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Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor
"At 20.00 you will be picked up from your hotel or Nile Cruise in Luxor and transferred to Karnak Temples to attend the sound and light show that talks about how was the life thousands years ago. The temple was constructed from the beginning of the Middle and finally the last act is played while you are seated along the Great Sacred Lake. The performance relates the history of Luxor as the capital of the ancient world That known as Tiba in the ancient Egyptian Time. You will then be transferred back to yo"""Attend the sound and light show that talks about how was the life thousands years ago. You will get to know about prevous times with the splendid sound and light show at the Karnak Temples the greatest example of worship in history and was dedicated to the God Amon his wife Mut and their son Khonsu."title=Highlights&1=Family+friendly&2=Step+back+in+time+on+a+history+tour&3=Free+hotel+pickup+and+drop-off+included&4=Led+by+a+qualified+Egyptologist
From $44.00
Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple
"After sunset Nile Holiday representative will pick you up from your Nile Cruise / hotel in Luxor for a fantastic 1 hour show at the great complex of Karnak temples. The show begins as you walk along the avenue of Sphinx stopping at the towering facade into the great court and the awesome hypostyle hall. Walking through the complex a booming Pharaoh’ more than 2000 years history of construction and various additions left by rulers like; Tutankhamon Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut and the Greek and Roman rulers as well.The second part of the Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple starts by finding you seat overlooking the sacred lake as the complex is illuminated
From $30.00
Karnak Sound and Light Show with Private Transport
"Depart for the Sound and Light Show at Karnak from your Luxor hotel of cruise ship for en evening of entertainment Egyptian style! The show begins as you walk along the Avenue of Sphinx passing through the towering facade into the Great Court. Walking through the complex a booming Pharaoh's voice narrates the history of Upper Egypt and the New Kingdom as the various additions left by rulers such as King Tutankhamun Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut are illuminated against the night sky.The second part of the Sound and Light Show at Karnak finds you seated overlooking the sacred lake as the complex is illuminated and the story of Egypt continues. Please note while the show is suitable for all ages the complex is very dark and commentary loud which younger children may find frightening. The ground in and around Karnak is uneven and sandy please where comfortable flat walking shoes."
From $38.00

Carriages Tips (19)


Caleches or hantour is a horse and carriage in Luxor. The drivers don't seem to take care of the horses very well. They are so skinny and you rarely see the horses in shade or drinking water. If you...
RavensWing's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2013


The caleche (horse-drawn carriage) like in Aswan - is also a popular form of transport and sightseeing in Luxor. I took one from Luxor Temple to Karnak and costs EGP5 one way. They normally overcharge...
June.b's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2011

Caleche (Hourse & Carriage) Number 264

NOT JUST A RIDE ROUND LUXOR BUT A CALECHE RIDE WITH A AMAZING DIFFERENCEMy wife & I have just returned from Luxor (Our honeymoon) - We had a great time and stayed at the Sonesta St George. While...
Apr 04, 2011

Ride in a Caliche

A Caliche is a horse drawn carriage, and in Luxor the Caliche's are very heavily ornamented with either Silver or Brass.They are a common means of transport, and any visitor to Luxor/Karnak is going...
stevemt's Profile Photo
Apr 27, 2010


While in Egypt you will be constantly asked if you want a Caliche ride, if you do decide to take one please look at the horse first as quite a few of them are in very poor condition and some of them...
Oct 16, 2008

Rythmic romantic ride "toko tak toko tak..."

Hantour rides along Luxor's Corniche have always been a tourist favourite.(Hantour is the Arabic name of such carriage.)Such romantic convoys give a sort of special pleasure to tourists, mainly in...
sayedaburas's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2008


We took a carriage on the first day but no more. The drivers are auful to the horses. They run all day and night from 9am til 2 in the morning. Look a little carefully and you will see the whip marks...
May 07, 2007

Local Horse and Carriages. Brilliant.

I think that the best way to experience Luxor is definately to hire a local man and his horse. They give a brilliant ride to a certain location or just simply around the city and to tell the truth...
Nov 23, 2005

clip clop- take a hantour

Everywhere in Egypt [and Rome and ....] the carriage drivers tout for custom. We always resisted the driver's shouts, but as we were really playing at being tourists , as opposed to being somewhere...
uglyscot's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2005

Find "Ashad" around the Winter Palace

if you can not find Ashadfind a carriage driver you like, then use him during your full stay in Luxor, Drivers are more then willing to meet you at a specific time and place, Say "Be back tomorrow at...
AKHENATENX's Profile Photo
Mar 14, 2005

The Kaliesh

You can't walk very far in Luxor without being asked "You want Kaliesh ride"? I never took a Kaliesh ride as I prefer to walk and Luxor is not a big town, but sometimes it can be a little trying to...
geordiebutcher's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2005

Kalesh - Horse carriage

These are horse drawn carriages and are everywhere on the East bank of Luxor. As soon as you leave your hotel you are bound to hear a Kalesh driver shouting for your attention. They can be quite...
clairegeordio's Profile Photo
Dec 18, 2004
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"We are going to Luxor...."
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"One week in Luxor"
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"Two-Thirds of Egypt's Ruins are Here"
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"L U X O R"
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Things to Do Near Luxor

Things to Do

Colossi of Memnon

These two statues once stood at the entrance gate of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, though very little of the temple behind them remains today. They were carved from two massive granite blocks,...
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Things to Do

The Souks or Market

the sights, the sounds, the smell, the haggling among buyers and'll be right in the front row seat watching all these happenings when you get to the inner portion of the market. go...go...
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Things to Do

Luxor Temple

The architecture is like a majority of the sites, beautiful beyond words. There's a church built above part of the temple. This was when the Nile River was higher and the site was considerably...
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Things to Do

Karnak Temple

Along with the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, this place is a real stunner. The architecture and the man made lake with clay pipes still being used is a marvel in engineering and...
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Things to Do

Temple of Hatshepsut

Located beneath massive cliffs near the west bank of the Nile, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, also known as Deir el Bahri, is dedicated to Amon-Ra, the sun god. Hatshepsut, meaning 'foremost of...
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Things to Do

Deir el Medina

The workers that built the great tombs of the Pharaohs lived in a village not far from the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Many tombs have been discovered here. The workers tombs at Deir...
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