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Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor
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Sound and Light Show Karnak Temple
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Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple
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The Nile River Tips (8)

Life at the riverside

Favorite thing Making a boattrip is relaxing and to see the skyline of Luxor from the water is fantastic, but I like also to see the daily life at the riverside. You see playing and waving kids, fishermen, all kinds of transports by boat.
And if you're not on the boat to see the life near the villages, it's nice to sit on a bench at the Corniche and look at the life in the city.

sachara's Profile Photo
Aug 22, 2003

The higher the better - The Cruise Ship

Favorite thing Most people will be taking the cruise ship from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa.

If you are those who simple love to sit in front of the windows and admire the Nile River beautiful scenery, you should request for a cabin that's at least 2nd or 3rd floor or 4th floor, if your cruise ship are super deluxe type.

I stayed at a 3rd floor cabin and i love it! Some of my tour mates were staying at the first floor and they feedback that the water level is at their window. Could be fun if you like it. =P

Of course if you are those that simple loves to cuddle up and take a nap in your cabin most of the time, then it really doesn't matter which floor.

Enjoy your river cruise.

Rachelynn's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2004

The best guide in Luxor

Favorite thing You need to contact him... he will hook you up with great prices, off the beaten path temples, has a great network and knows his stuff..... makes it fun and will even look for the food you want!!!

Mohamed A Senousy (English/German)
mobile: 2 - 010 2554356

Fondest memory Cruising the Nile on boat.... incredible sunset!!!

racayadi's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2006

Enjoy a Nile Sunset from the river bank!

Favorite thing I definitely enjoyed taking a sunset stroll down the Nile river bank in Luxor, due to their wonderful sidewalk. It was nice and wide to allow many tourist to stroll past you, and had plenty of seating elsewhere so you could sit and enjoy the sunset!

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo
May 23, 2004
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Hotels Near Luxor

Television St, Luxor, 9999, Egypt
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Ahmed Orabi Street, Luxor, 356, Egypt
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1 Salah El Din Street, Luxor, Nile River Valley, -, Egypt
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Khalid Ben El Walid, Luxor, 1868, Egypt
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Khaled Bin El Walid St, Luxor, 002, Egypt
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Khaled Ibn el Walid Street, Luxor, Egypt
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A Tight Squeeze

Favorite thing Wetook a 3 day cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan.
One day we went through the Esna Lock, what a tight fit that was!

Fondest memory The gap between the wall and the boat a man had to fit between to pull the boat physically through the lock.

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Aug 15, 2004

Boattrip Nile

Favorite thing If you're tired of the busy streets or the many antiquities of Luxor, go to the Nile for a boattrip. To be on the water is very peaceful and relaxing. And look how beautiful and green the scenery can be.

sachara's Profile Photo
Aug 22, 2003

Take a look at the Nile river

Favorite thing This is one of my «from the bus» pictures. It was shot during my first encounter with the grand and divine Nile river on my way from Hurghada to Luxor. I grew up on two beautiful rivers, Sava and Danube, but the Nile is something else. It is the longest river in the world, with water colors that can’t be described. It is so wide…

The legend says that the one who drinks water from the Nile river will return to Egypt some day. I took a sip in Cairo and now I only have to wait (-_-)

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Jan 29, 2007

A Best Choice

Favorite thing Quote/ AFP, "French President Nicolas Sarkozy (L) and his model-turned-singer girlfriend Carla Bruni ride a felucca, a traditional Egyptian sail boat, on the River Nile in Luxor, 26 December 2007.'

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Jan 17, 2008
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"We are going to Luxor...."
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"One week in Luxor"
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"Two-Thirds of Egypt's Ruins are Here"
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"L U X O R"
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Things To Do Near Luxor

Things to Do

Colossi of Memnon

These two statues once stood at the entrance gate of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, though very little of the temple behind them remains today. They were carved from two massive granite blocks,...
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Things to Do

The Souks or Market

the sights, the sounds, the smell, the haggling among buyers and'll be right in the front row seat watching all these happenings when you get to the inner portion of the market. go...go...
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Things to Do

Luxor Temple

This Majestic temple is located at the center of the small city of Luxor (ancient Thebes), and it is very easy to get it, walking from your hotel, taxi or horse-carriage. The entrance fee is 60...
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Things to Do

Karnak Temple

One famous aspect of Karnak is the Hypostyle Hall in the Precinct of Amun-Re, a hall area of 50,000 sq ft (5,000 m2) with 134 massive columns arranged in 16 rows. 122 of these columns are 10 meters...
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Things to Do

Temple of Hatshepsut

Located beneath massive cliffs near the west bank of the Nile, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, also known as Deir el Bahri, is dedicated to Amon-Ra, the sun god. Hatshepsut, meaning 'foremost...
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Things to Do

Deir el Medina

The workers that built the great tombs of the Pharaohs lived in a village not far from the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Many tombs have been discovered here. The workers tombs at Deir...
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Getting to Luxor


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