This is a giant flea market near Blvd de Republic in Le Plateau. If you are looking for music or western movies then this is your place. The Africans are big on the local Viagra which is well represented here...I got a kick out of watching Kim's reaction to it. If you are wandering around Le Plateau then this place is worth a look. Couple of...

  • Wood carvings

    You will find wood carvers everywhere starting at a very early age, I found the carvings of the French ,complete with big noses and pith helmets very appealling I don't know todays prices, but remember these poeple have been ravaged by civil war so give genorously

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Abidjan Local Customs

  • a strange mask on the AKWABA market

    This was quite a unique mask that I saw in the AKWABA market: Obviously the face of a lady with some extra leather with decorations made of sea-shells around the mask. When you look at it from the side you see something like a saddle maybe and also the saddle is decorated with seashells and there is a tail on the left side.So maybe this whole thing...

  • a cradle for babies

    Another exhibit in the Museum of Civilisation in Abidjan was this traditional local cradle, that was used as well in order to carry babies around and in order to take home some shopping-goods.Nowadays most women will carry their babies on their back and fix them with some cloth, so they will not loose them. And even when the woman is working in the...

  • The "Woman-drum"

    Take a look at this strange "musical instrument" that I saw in the Museum of Civilisation in Abidjan: It shows the body of a woman without a head and after the death of a woman it was used by the husband or by a magician to get into contact with that woman. This was one of the many unique and interesting exhibits of a culture of the Ivory Coast of...


Abidjan Warnings and Dangers

  • Treichville

    Most of the guide books will tell you to stay alert here and avoid or be cautious on the bridges that head into Le Plateau as they had guards around them and were a great place to get robbed. This was not the case recently we drove over and back during rush hour in the evening and again during the day...no issues.Keep in mind that this could change...

  • Smog

    Coming from LA smog is smog but here it is bad. I have never sneezed so much in my life. The pic below is no fake. We came back to town from Grand Bassam and the air was black in front of us at 07:00 from all the diesel exhaust. Emission controls are just not a priority here sadly

  • Police/Military Checkpoints

    After dark, the police and military set up roadblocks throughout the city. They stop virtually all vehicles and "inspect" them before asking for money. Typically one can politely refuse, but it is strongly reccomended to comply with reasonable demands for money if any tension is felt. Never provide the military with your passport unless...


Abidjan Tourist Traps

  • Wafro's Profile Photo

    Ebrie Lagoon wasted

    by Wafro Written Dec 3, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Ebrie lagoon stretches about 100 km’s parallel with the coastline it isn’t the same as it used to be. Completely polluted by the city sewers and constantly used as public toilets. The lagoon is completely wasted, e few years ago a chemical tanker cleaned and dumped its contents in the lagoon, several people were killed and many more became ill.

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Abidjan What to Pack

  • evliyasems's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by evliyasems Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Business Travel

    Miscellaneous: Tips

    Bring as many French francs in cash with you as possible as it is not so easy changing traveller's cheques unless you have the receipts for them with you, and the cash machines do not always work.

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Abidjan Off The Beaten Path

  • the "golden mosque"

    This is one of the mosques that I saw in some distance while we were driven through the town of Abidjan. Unfortunately our tourguides did not plan to show us these mosques, they also could not believe that tourists would be interested to see a mosque from outside just like any other sight, for some interesting architecture.I call it the "golden...

  • The Arena

    Rather close to the port-area you will find this large sports-arena, a giant hall for various festivities and competitions, but unfortunately I did not get any more infos yet. You will also see this arena from your cruiseship when you come into the port (my last picture)!For playing soccer there are larger stadiums as well in Abidjan !

  • a ship-wreck in the port of Abidjan

    We saw this ship-wreck in the port-area of Abidjan, while we were sailing to our berth in the port. When you enter the canal in order to get into the port of Abidjan you will drive towards an island, before you turn to the right in order to go to the port. And behind of this island you will find that ship-wreck that you will not see, except that...


Abidjan Sports & Outdoors

  • Pete.Gibson's Profile Photo

    Bowling Leagues

    by Pete.Gibson Written Sep 22, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bowling at the Intercontinetal Was like stepping back to the 60s the equipment was that old but as a bowler it was great fun

    Equipment: Bring your own balls!!!!

    league scores
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Abidjan General

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  • Yamoussoukro - the new capital

    Yamoussoukro is the birthplace of Felix Houphouet-Boigny, who was the first president of the independant country of Ivory Coast and in 1983 he decided to move the capital from Abidjan in the south of the country to his birthplace that is about 200km north of Abidjan. Felix Houphouet-Boigny was a medical Doctor and a leader of the national movement...

  • Abidjan - the first Capital

    Some engineers were looking for a good place to start the trainline to Obervolta at and this is how the small fishing-village called Abidjan grew to an important town and finally it became the capital of Ivory Coast in 1934. Abidjan had started with some hundreds of inhabitants in 1900 and has more than 4 Million inhabitants nowadays.

  • Christians in Cote d'Ivoire

    Christianity is the main religion of Cote d'Ivoire and you will find lots of churches all over the country. Pope John Paul II had visited the Cote d'Ivoire in 1985 and he also consecrated la Cathedrale de Saint-Paul d'Abidjan then. 32% of the population of Cote d'Ivoire are christians and most of them are living in the south of the country.


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