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El Mina Tips (6)

El Mina Restaurant: Fresh Fish Always

Large spacious restaurant with a nautical theme and friendly staff. El Mina offers fresh seafood to you liking and I mean LITERALLY. The fish is swimming while you are ordering it!
El Mina specializes in fried fish and seafood for take out too. There are also side dishes of rice, salad, bread, tahina, and babaghanouj.

Favorite Dish Fillet of Morgana Fish flavorful marinated in cilantro, parsley and onion breaded and fried.

Court94403's Profile Photo
Nov 11, 2008

El Mina: Good Eats at the Right Price

After shopping downtown one day, one of the shop vendors invited us out for a late lunch. We obliged and he took us to El Mina. I couldn't believe what we got for $6! Three whole fish, grilled, a side of rice, some bread and our drink. Yep. Definitely a place to eat when the hotel buffet gets old.

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Nov 25, 2004

El Mina Retaurant: Seafood

With some friends and a local person we tried the Resturant El Mina that had been described as a good place to eat to. At first glance it did not seem too clean but we wanted to try what had been descibeb as a good place toeat seafood. We ordered octopussy that revealed to be a disgusting mixture of onion and garlic and where the octopussy was left in traces. As main meal we ordered a lobster that was offered for abot 30 euro per kg which we found not too cheap, anyway... The waiter took on the table 5 astacus, the astacus looks like the lobster, but despite being very fine is more little. To out disappointement we said that unfortunately we could not accept them as discarding the head and the tail was remain to eat was very little and moreover they were cold. The waiter at this point touched the food with the fingers telling that they were cold but he could make them hot again!!! Finally we refused to eat what he touched and not to put our friend in trouble we paid a very expensive bill to our complete disappointement (about 50 euro) and left the Resturant

Favorite Dish Noone - Really to avoid

Sep 25, 2007

El Mina Restaurant, near old bazaar: best place for seafood i've ever seen/tasted

you simply can't believe the aquarium near entrance, just because there is not any equipment within it, except water. Everyday they s.mlpy change the creatures in it, just by getting them from sea :) I was shocked when i saw a small morray in that aquarium

Oct 19, 2003
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El Mina fish restaurant: Fresh Seafood

Good and inexpensive seafood in a local restaurant between downtown and Segala.

You have to order by kilo or choose the fish. It is also possible to arrange a price with the waiter and ask for the fish, shrimps, mussels etc. you want to have included.

Prices depends on what and how much you order, but a nice meal with rice, Coca Cola, salads, shrimps, fish and calamari cost around 60 Egyptian pounds per person.

Favorite Dish I love calamari, and their grilled one is super! An another dish to try is their mussles, "gandofli".

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Sep 19, 2007

El Mina: Great seafood in Hurghada

El Mina received mixed reviews on VT, but I could not wait to check it out myself and I was not disappointed. Great seafood! Some of the best meals I had in Hurghada were at El Mina, we actually ate there two nights out of 5 we went out.

It is true that this place looks a bit funny, like plastic covers on top of the table cloths, but this is quite understandable. The decorations of the place were quite interesting, too - sea shells, huge fish, etc. There is a big fish tank.

Favorite Dish El Mina mixed seafood platter is the best! Although they have recently substituted lobster to crab in this meal, it is still worth having. The meal consists of grilled/fried shrimp (2-3 big ones) 1 crab, 1 fish kofta, 2 pieces of fish, and calamari rings served with curry rice, 2 oriental salads, and a soft drink. We tried it both grilled and fried, and preferred grilled, although it is all a matter of personal taste. Price 90 LE

Stuffed crabs - I loved those! Crab shells stuffed with a mixture of seafood and mayo and cheese, I think. Sweet and creamy. Comes with fries Price 16 LE

We also tried srimp stew pot, which was very good, and some grilled shrimp

Apr 06, 2008

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