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Day Tour to Ras Mohamed from Sharm el Sheikh with Lunch Included
"You will be picked up in the morning from your hotel and transported to Travco Marine to board your boat to Ras Mohamed considered one of the best diving sites in the world. Ras Mohamed commands a panoramic vista of Asia on the left and Africa on the right. Its sparkling stretch of beach has mangroves on its edges the unique encampment of colorful Bedouins in sight and views of the islands of Tiran scattered through the blue sheet of Aqaba gulf. Ras Mohamed does not contain the best corals in the world but the amount and the variety of fish and sea life that c Main Beach and Yolanda Beach. After snorkeling soft drinks will be served before we take you back to your hotel."""Day tour with lunch and snorkeling at Ras Mohamed from Sharm el Sheikh.
From $50.00
Ras Mohamed National Park by Boat from Dahab
"Ras Mohammed is Egypt's first marine national park located approximately 25mtr southwest of Sharm El-Sheikh. World’s famous coral reef a fantastic snorkeling spot with the rich arrays of marine life attract tourists and divers from all around the world. The park contains a variety of stunning geological features such as uplifted coral reefs alluvial plains wadis granite
From $63.00
Private Departure Transfer from Sharm el Sheikh Hotels to the Airport
"Once in resort all we ask is that you contact us to confirm your arrival in the resort and the name of your hotel and very importantly your room number and a mobile number that we can text you on. Then the day before departure a quick call to us during the day and we c please ensure that you have checked out and all accounts are paid. Our guide will then assist you with your luggage to the waiting private vehicle. Once at the airport he will then take you through to the check in area. All in all an excellent service do"""An excellent door to door private and personal service. With first class vehicles and all air conditioned. A service that simply cannot be beaten. The guide will be there to collect you from the main hotel reception assist you with your luggage to the waiting vehicle and then be with you for the short transfer to the airport. He will then assist you into the terminal building making sure that you are in the right location for check in."title=Highlights&1=Airport+transfer&2=Excellent+value+for+money&3=Multiple+departure+times+and+locations+available&4=Hotel+pickup+included&5=Private+guide+for+a+more+personalized+experience
From $25.00

Quad Biking Tips (22)

Quad biking through the desert

I love quad biking - I've been in the jungle of Borneo, the beaches of Penang, the Sugar plantations of The Dominican Republic - and now - the deserts of Sinai. And so far it gets better every time.

Alot of people do this for the first time when they come to Sharm - My Mum was one of them - it's romantic, exciting and a great way to see the desert.

We went with the best. Taba Safari operates from just outside Naama Bay and the guys there are brilliant. They'll drive on two wheels, fly through the black desert nights and make sure everyone has a safe and exhilarating ride. Throw in a stop at The Echo Temple & a glass of tea at a bedouin settlement and you have a perfect trip.

Proof of this is that I went on this trip 5 times. (and would have gone several more if I could)

Firestar24's Profile Photo
Nov 07, 2005

Quad biking in the desert

We were taken through Naama bay into the mountains and given two double quads, its advisable to wear full clothing and face masks as its SOOO dusty biking through the sand! its a bit strange at first but quite a thrill! you stop in a bedouin tent for some tea also. We were taken to echo mountain where the kids wre encouraged to shout at the top of their lungs to hear the echoes! it was cool!

joolssss's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2004

Quad bikes

We also booked this through Sun 'n Fun (see my general tip), It was $35 each for about 2 hours. Make sure to wear long pants and you can get a scarf on the trip to cover your face from the sand. If you are a biker you may find you don't have the ability to really 'ride' but it is fun anyway.

paradisedreamer's Profile Photo
Apr 03, 2004

Quad Biking in Sharm - easy and fun!

My two year-old rode with my husband. My 8-year old rode with me. It was so easy that I was able to take turns driving with her letting her hold the throttle and steer. The only problem is that your hand gets tired from holding the throttle in, but it's a very fun ride and you get a break just when you're getting too tired... but don't forget your sunglasses and either take a scarf with you or take them up on the offer to wrap your head Bedouin-style so you don't eat the dust from all the other quad-bikes on your tour. You follow your guide in a long line and you're in the desert - so the bikes kick up sand. We liked it so much, we did the rides on both of our trips to Sharm.

Jun 05, 2008
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we all love the quads as well, they are so easy to ride, even for a novice, it takes a few minutes to get the feel for them and you can control your speed easily - we do them each time we are in sharm.....just remember to lift your bum off the seats slightly when going over a bigger bump or your whole body rattles!..they are great, young teenagers are riding them - one tip, we go very early, usually about 9 - 10 in the morning as it is not so hot yet, but we still get our heads wrapped up by the guide, scarfs cost 30 egyptian i think, but worth it, and secondly, at this time, it is quiet, and we basically get out on our own without other people there, which gives us more freedom.....another thing, dont be forced to book the video, it is rubbish quality!!!!....xx you will love it, give it a try!!

optic's Profile Photo
Jun 17, 2008

quad biking in the desert

For about $60 us you can hire quad bikes and go out to the egde of the desert and mountains and watch the sunset with your guides. You get to meet some of the nomadic people known as the Bedwin who live out in the desert and have egyption tea with them before watching the sun set.

Oct 08, 2003

Quad biking

An evening excursion into the desert on a quad bike is an unmissable experience. You need to take a scarf and sunglasses to cover your face from the dust. The trip takes a couple of hours including a stop off at a Bedouin camp where tea is served. You need a strong constitution to cope with the bouncing around but the experience is truly exhilarating! Highly recommended

If you book in Sharm instead of with your tour rep or hotel you will pay half the price

Picture to follow

Aug 04, 2003

Quad Biking

Quad Biking in the Sinai Desert. Booked this through our hotel and it cost £25 for the two of us (Double Quad). It would have cost more through our tour operator.

We were picked up from our hotel at 6pm and taken to the edge of the desert where we were given our quads. It was not a race, it was fairly leisurely and everybody stayed in a line throughout the journey.

We also stopped at a Beduin Village and were offered a traditional drink of Tea and a water pipe.

It was good fun. Remember to where clothes you don't mind ruining and do not forget your sun glasses. As you will see from our picture you will look a little dirty throughout this trip.

You are provided with a helmet for safety.

If booking in Naama Bay the price was advertised at 25 euros but we felt safer booking through our hotel.

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Jul 16, 2005

Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Writers

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"Sharm is the place to go,(updated from apr 2006 )"
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"~ Sharm El Sheikh ~ The Charm Of Sharm ~"
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"Its Egypt, kind of."
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"Sharm - one of the best places to be"
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"Bedouin Dinner"
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Quad Biking

We went off in a BIG group but for this activity numbers really don't matter.
Kids went on quad bikes with us and had a fantastic did we! TOP TOP TOP FUN!

Bouncing along the desert until Echo Mountain where kids and adults alike delight in a little shout. Then onto a Bedouin tent... I got the feeling that this tent was only here to try to rip the tourists off for over priced drinks and it felt like the tea was only given for a baksheesh!

Such a wicked activity you simply HAVE to do this. Somebody asked me if our travel insurance covered quad bikes... dunno, hadn't crossed my mind but might be worth a check. The guys running the trip kept a close eye on everybody and those that messed about were pulled aside and given a stern talking to which is good - the last thing (particularly with a kid on the bike) you want is some show off idiot in front kicking all the sand up so you can't see and then braking hard!

Such good fun. Tips are : wear sun glasses although when the sun has set and it gets very dark very quickly I couldn't decide what was more important - to wear the glasses and keep sand out of eyes but be so dark I couldn't see, or to not wear glasses be able to see but then get sand in eyes and be blind anyway!
Dish dashes can be bought but expensive so either get one first or don't bother.
I was pleased of my long sleeves, long trousers and trainers.
Not like a bike - if you want to turn right - lean left!
Was pleased I had my bottle of water with me.

smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2007


ATV(All terraine vehichle) /motor biking to desert.

To feel wind, pieces of sand coming against your face, to see blue sky and sand desert are worth of experience.

This kind of safaris are from 2-hours to whole day and evening. What´s bes you can drive for yourself and do something when safari is moving. Some refresement are arrangement in desert and meet to real bedouins in their camps if possible.

VikingHarald's Profile Photo
Jan 12, 2008

Quad BIking in Sharm

Tried Quad BIking in Sharm!

Was amazing! Realy enjoyed it!

Booked up in the shopping Centre in Sharm(The small boat within the shoping centre, sadly cant remember the name!).

Cost next to nothin each (8 pounds! )Was a great laugh. Lasted about 4 hours.

Picked us up from the hotel...on the Quad! Took us out into the desert. Camel Rides if you want (at an extra cost) Then of to shout in a canyon to hear your echo!
Then to a beddowin rest place for Tea!

Really good experience and would do it again!

The team who took us were great! Very Friendy and not pushy at all! Just wanted us to enjoy our time!

Got a DVD of the experence for £15! delivered to the hotel the following day!

All in All EXCELENT!!

Danny&Bronia's Profile Photo
Sep 19, 2005

Desert ATV Safari

Take my advice and dish out the 20 euros for the ATV safari. He will take you on a journey through the desert passing by mountains, to Bedouin camps, and cutting through the pure arabian desert sands. We got to see young Bedouin children selling camel tooth on a necklace, trinket beads and begging for money. :) I even got to do some small talk with one of the bedouin men, practicing my bad arabic. and the guide showed us the camel will eat anything! We also shouted into the huge desert mountains to hear our echoes. Later we relaxed Bedouin style in their tents and played physical puzzle games, which was a cool way to get to know the russians. Then we climbed a small hill, which seems big in the desert.

The day started picking me up right at my hotel, called Sunset Partner Hotel! In the car i sat in the back with a very beautiful young russian girl. Then we met up with the rest of the russians in her group! Prepare your face from the desert elements with sun glasses and a headscarf. Also try to cover your skin from the sun. Once we had our powerful quads, we set off in the desert in a uniform line, first doing a trial circle run for practice. Then we set out! I started having a lot of fun, swirving side to side, jumping, standing, and reaching top speeds at some points passing some of the russians, which got me into a bit of trouble from the leader. He was a really cool leader, and did some cool stunts like standing on one footside of the ATV holding only one handle bar, and even ride on TWO WHEELS! The whole time guys in a jeep were giving us the thumbs up and recording us on DVDs.

Overall the day was very safe, relaxed, actionpacked, fun and interactive with others, which is really good as a single travelor in egypt.

seasonedveteran's Profile Photo
Apr 24, 2008

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Soho Square place for shopping and night life it is no. 1 shopping arcade in Sharm el sheikh and by night it place for dance music magic shows and coloured musical fountains , along with the place is...
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Ras Um Sid

Reef beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling , Lots of colorful coral and loads of fish the water was clear as usual and a very relaxing snorkeling which , a lot of fish species it is a must...
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Ras Mohammed National Park

The national park is, officially, the best place to see the reefs, but... will it really be? Flocks of tourists interact each day with the reef, causing erosion and and damaging the natural balance....
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Naama Bay

Na'ama bay is the centre of all action in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Everything lives to tourism and from tourism. The beach is segmented in several private concessions, with a band of less than 20 meters...
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Terrazzina Beach

If you get bored of your hotel beach you can always go to a different one.There are two in the old town part of Sharm that you can use.The first is the public beach,run by the government.It is only...
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Magice Sharm Excursions

My family and i stayed in Sharm Grand Plaza Resort from 28.8.12-12.9.12. Instead of booking our excursions in the hotel which were overpriced, we decided to book out side the hotel. Outside the hotel...
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