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Islamic Cairo History Tour
"Meet your guide at Al-Azhar Park Aslam Al-Silahdar mosque Saint Fatima mosque the Al-Tunbugha al-Maridani mosque and the Al-mihmandar mosque. Continue with Qijmas al-Isaaqi mosque Bab Zweila gate and Al-Salih Talaei mosque.Following with Farag ibn Barquq's Madrasa and Sabil-Kuttab The tent-makers' covered market Al-kurdi mosque
From $70.00
Overnight Trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port
Enjoy an overnight trip from Alexandria to Cairo and experience the best of Egypt. This is a shore excursion and you can be sure you will be returned to your ship 2 hours before departure."""Overnight trip to Cairo starts and ends from Alexandria Port visiting Giza Pyramids Sphinx Memphis Sakkara Egyptian Museum and Felucca Ride on the Nile for an hour."
From $250.00
Day tour Visiting the Highlights of Alexandria: The Catacombs Alexandria library Roman Theater
"At 8:00 am you will be picked up from your hotel in Alexandria by your expert licensed tour guide then start your full day tour visiting the best sites in Alexandria. Start with New library the biggest library in the world now with 8 million books visit the site of the ancient lighthouse; one of the seven wonders of ancient world and end before lunch visiting the Palaces of Farouk.Then stop for lunch in best sea view restaurant in Alexandria. A full meal per person is included beverages are additional cost. After lunch visit Pompys Pillar the remains of ancient library of Alexandria the Roman Amphitheatre
From $82.00

Dancing Tips (22)

After Eight: After eight

A very nice pub with a live band,and a DJ that plays both Arabic and international music.
Reservations are a must ,
minimum charge is 100 Egyptian pounds.

This is a picture of Wist El Balad band,,they play twice a week here in After Eight.

Dress Code casual dressing is fine.

DunaKal's Profile Photo
Sep 11, 2006

Dancing: RITHMO

Rithmo, which has only been open a couple of weeks, looks like it has been designed to cater for the kind of people who go out hoping that their photos will appear in next month’s society magazines. However, the bar’s upscale pretensions don’t come as a shock since it is located within a five-star hotel complex.

But the lack of customers suggests that the word about the new place hasn’t yet circulated. In Cairo bars fall in and out of favour as predictably and as frequently as Amr Diab’s ability to release a hit single every six-months.

So far, the clientele at Rithmo can be described as rich older men; the ones who chomp cigars and order the most expensive whiskies while they discuss what the new money laundering laws will mean to their livelihoods.

The women seem to be younger than the men, and definitely dressed to impress and out to be seen. There are some single men and some single women but on the whole the place seems to be filled with couples. In the case of some of the wealthier looking older men ‘couple’ can be defined as one man and two younger peroxide women on each arm.

The bar is placed in the middle of Rithmo. One side of the bar is decorated in the neo-classical Arab style that has become popular recently. While the other side has only high-backed leather couches. There are also chairs and tables at the back.

And just to make the older business-type men feel at home there is a whisky cabinet in the center of the bar and short-skirted waitresses keep the big men supplied with cigars so that they don’t have to get up very often.

sarrahh's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2005


It is a very nice in which u can eat, drink , dance and lilsten to live music.many bands play in Afetr Eight such as wust elbalad and Riff and even if there is no bank or in the break the bands take mohammad elshiekh (the DJ) will make u feel happy and u will be having a lot of fun cause of the arabic and international music he plays.
sheikh is a gr8 DJ so even if there is no band dont miss mohammad sheikh...
and althou it is a small place yet it is very full of joy..
have fun

Dress Code Opening Time 08:00PM
Closing Time 04:00AM
Cuisine International

sarrahh's Profile Photo
Jan 19, 2006

Dancing: The Place restaurant

The Place is located in Zamalek, near Sheraton El Gezirah, and has a magnificent view of the Nile.
The restaurant, similar to a boat anchored on the Nile shore, is on three levels and live music is played on the top terrace.
We went there twice and different bands were singing both Egyptian and international music: the first night was a Latino music night and the second one was a French music night.
Anyway the bands were both good and we had a lot of fun and danced a lot.
For an enjoyable and dancing night out it is a good choice.

Dress Code Smart Casual

Diana75's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2005
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Are you into jazz? How about oriental music? Well if you feel like you want to dance the night away and don't mind sharing the fun with tons of special people, then you have come to the right place! Cairo Jazz Club sets the mood of a perky jazz night with its great music, fine food, amazing interior setting, and classy people.

As you enter the club, you have the choice of sitting at the bar, dinning table, or bar table. But you will find that the entire space is magically mellowed down with dim lighting effects, no matter where you sit. If you are curious and look above your head to find the source of light, you will find what looks like air-condition ducts covered with semi-transparent stones of different colors and sizes. Each stone adds to the beauty of the space and enhances the lighting.
Other than that, the setting is a wonderful blend of tranquil colors and styles, except for two bright dominant colors; red and blue. I personally think that the design of the entire area was meant to go well with the music that plays here every night.
Now for the entertainment. The music played here is the soothing melodies of jazz with a touch of an awkward Arabian beat and rhythms that create a new style of music; it’s an addition like the blue and red colors in the setting. To add to the jazzy look, metal stick figures that appear to be playing jazz instruments, like a trumpet, or saxophone, are placed everywhere. The immobile musicians are depicted in a very primitive, yet innovative style.

sarrahh's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2005

Latex: Not as sleazy as it sounds

Latex is Nile Hilton's official bar. It has a strict entrance policy, where single men are not allowed entry unless they're hotel guests. The interiors - done in the classic red, white, black motif - have a very modern touch to them, which matches the music and the crowd - mostly trendy yuppies and fashionable Cairenes. If you're not dancing, it's a great place to people watch as you enjoy your favorite cocktail.

Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days so you may want to come early on these days to beat the long queue. Keep in mind though that the scene does not get lively before 12 midnight. While I was there on a Thursday, there was a lot of commotion at the entrance as people wanting to get in were pushing themselves against the phalanx of bouncers - and this was at 3 am, while I was already going back to my room!

Dress Code Dress up a little bit if you don't want to look out of place.

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Jun 28, 2007

Cairo Jazz club: Whereto go out in Cairo? Dancing...

This spot can be a dance club or a Jazz music club. Depends which day of the week.
ON Wednesday and Thursday it is a DJ for dancing, other week days you can go to listen to Jazz life band or jazz music.

Entrance is for free, and till 9, you get an extra drink with whatever drink you order.

Very good Mezza and salads with the drinks.
Open 7 pm to 2 am. Reservations are recommended for special nights.
The program and the prices of the drinks is on the website mentioned down.

Dress Code Casual

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Mar 17, 2003

On board Aquarius ship: A night to remember - part 2

Another equally interesting to see is this dance..i dont know what you call it but he keeps on making a whirl..whirl and whirl, turn and turn till ur eyes also feels like spinning hahahah. Note the interesting costume he is can be opened when he dance and sometimes he will take it off entirely ( off course he still wear something inside huhhhhhh lol..) and he will still spin the costume without stopping and this is amazing because i tried myself to spin more than 2 times and i collapsed ( and hello i dont take anything off hahah)....He also will show his talent on how to bend a spoon which is super thick with jus one hand using jus his fingers..amazing hmm....

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May 08, 2006
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"Cairo`s yellow pages!"
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"Cairo- Umm el Dunya"
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"CAIRO... still thinking of..."
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El Morocco*: Floating Night Club!

It is decorated in the Moroccan style,as you can tell from it`s name.It`s located at the Blue Nile moored boat.This boat has 5 restaurants and a night club,I recommand all of them.

This night club plays international music as well as Egyptian and Arabic music,it has an inside dancing area(and a bar),and also has an outside seating area(if you want to escape the smoke and the crowd).

Best time to go starting from 11PM onwards.
closes at 3AM

Dress Code Jeans are not acceptable,and reservations are highly recomanded.
Minimum charge policy applies,it`s 100 Egyptian pounds.

DunaKal's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Blues*: Never feel blue!

It`s a very nice restaurant with DJ playing music,a dance floor and good food.
the place closes at 4-5am usually locals go there after hours when other places close.
The DJ plays all kind of music,from hip hop to latin and have to have reservations to be able to go in,and sometimes they would allow couples only.

The picture was taken from the river Nile...
you can see the 6th of October bridge...
the big buliding in the middle is the Grand Hyatt hotel...the building on the left is Semiramis Intercontinantel hotel,and the tube shaped building on the right is the Giziera Sheraton Hotel.
This place is located on the Nile front.

Dress Code Try to be dressy :-D
opens until 4-5am

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Sep 01, 2008

Jackie's Joint: Where to go out in Cairo? Dancing....

The place has a Dance floor, Restaurant with show kitchen, Bar, Pool tables, and Private karaoke rooms. Open 9 pm to 4 am.

It is a cool hang out, if you are looking for a place to dance.
Better go with a group, as most of the people go in groups...

Entrance is 50 EGP, (Almost 6 to 7 USD), but you have a hard drink and a soft drink for free inside with this fees. A second drink is free from Saturday till wednesday.

Wednesday, ladies enter for free:) Alive mostly from Wednesday to Friday.

Dress Code Casual, semi formal.

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Mar 17, 2003

Dancing: Coco Jungle

In a jungle setting, you are invited to drink and dance the night away. All dishes and drinks have jungle names..and you will have trees and big leaves hanging around you in this night club, while the music fills up the place.

The DJs started playing the music at 11.00 pm, and dinner was served at 11.30 pm
The music wasnt exactly my style..but being there and going wild in this jungle made it a fun night out :o)

Admission Charge EGP 40 minimum charge (excluding drinks)
Average Cost EGP 80

...and oh yes, its on a boat!

Dress Code oh dress up! You're going out to dance :))

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Apr 13, 2006

Things to Do Near Cairo

Things to Do

Khan el Khalili

Best tip for here would be to walk like an Egyptian. Walk, acknowledge hello's and welcome with a smile, say Shukran and KEEP walking. Don't initially express excitement through your eyes, they are...
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Agricultural Museum

In the Agricultural museum, it is interesting to see the kind of food the ancient Egyptians eat. There are so many grains and fruits remaining from 4000 years ago and more. We know the pyramid...
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Wekalet El Ghoury - Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center

Egyptian Tanoura Show is different from the Turkish Whirling Dervishes! The Tanoura Show originated in egypt and is usually performed by Egyptian Sufi Muslims and the Tanoura is similar to the...
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'Egypt is the Nile' and since the height of the annual inundation of the river was crucial to the economy forecasting it has always been a matter of great interest. The pharonic nilometer was a...
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Islamic Cairo

Mediaeval Cairo, often referred to as Fatimid or Islamic Cairo, is extremely fascinating, as this part of the city has changed little in perhaps 500 years. It was the centre of Cairo for eight...
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Mosque of Muhammad Ali - Alabaster

At the opposite side of the Mohamed Ali mosque there is the smaller El Nasir mosque which I enjoyed more as it was poorer I mean not as much decorated as the other one. This one was built between 1318...
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