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Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor
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Sound and Light Show Karnak Temple
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Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple
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The Mummification Museum Tips (5)

Mummification Museum

The Mummification Museum is relatively new. The museum's features displays of both human and animal mummies. However, there are also displays of tools used in the mummification process, as well as artifacts of items buried along with the mummies for use in the afterlife. Almost anything one ever wanted to know about mummification can be learned here, including the mummification process itself. Its a very well done place and is a deal at 35 LE.

The museum is located just north of Luxor Temple on Sharia al-Bahr (along the Nile River).

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Mar 19, 2005

The Mumification Museum

The Luxor mumification museum is another must while visiting Luxor. As well as the fabulously painted mummy boards there are mummyfied Ibis cats a ram and a crocodile. There is also the mummy of General Mesehty who is so well preserved, he would easily be recognized by any of his neighbours should one happen to visit the museum! The museum is quite small but is certainly worth a visit. Cost about £3 UK (35le)

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Mar 01, 2005

okay, class, welcome now to MUMMIES 101

Luxor's a small town and you cannot miss a museum when it's right on the Nile like this one is.....MUMMIES of humans, MUMMIES of the critters which went along for the ride through eternity with the humans, instruments, ingredients, they're all if you walked into the offices of CSI: LUXOR!!! The blessed and frosty AIR-CONDITIONING rocks!!! Oh, and did we mention, the place is floor-to-ceiling crawling with MUMMIES...!!!

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Apr 03, 2004

Not worth the money or TIME

I must have gone to the other mummifcation museum, 1 human - 1 baboon - 1 cat - 1 bird - 1 crocodile.
Some tools and mummification materials, all poorly described in my opinion. about 100 items in total, which can all be seen and read in 20 mins.

Do yourself a favour and give it a miss.

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Aug 27, 2009
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The Mummification Museum

The Mummification Museum is one of Luxor's hidden gems housing a range of exhibits, from equipment used during mummification to a mummy itself.

However the real strength of the museum is that it explains the Egyptian philosophy on death and the afterlife very well.

Visit the museum before heading off to the Valley of the Kings and you'll understand so much more.

Nov 13, 2002
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"We are going to Luxor...."
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"One week in Luxor"
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"Two-Thirds of Egypt's Ruins are Here"
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"L U X O R"
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Karnak Temple

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Temple of Hatshepsut

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Deir el Medina

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