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Full-Day Alexandria Private Tour with Tour Guide from Cairo
"Begin the journey with a visit to the Roman theater in Kom El-Deka; a marble theater that once seated 800 spectators with galleries sections of mosaic flooring and a pleasure garden all surrounded by Roman baths and villas.Continuing explore the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa; the necropolis of 3 sub-levels dating from the 2nd century AD merges aspects of Egyptian Greek and Roman culture in its features. See the Roman triclinium – a banquet hall to honor the dead
From $110.00
Private Customizable Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo
"Your guide will pick you up at 7am for the drive to Alexandria (about 3 hours) by a private modern a/c van (WiFi on board). Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 334 B.C and remained capital of Egypt for about 1000 years. Now it is the second biggest city and the biggest seaport in Egypt.Choose your favorite four items out of this list for a customized tour - simply tell your private tour guide at the start of the tour what you would like to see:Libr Pharos)National Museum of AlexandriaRoman theater (Roman Amphitheater)Gardens and palaces of MontazahIncluded in this tour is lunch of fresh seafood of the Mediterranean and enough time for pictures with professional advice. At the end
From $63.00
Discover Alexandria: Day Tour from Cairo to Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa Pompeys Pillar National Museum and Montaza Gardens with Lunch
"Your tour start around 07:00 am (depends on the pick-up location) from Cairo when you meet a professional English speaking representative who will escort you to your vehicle and introduce your Egyptologist to you. Then you will start your journey to Alexandria in your private air-conditioned vehicle with your private Egyptologist which is a Roman triumphal column in Alexandria Egypt and the largest of its type constructed outside the imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople. Then you will continue to the catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa which are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. After you visit the catacombs yo including pieces from Heraklion and Canopus. Objects include canopic jars Mashrabiya
From $55.00

Montazah palace and gardens Tips (25)

Montazah Palace and Gardens

Montazah Palace is the former summer residence of Egypt’s ex-king Fatih, currently the residence of the President Hosni Mubarak.

The Palace was build on a surface of 370 acres and the gardens with palm trees and flower beds contain restaurants, hotels, beaches and parks.

mary2u99's Profile Photo
May 12, 2007

The Gardens at Montazah

Wandering through the gardens at Montazah is wonderful especially in spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom, but even in winter the shrubs and trees are attractive because the gardens have been well landscaped. At one place an artificial hill with a shelter on top has been constructed using rock from the nearby beaches. Most attractive.

uglyscot's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2006


Les jardins de Montaza sont entoures par de grands murs au sud, a l'est et a l'ouest, et d'une plage au nord. Ce secteur appartenait a la famille de Mohamed Ali, famille regnante du milieu du XIXe siecle jusqu'en 1952. La construction a ete commencee en 1892 par le roi Abbas II, qui a construit un grand palais appele le Salamlek. En 1932, le Roi Fouad a construit un plus grand palais et l'a appele le Haramlik. Son fils, le roi Farouk, a construit la jetee sur la mer. Le reste de l'espace est constitue de jardins ..

Bertrand Noble

Wunnerkind's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2006

Nice park for local lovers

Our TourGuide took us to Montazah Palace and Gardens, in the afternoon of our one day tour of Alex. Because it was the time of Ramadan, all museums, monuments closed early, so this seemed to be the only thing left to do in the afternoon. You need to drive by the sea for about half an hour, to reach the Montaza area of Alexandria, which is basically a suburb.

Local couples take long walks and some hugs in these parks, which cover a fairly big area. This was the summer residence of the Egyptian Royal family, and the last king left Egypt from here on a boat to Italy in 1952. One of the palaces operates as a Hotel, the other one still serves Governmental purposes, so it can not be visited. You would find closed doors basically everywhere, except the parks. Maybe during the hot summer the beaches are full of people and life, but in October it was a bit empty.

From what I saw in Alex, I would put it on the last spot of the list. It can definiately be missed if You're only in the area for just one or two days, could be a nice program if You're there for a week or more.

balint01's Profile Photo
Nov 09, 2005
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Hotels Near Montazah palace and gardens

9 Al Borsa Al Kadima St, Al Raml Station
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14 Champollion Street, Alexandria, 21131, Egypt
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Montazah Palace and Gardens

Montazah Palace is the former summer residence of Egypt’s ex-king Fatih, currently the residence of the President Hosni Mubarak.
The Palace was build on a surface of 370 acres and the vast gardens with palm trees and nicely arranged flower beds contain restaurants, hotels, beaches and parks.

Diana75's Profile Photo
Nov 03, 2005

Montaza Palace and Paradise Inn.

Montaza palace is always known a private area in Alexandria.
maybe for lovers as it is one of the most areas with trees and something like that which make you feel free and satisfied from what you see.

also if you want to go to the beach and you wearing Bikini this is your only way,Paradise Inn beach is the only way to swim with Bikini.

Montaza Palace is higher price than everywhere else,but I am sure that you will enjoy the time there.

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Jun 25, 2005

Montazah Palace and gardens

This is a lovely place to spend a few hours, especially in summer when the flowers are in bloom, but it is still nice in winter.
You can walk or drive around. There are places where you can find refreshment, or stand and watch the ocean crashing onto the rocks,
The palace itself is like a Disney castle The architecture has a strong Italian influence on it.

uglyscot's Profile Photo
May 19, 2005


The royal gardens of king Faruk, the last king of Egypt. Today it's a beautiful and very big park full of palm trees, pines, lovely flowers and exclusive hotels, with a lovely beach and luxurious tourist facilities. A very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. BEAUTIFUL!
This is the entrance to the gardens.

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Sep 13, 2003

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Montazah gardens and palace

At the east side of the Cornich you can visit the gardens of former King Farouk. You have to pay some small admission fee to go there, but can take your own car in the large gardens.
The former palaces have another destination nowadays (casino, museum and hotel)
There is a beach, a nice walking bridge, views at the waterfront. It's a nice place, if you like a relaxed day not far from the city.

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Aug 12, 2003

Another Palace!

Muntazah was formerly the summer residence of the Egyptian royal family.

After the monarchy was overthrown in 1952, the palace buildings, known as Haramlek and Salamlek, were put to other uses. The Haramlek contains a casino on the ground floor and a museum of royal relics on the upper levels. The Salamlek has been converted into a hotel.

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Mar 08, 2003

You must visit Montazah palace

The gardens at the Montazah Palace are well planned and well kept. It doesn't matter what time of year you visit, the vegetation will always be attractivel.

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Apr 21, 2006

Montaza Gardens

Montaza have more to offer than such gardens it have very nice beaches there.The most well known one is Aida beach.Also there is venicia Beach.

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Oct 15, 2005

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