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Day Tour to Ras Mohamed from Sharm el Sheikh with Lunch Included
"You will be picked up in the morning from your hotel and transported to Travco Marine to board your boat to Ras Mohamed considered one of the best diving sites in the world. Ras Mohamed commands a panoramic vista of Asia on the left and Africa on the right. Its sparkling stretch of beach has mangroves on its edges the unique encampment of colorful Bedouins in sight and views of the islands of Tiran scattered through the blue sheet of Aqaba gulf. Ras Mohamed does not contain the best corals in the world but the amount and the variety of fish and sea life that c Main Beach and Yolanda Beach. After snorkeling soft drinks will be served before we take you back to your hotel."""Day tour with lunch and snorkeling at Ras Mohamed from Sharm el Sheikh.
From $50.00
Ras Mohamed National Park by Boat from Dahab
"Ras Mohammed is Egypt's first marine national park located approximately 25mtr southwest of Sharm El-Sheikh. World’s famous coral reef a fantastic snorkeling spot with the rich arrays of marine life attract tourists and divers from all around the world. The park contains a variety of stunning geological features such as uplifted coral reefs alluvial plains wadis granite
From $63.00
Private Departure Transfer from Sharm el Sheikh Hotels to the Airport
"Once in resort all we ask is that you contact us to confirm your arrival in the resort and the name of your hotel and very importantly your room number and a mobile number that we can text you on. Then the day before departure a quick call to us during the day and we c please ensure that you have checked out and all accounts are paid. Our guide will then assist you with your luggage to the waiting private vehicle. Once at the airport he will then take you through to the check in area. All in all an excellent service do"""An excellent door to door private and personal service. With first class vehicles and all air conditioned. A service that simply cannot be beaten. The guide will be there to collect you from the main hotel reception assist you with your luggage to the waiting vehicle and then be with you for the short transfer to the airport. He will then assist you into the terminal building making sure that you are in the right location for check in."title=Highlights&1=Airport+transfer&2=Excellent+value+for+money&3=Multiple+departure+times+and+locations+available&4=Hotel+pickup+included&5=Private+guide+for+a+more+personalized+experience
From $25.00

Naama Bay Tips (35)

The lively centre

Na'ama bay is the centre of all action in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Everything lives to tourism and from tourism. The beach is segmented in several private concessions, with a band of less than 20 meters considered public beach, which means that you don't pay the access to a restaurant or hotel, but... to... them!
During the day it's a sleepy town, awakening at sunset to fill the bars and restaurants. Each night, the program is the usual - strolling, drinking, listening to loud music.

Go to sleep - tomorrow there will be more fish to see!

solopes's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2016

Public Beach

Three lines of shades form... the public beach. Even if you don't want to use the chairs, you have to pay the entrance (10 Egyptian pounds).

Public? Well, I don't know the conditions to enter the private ones, but "beach" is not exactly the best in Naama bay

solopes's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2016

MAS Bowling Center

We had a birth day party for my nephew , we brother decided to have it in a new place
MAS bowling center.
The place have many activites bowling . billiard , foot ball simulations ... etc.,
we enjoyed the BD party and we had a very good time too

HeshamMA's Profile Photo
Nov 09, 2014

Sandy beach , Kheima beach ,

A quite sandy beach located in Sharm El Maya Bay, in the entrance of Sharm city if you enter it by land from Cairo,
Clean sandy beach with little waves, you can swim or walk in the water for around 70 Meter we spend a lovely time as a family in swimming and using water sports
View is fantastic , drinks are good and cheap
Enterance fees = 30 L.E = ( around 4 Euros / Day )

HeshamMA's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2013
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spider cafe sharm el sheihk

Cafe Hand made ​​taking into account the energy control harmful issued from the ground and this is due to staff and visitors calm nerves full making visitors in stable psychological condition and the cafe unique drinks and treatment is of natural herbs known to all.

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Mar 23, 2013

Markets, bars, eating out and diving.

Travel outwith the resort and explore other places after you have spent a day or two in the place because a couple of days is enough in Naama Bay and Sharm El Sheikh for anyone, unless you went simply to lounge about your hotel area and nothing much else. The diving is ok but avoid the PADI stuff, you don't need it and you will gain nothing from it either. If you really need professional diving lessons, get them anywhere bar Egypt because absolutely NOTHING should be trusted in this country, especially so-called diving qualifications and the like.

Let's be honest, if their airport officials are corrupt (i.e attempting to blatantly steal my iPhone at an x-ray checkpoint as i was leaving, be wary of taking such devices to Egypt in general as im sure they get away with it from those too spooked by the intimidatory behaviour to refuse giving up personal belongings to these corrupt so-called officials) then it doesn't bode well for pretty much anything else.

I also recommend avoiding all the market traders (hawkers) like the plague and whatever you do, DO NOT talk to them in English!! If they ask where you are from, just say 'no understand' every time and if they ask where you are from, tell them you are from Romania and say no more. Walk on and accept NOTHING in the way of their hospitality or anything else as it will only lead to an attempt to either blatantly rip you off or the other tact of guilting you into parting with cash.

If they know you are from the UK, it's simply a nightmare to shake them off and the amount of horror storoes I heard, from the Egyptian hotel staff and rep concerning British tourists in Naama Bay were shocking and i'm glad and extremely fortunate for the advice i got before venturing into town. There are the odd few traders that are genuinly decent (like the watch trader in a wee side market and the place that I organised excursions from who were fantastic as were their trips) ans bargains are to be found if you like your fake bling and watches.

Pascha and Space are mince to be honest (unless lecherous Saudi's and Egyptians sleazing over your girlfriend is your idea of a good time) oh, and there are Russians everywhere! The Russians in Sharm El Sheikh outnumber the Egyptians!

Organise a few excursions and enjoy the rest of Egypt, it's quite cheap and an ideal way to see the historical sights and places...but always be extremely wary wherever you go, do not let your guard down anywhere in this country as being from the UK seemingly means you are wealthy beyond belief and are in Egypt to simply fill the pockets of the locals, including the police and as I personaly experienced, airline security personel also and unless you want to blow you holiday budget within a couple of days, DO NOT interact with anyone apart from those essential like taxi's (taxi drivers--always negotiate a price BEFORE you step foot in the cab) and the odd trader and whatever...use common sense if you have it....if you don't, stay away from this country. It is beautiful in many respects and the weather?? Bliss!

There is so much to see and do but you need your wits about you more than anywhere I have ever travelled previously...and that says something in itself considering some of the places I have been to.

tommy-bhoy's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2012


Do not use the local buses or taxis in sharm, the drivers are ripping off the tourists by stating that the buses are finished at 10am and they are taxis, this is a lie. myself and a friend got on a bus that the driver stopped outside of naama bay and we were threatened to pay more money there was another bus in front which also stopped , we were 2 women over 60 and this was frightening, however we managed to get off of the bus and run into a nearby hotel for help, this bus stopped along peace road way out from most hotels. we were followed by the driver of the bus and friends from the other bus. Taxis are exploiting the english tourists and charging up to 100 egyptian pounds for a fare. Please only use hotel transport never local transport. This is the worst experience of my life and we have been going to egypt for 5 years but now I would stay in my hotel resort and never venture into naama bay again, too frightening, do not trust anyone other than hotel staff

Jul 06, 2012

Take the Kiddies to Cleopark

With more than 47,000 sqm of space, Cleopark is the first waterpark in the Sinai. Boasting more than 50 lifeguards on duty, the waterpark is the perfect place to take the kiddies for fun on Eygptian themed rides and regular waterslides.

There are seven different attractions and six slides. Depending on the age of the kiddes (5-50!) there is something for everyone from regular fun to hair-raising plunging slides. Some adventures require innertubes while others are normal waterslides.

The park is open from 10am until sunset all year round.

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Apr 04, 2011

Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Writers

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"Sharm is the place to go,(updated from apr 2006 )"
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"~ Sharm El Sheikh ~ The Charm Of Sharm ~"
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"Its Egypt, kind of."
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"Sharm - one of the best places to be"
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"Bedouin Dinner"
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The Beaches

The city has many wonderful beaches where you can sit and relax in the sun and then take a nice dip into the ocean. Some of the most popular beaches in the area are Ma'ama Boy and Shark Bay.

You can swim in the warm waters, snorkel, and go scuba diving. The underwater world is just as beautiful as the world above, and you will be able to see a variety of marine animals, including colorful fish, sharks, manta rays, and turtles.

entusiasta's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2010

Naama Bay Nightlife

I suggest going only at night since the place is lit up amazingly, and very very safe and comfortable for tourists. in fact it is over ridden by tourists, either arab,, european or american. I met a wonderful Libyan family just visiting Sharm as a vacation, which i though was cool that even to people within arabic world, they also love to visit egypt's treasures. its very good compared to the nontouristic cairo. Naama Bay is extremely developed and is simply a joy to walk around in. The walking paths are so great through the shops, but are neccessary due to the amount of tourists.

Sitting down on the bench i spoke to a native Egyptian teaching at Sharm univeristy, and he was telling me his anger at how his city has been tooken over. lol

Naama bay has plenty of shops, clubs, outdoor shisha bars, entertainment shows, casinos, restaurants and souvenir shops. Pasha is the biggest club in town, but cover is 26 euros, so i said screw that. other highlights include The belly dancing shows occuruing in various shisha bars or restaurants. its expensive.

seasonedveteran's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2008

Na'ama Bay: beachlife, colourful fishes

The first day at the beach I went into the water for a try-out of my snorkling gear and the new underwater cover for my digital camera. From the beach I saw two spots where some people were snorkling.

When I arrived there in only a few minutes, It surprised me to see just in front of the beach lots of colourful fishes, swimming around two small pieces of coral reefs. I couldn't recognise all the types of fish, but anyway I saw a blue coloured parrot fish, lots of black & white sergeants majors, yellow butterflyfishes and red sea banner fishes.

Of course the huge coral reefs of Ras Mohammed are much more impressive, but for me it was a nice surprise to be able to have this close encounter, just coming out of my hotelroom at the first day.

sachara's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2007

Na'ama Bay: beach life

Along the seaside of Na'ama Bay is a long sandy beach. Most hotels have their private beach, but there is also a public beach. The first time we stay at the eastern side of the bay and frequented the beach of the Sonesta Beach Resort. The second time we stayed opposite at the western side of the bay and frequented the beach of our Helnan Marina Hotel.

It's the place for sunbathing, playing beachvolleyball, relaxing, having a massage, swimming and even snorkeling (there are some minor reefs and lots of colourful fishes just in front of the beaches), but also for boating, sailing or making a trip with a glass bottom boat. It's a nice mixture of activities, but also a striking mixture of types of swimmingsuits from topless till swimming suits covering the whole body.

sachara's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2007

Things to Do Near Naama Bay

Things to Do

Soho Square

Soho Square place for shopping and night life it is no. 1 shopping arcade in Sharm el sheikh and by night it place for dance music magic shows and coloured musical fountains , along with the place is...
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Things to Do

Ras Um Sid

Reef beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling , Lots of colorful coral and loads of fish the water was clear as usual and a very relaxing snorkeling which , a lot of fish species it is a must...
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Things to Do

Ras Mohammed National Park

The national park is, officially, the best place to see the reefs, but... will it really be? Flocks of tourists interact each day with the reef, causing erosion and and damaging the natural balance....
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Things to Do

Terrazzina Beach

If you get bored of your hotel beach you can always go to a different one.There are two in the old town part of Sharm that you can use.The first is the public beach,run by the government.It is only...
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Things to Do

Magice Sharm Excursions

My family and i stayed in Sharm Grand Plaza Resort from 28.8.12-12.9.12. Instead of booking our excursions in the hotel which were overpriced, we decided to book out side the hotel. Outside the hotel...
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Things to Do

Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay range of depth varies between 10 meters and 29 Meters for diving you can reach either by boat or directly from the jetty and can be used either novice or advanced diver The place is ideal...
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