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Private Customizable Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo
"Your guide will pick you up at 7am for the drive to Alexandria (about 3 hours) by a private modern a/c van (WiFi on board). Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 334 B.C and remained capital of Egypt for about 1000 years. Now it is the second biggest city and the biggest seaport in Egypt.Choose your favorite four items out of this list for a customized tour - simply tell your private tour guide at the start of the tour what you would like to see:Libr Pharos)National Museum of AlexandriaRoman theater (Roman Amphitheater)Gardens and palaces of MontazahIncluded in this tour is lunch of fresh seafood of the Mediterranean and enough time for pictures with professional advice. At the end
From $63.00
Discover Alexandria: Day Tour from Cairo to Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa Pompeys Pillar National Museum and Montaza Gardens with Lunch
"Your tour start around 07:00 am (depends on the pick-up location) from Cairo when you meet a professional English speaking representative who will escort you to your vehicle and introduce your Egyptologist to you. Then you will start your journey to Alexandria in your private air-conditioned vehicle with your private Egyptologist which is a Roman triumphal column in Alexandria Egypt and the largest of its type constructed outside the imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople. Then you will continue to the catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa which are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. After you visit the catacombs yo including pieces from Heraklion and Canopus. Objects include canopic jars Mashrabiya
From $55.00
City of Greco-Roman Landmarks - Alexandria From Cairo
"Meet your guide at your location in Cairo transfer by private air-conditioned vehicle to Alexandria through the desert road upon arrival visiting the Greco- Roman Museum which houses a good collection of rare Roman relics and coins (The National museum instead if it is closed). Then proceed to Qaitbay Citadel which was built on the site of the ancient Pharaohs (lighthouse) of Alexandria and walk around El Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque. Visit the Catacombs which are the largest Roman Cemetery consisting of three leve"""Get inside a private vehicle with your friends or family and head to Alexandria which is one of the largest cities in Egypt. For one day
From $108.00

traditional&local Egyptian food Tips (13)

Mohammed Ahmed: Wonderful local food, and cheap too!

Mohammed Ahmed has a reputation as the king of fuul and ta'amiyya - we were led here by the Lonely Planet - and I have to say, it's thoroughly deserved. We had the best fuul in our whole trip here, and the ridiculous thing was, it was probably the cheapest too. No tourist rates here - we were charged, if I remember rightly, 12.5LE, which was £1.25. The waiters and manager were so friendly as well!

Handily, there's an English menu.

illumina's Profile Photo
Jan 22, 2010

bakery in Semouha, main street: Best Gulash (Baklawa) (Sweets)

Cannot remember the name! But this bakery is along the main byway in Semouha not far from Sidi Gabr. It was so crowded with locals that we couldn't get into the shop, finally on the third night there, we decided we had to try it. So ask someone where the sweets are (feen hilwiyaat?) & I'm sure you'll find it.

Favorite Dish The gulash is out of this world! Gulash is the Egyptian equivalent to baklava. This type has a slightly creamy filling. I am very picky and have never liked any pastry in Cairo as well as the ones in Syria or Lebanon, but this is great.

The basbousa is excellent too.

zuhur's Profile Photo
Apr 13, 2009

Gad: Great shawarma

Gad is a chain of takeaway cafes/restaurants in Egypt which specialize in shawarma (kind of like donner kebab) - and tasty and cheap shawarma at that!! A large cost us 7.50LE. They also sell burgers and other snacks.

Favorite Dish SCHWARMA!!

chizz's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2009

ABDEL WAHAB or ABD WAHAB: The best lamb chops on the planet

Clean, spacious, with an old world feel, I felt comfortable from the moment I entered. The staff was more than attentive, which is something very uncommon I found while dining in Egypt. The moment we sat down, our drink orders were taken and promptly delivered. The mezze arrived just as quickly. There was a longer delay for the main course to arrive, as the meat is grilled, but it wasn't an issue for us as we had just polished off beans, cheeses, salad and bread.

Favorite Dish We had a platter of different grilled meats:chicken, beef, and lamb. The lamb chops were something else. I've never tasted anything so delicious and next time I shall just order the lamb. The meal started out with the traditional mezze, a variety of appetizers. I enjoy this part of the egyptian/arab meal. I think they have the most healthy appetizers, unless you consider plain salad an app. Then came the main meal. The smells, the taste....I thought this was the best meal I had my entire stay in Egypt.

zanzooni's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2007
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traditional&local Egyptian food: Koshari - must have!

Once in Egypt, try koshari. it's a dish made of pasta, tomato sause, lentils, topped with fried and dried onions on top. Despite a lot of carbs, it's just tasty and cheap. You can find it at any regular restaurant.

Aschafer's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2006

Hosny's: Like being in a barn

This restaurant looks as if it is situated in an old warehouse. It is spacious with no frills, but the service is excellent and the food too.
It is obviously well patronized by the locals as we saw no other tourists.

Favorite Dish fofta, kebab and stuffed vine leaves with all the dkps. There was a lot so I was not able to eat it all.

uglyscot's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2006

traditional&local Egyptian food: some egyptian dishes recomendation

There r many small places that serve this kind of food, nothing fancy and mainly for locals, so you can find it all over town. Foe coshari I can recomend Misho in Ibrahimia for coshari and pies, and Goha in Cornish for sahleb. Saber is a famous sweets shop that you can not make a bad choise in. If you insist on more western look but still egyptian taste, try Tikka. Enjoy and explore!!

Favorite Dish there are couple of things you will not find in guides but you should try in order to get the real taste of Egypt. Many people already know about koftah and kebab, but i would recomend foul ( cooked and smashed beans with tomato...very special) coshari (few mixed types of pasta with sause, yummy) egyptian pies (salty and sweet), plus sweets like conaffa, belilla or sahleb in winter (warm milk with coco and nuts, wheat...beautiful)

Aug 02, 2005

traditional&local Egyptian food: Fast Food Resturants in Alexandria.!

This is a list of some fast food resturants in Alexandria including international resutrants like McDonalds and Pizza hut and Egyptian like Mo`men and Cook Door.

1-McDonald's Resturants

A-McDonald's Smouha
Victor Amanwiel Street,Smouha

B-McDonald's Downtown
Safia Zaghloul street,Raml Station.

C-McDonald's Loran
25 Ekbal street,Loran

D-McDonald's Ibrahimya
24 Lageteh Street,Ibrahimya.

E-McDonald's Corniche
253 Corniche road,Roshdy

2-Mo`men Resturants "Recommended"

A-Mo`men Downtoan
Raml Station

B-Mo`men Smouha
Commercial center of Smouha,Smouha

C-Mo`men Miami
89 Khaled Ebn El-Waleed Street,Miami

D-Mo`men Betach
Betach Street,Agamy

E-Mo`men Maamoura
Maamoura beach,Maamoura

3-Pizza Hut resturants.

A-Pizza Hut Maamoura
Maamoura Beach,Maamoura

B-Pizza Hut Smouha
Victor Amanwel Street,Smouha

C-Pizza Hut Agamy
Shahr El-Asal street,Agamy

4-Bon Apetit Resturants.

A-Bon Apetit Smouha
Zahran City Mall,Smouha.

B-Bon Apetit Ramada
Hotel Ramada,Sidi Beshr

5- Several Resurants

A-Galina Chicken
27 Victor Amanwel front of Smouha club,Smouha

B-Fast Break Resturant
Lageteh Street,Ibrahimya

C- KFC Smouha
Victor Amanwel Street,Smouha

D-KFC Downtown
1 Saad Zaghloul St,Raml Station

E-KFC Corniche
Corniche Road,Roshdy

F-Cook Door. "Recommended"
Hatem Mosque street,Smouha commercial center,Smouha

G-Cook Door.
37 Shaarawi street,Loran

H-Pizza Station "Recommended"
Hatem Mosque street,Smouha commercial center,Smouha

I-Shami Syrian food.
Hatem Mosque street,Smouha commercial center,Smouha

J-Abo Rabiee Local Egyptian food
Hatem Mosque street,Smouha commercial center,Smouha

K-Safawany meat and fish
Hatem Mosque street,Smouha commercial center,Smouha

Favorite Dish You who will choose :)

siso010's Profile Photo
Jul 21, 2005

Top 5 Alexandria Writers

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"Alexandria - a lovely city by the sea"
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Mohammed Ahmed: FooooooooooL & Taamia

Mohammed Ahmed is still the famous resturant in Alexandria and maybe all over Egypt.
They give a decent plates of beans and Taamia.
I like Alexandria bean plate they make it very good.
also try fried cheese as you will not eat it everywhere else:)

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May 21, 2005

Balbaa Village: Enjoy a mix grill party.

It's a very big restaurant with several storeys, very suitable for making parties , birthdays and even weddings.
It's a unique case for restaurants because of its size and its style which is in between public and modern style.

Favorite Dish All sorts of mix grill.

marenloo's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2003

TIKKA: Egyptian Taste ..

well..well !! .. its not only local food , also international .. but the Egy food in this restaurant is DELICIOUS ..
important that its clean , wide , luxury , open-buffet salad , air-conditoned + its looking better spectacular view .. so u can see the eastern port that full of fishing boats , u can see the citadle , and enjoy the old town too..

Favorite Dish SHISH KABAB .. WOWWW .. SUPER .. try also the other oriental like " wara' el enab"

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Nov 07, 2002

Try the small places in the...

Try the small places in the streets west of Ramla: Arab specialties...I prefer savoury, like falafel (taamiya), but if you like sweets, try Om Ali ('Ali's Mother'), the quintessential Egyptian dessert item.

Favorite Dish Taamiya. And, of course, 'ahwa mazboot', slightly sweet Turkish coffee.

ianrmillard's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Alexandria

Things to Do

fort of Qaitbey

The citadel also known as fort Qaitbey is an impressive building, but what made it somehow magic for me was the fact that here the ancent lighthouse of Alexandria was located. The forth was built in...
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Montazah palace and gardens

We had taken a picnic lunch - and lots of water because it was 30 degrees in October - and found a quiet spot to sit down and eat. After we finished eating we walked towards the beach. There is a path...
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Anfushi tombs

The Anfushi tombs These limestone tombs, which date from about 250 BC, are painted to simulate alabaster and marble. They are decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life, along with...
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Pompey's Pillar

Pompeii Pillar All that remains of this huge temple is one huge red granite pillar, two sphinx and some ruins. The temple was built in 207AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian . It is called Pompeii’s...
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