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Ras Mohamed National Park from Sharm El Sheikh
"Collection from all hotels in Sharm El Sheikh start at around 07:30am. Transfer by air conditioned vehicle to the National park and you will be accompanied by our guide at all times. Don't forget to take your swimming and snorkeling gear with you! He wil the marvellous mangrove swamp and the salt marshes. The park is also home to many different species of bird life and twitchers come from all over the world to look and photograph the many varieties here.A great relaxing trip lot's to see and do and also photograph. A short return to Sharm along with your guide and you will reflect on the trip as a must do again!!!""""An exceptionally popular trip with all guests to Sharm. A small group tour with so much to see and do. Swimming and snorkeling in the magic lake or Allah's garden reef check out the earthquake crack!! Great photo opportunities throughout the trip a must for a National park enthusiast."
From $35.00
Ras Mohamed Boat Trip Sharm el Sheikh
"Ras Mohamed is one of the most beautiful national parks in Egypt both above and below the water line. With it's many species of maritime life and it's amazing coral reef people flock to the area to see it in all it's glory. By boat you get to see it the land mass and also what lies below truly amazing. Collections are made from all hotels at approximately 8.30am in an air conditioned vehicle ensuring that you are ready to leave at 9:00am. Our guide will be with you from start to finish and will assist you through out the day. An one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Once there you will have three different locations to see the various marine life and to explore the marvellous coral. An underwater camera is a must. Equipment can be rented on board if required masks snorkels
From $38.00
Ras Mohamed Red Sea Cruise and Snorkeling
"Ras Mohamed National Park is one of Egypt's most popular dive and snorkeling sites. With a large variety of fish corals and sharks calling this part of the Red Sea home you'll enjoy an exciting day exploring the magical underwater world.Bring your own snorkeling equipment on this relaxing day trip or hire gear onboard the boat. Soft drinks and mineral water are available throughout the day and lunch is served in the afternoon.""""Hit the water at Sinai's famous Ras Mohamed National Park
From $54.00

Ras Mohammed National Park Tips (39)

To go or not to go?

The national park is, officially, the best place to see the reefs, but... will it really be?

Flocks of tourists interact each day with the reef, causing erosion and and damaging the natural balance. They try to relief the pressure, finding other spots, and spreading people. We did, visit a couple of other places with marvelous and unspoilt reefs. Furthermore, Ras Mohammed is, I don't know why, the only place in southern Sinai where Sharm-el-Sheikh travellers need a Visa. That's up to you, but...

There are two ways to visit - by boat, or by land. We heard that by land was better - cheaper, faster, and visiting more diving places. Do check for yourself before booking.

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Mar 17, 2016

Ras Mohammed National Park, the Amazing Place

Ideal for unforgettable scuba diving experience in the Red Sea.
it is one of the amazing and best kept the national park in the world, the area surrounded by fringing coral reefs that emerged after a change in the coastline years ago, the park is characterised by vertical overhangs.
Due to its location, the combining waters of varying salinity from each gulf has resulted in a spectacular array of reef and pelagic fish, diverse coral reef and luxuriant sea walls, no much words can describe it, just give a try and discover by yourself.

david_pierre's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2015

By Bus or by Boat?

No matter what you are looking for from this excursion, either will not dissapoint. By boat I feel you are able to see more of the sealife and beautiful corals, and by bus, you get more of a feel for the actual National Park. If you are looking for snorkeling or diving, this can be done really on any boat trip. I chose to have my focus on snorkeling on the Tiran Island Boat trip and save Ras Mohamed to see al lthe real National Park.
It is army protected and the scale of land is amazing, endless views of dessert and mountians with salt Lakes and hidden bays that you can't visit by boat. They will take you to various locations throughout the park and still opportunities for swimming and snorkelling but it is not as deep as you would experience by boat - for me this is a plus.
The is a small hill to climb where you can see the view of Sharm El Sheikh and out into the horizon of the Red Sea through a telespoce located at the top. As I loved this place so much after the first visit I booked a second time but this time a private excursion for just me and 3 friends - best choice in my opinion. I found such a helpful contact at Sharm Day and Night who I now book all my trips through. They arranged a private car and driver to take us around the park, stop where we wanted and for how long we wanted. We were able to pick a spot in the hidden bay, swim in the calm water and relax with a picnic, and then moved on to discover the salt lakes at our own pace. The best thing is this cost us less for our private trip than the other companies were charging for the normal full tourist bus trip so an even bigger bonus! - I now book all my trips through Ahmed at Sharm Day and Night so that I can afford to see twice as much. In summary for me - by bus (or private car) is the best choice to see this perfect national park. Try or to see what else you do!

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Aug 03, 2015

Ras Mohamed National Park Dolphins and Corals zone

We went to Ras Mohamed the unique national park for camping as we do every several weeks , but this time we decided to take round in the national part we took three hours by cars around the national park but we could only see half of the points in the national park

HeshamMA's Profile Photo
Oct 06, 2014
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Snorkeling excursion to Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed is the national park on the sinai island where you can go snorkeling and diving. To get there you should have a (special) visa - look if the visum you get on arrival includes this.
We chose a snorkeling trip with a sailboat (the pirates) to get there.
The experience was nice.

You get collected at the hotels, shuffled to the harbor at old charm, where they give you the material you need in the right sizes (try them on!): Snorkel, Mask, Finns and Neopren Suit for those who want.
Re the Neopren suit: you may think the water is warm enough (over 20 degrees), but it is a good idea to take on. You cool out faster in water - and the excursions go for half an hour. So, if you don't want to cut them short only because you start shivering: take one!

On board you can lie on mats until you arrive on site (the boat uses the motor btw, not the sails).
A waterproof camera is a good idea.

Back on board you get something to eat (Hmmm!) and relocate to a dune that just breaches the water. If you want, you can get "stranded" there for some time. There's not much to do there, but the sand is white and fine and the sights nice.

Back on board another relocation later it's time for the second snorkeling trip.

Then you go back to harbor, shuttle and hotel.

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Oct 21, 2013

Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed National park is one of the best spots in Sharm El Sheikh - snorkeling is very good at this spot , people come from all over the world to snorkel and dive in that area , it is one national park and protectorate

HeshamMA's Profile Photo
Oct 08, 2013

~ Snorkelling in Ras Mohammed By Boat ~

Why not try something different and take a fantastic boat ride to the beautiful National Park of Ras Mohammed.
You can enjoy some fabulous snorkelling and enjoy looking at the stunning sea life and coral of the Red Sea. Then you can relax and go to the Ras Mohammed National Park. The price includes a full day out from 8.00am to around 5.30p and soft drinks, lunch and entrance fees to the park are all included.

Heavens-Mirror's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Ras Mohammed NP: mangrove

Ras Mohammed is not only a National Marine Park because of its coral reefs, but also because of the mangroves. These trees, living in salt water, are very important for the ecosystem of the area.

I saw lots of mangroves at several places, but these mangroves at the most southern tip of the Sinai peninsula are said to be the second most northerly mangrove group in the world.

You can visit the mangrove area by land to have a closer look at the trees. I passed by by boat on my way to some snorkling spots. From the boat you get an overview of the mangroves at both sides of the Mangrove Channel with the Mangrove Island at the left side.

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Feb 13, 2011

Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Writers

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"Sharm is the place to go,(updated from apr 2006 )"
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"~ Sharm El Sheikh ~ The Charm Of Sharm ~"
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"Its Egypt, kind of."
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"Sharm - one of the best places to be"
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"Bedouin Dinner"
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Boat trip to Ras Mohammed

If you thought snorkeling and diving by the beaches were good, try taking a boat trip to the national park of Ras Mohammed. The reefs there are amazing. The boattrip was good. Good food, good guides and friendly people as long as you can handle a diver constantly trying to get you to put on diving gear ;)

Me and my girlfriend took the boattrip and the beautiful scenery you can see from the boat is a nice bonus!

Have fun :)

Jan 06, 2010

Ras Mohamed - Egypt's National Park

Ras Mohamed is a national park which is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula approx. 30km from Sharm El Sheikh.

You can either visit Ras Mohamed by road or by sea. We chose to take a boat trip along the coast line and snorkelling in three different areas. We saw the most amazing fish and swam with a shark!

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Jul 15, 2008

Ras Mohammed National Park

Laying 12 km from Sharm on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Ras Mohammed is great for diving and snorkelling. We hired a car and bought our own snorkelling equipment (you can also hire equipment I believe at the beach) and it is handy to have some waterproof shoes, as climbing over the rocks to get to the reef can be painful! You can see some great fish and coral here and there are several spots to snorkel/dive in. A map is provided at the entrance so that you can see where to go. Bear in mind that you will to buy a visa on entry to Sharm if you plan on visiting the National Park. Entrance fee: approx 5 Egyptian Pounds pp. Open 8am-6pm.

chizz's Profile Photo
May 11, 2008

Ras Mohammad Snorkelling Boat Expedition

You will see amazing waterlife like schools of fish of emerald green, jellyfish, rainbow coloured fish, and maybe even a snapping turtle! The water is very salty, but once you get the hang of the snorkel, it is amazing. The coral reef itself is among the most amazing in the world and you will see it all from your private boat for only 20 euros. Buffet Lunch included, and unlimited pop supply! yes!

Also, the scenery is breathtaking, and really, the best place in sharm to go is either the beach or actually on the water. Starking contrast to see the amazing life filled aqua clear water next to barren desert mountains. There were dozens of large yacht type boats heading out, and they docked next to us. The water is kind of cold.

The guide was amazing. A very cool and fun guy, he even jumped off the boat into the water to make us laugh. Such a cool egyptian, but then again, there are lots of them.

seasonedveteran's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2008

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Getting to Ras Mohammed National Park


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