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Islamic Cairo History Tour
"Meet your guide at Al-Azhar Park Aslam Al-Silahdar mosque Saint Fatima mosque the Al-Tunbugha al-Maridani mosque and the Al-mihmandar mosque. Continue with Qijmas al-Isaaqi mosque Bab Zweila gate and Al-Salih Talaei mosque.Following with Farag ibn Barquq's Madrasa and Sabil-Kuttab The tent-makers' covered market Al-kurdi mosque
From $70.00
Overnight Trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port
Enjoy an overnight trip from Alexandria to Cairo and experience the best of Egypt. This is a shore excursion and you can be sure you will be returned to your ship 2 hours before departure."""Overnight trip to Cairo starts and ends from Alexandria Port visiting Giza Pyramids Sphinx Memphis Sakkara Egyptian Museum and Felucca Ride on the Nile for an hour."
From $250.00
Day tour Visiting the Highlights of Alexandria: The Catacombs Alexandria library Roman Theater
"At 8:00 am you will be picked up from your hotel in Alexandria by your expert licensed tour guide then start your full day tour visiting the best sites in Alexandria. Start with New library the biggest library in the world now with 8 million books visit the site of the ancient lighthouse; one of the seven wonders of ancient world and end before lunch visiting the Palaces of Farouk.Then stop for lunch in best sea view restaurant in Alexandria. A full meal per person is included beverages are additional cost. After lunch visit Pompys Pillar the remains of ancient library of Alexandria the Roman Amphitheatre
From $82.00

Supermarkets Tips (14)

~ Carrefour in Maadi, Cairo ~: ~ Very Nice Supermarket & Excellent Prices ~

Carrefour is a very large supermarket located in Maadi in Cairo. I found it to be extremely cheap compared to prices here in the UK where i live. Many Egyptians aswell as foreigners such as myself shop here & its the same prices for all.

Carrefour is Egypt's most dynamic, fast-moving and exciting hypermarket chain. A joint venture company by Majid al Futtaim and Carrefour France, this global expertise helps us offer shoppers here in Egypt the same quality, variety and value-for-money that is provided all over the world.
Carrefour offers the widest choice of products you can find anywhere under one roof in a spacious area where you and your family can enjoy shopping for all your needs at the lowest price!

Due to the speed of turnover of products, you can guarantee that the food is always more fresh than anywhere else!
Rest assured that all the electrical products come with a full guarantee!
The idea of a free parking and multiple checkouts makes the shopping experience at Carrefour so convenient for the whole family.

Opening times are:
Everyday: 10:00 AM to 01:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Friday: 01:00 PM to 02:00 AM

What to buy Carrefour has many departments with lots of different things to buy, not only does it sell food & drink it also sells comsumer goods, household goods such as stationary, houseware, camping/garden tools, car goods, toys, books, sports & luggage items. It also has a fresh market with lots of meat, fish, pastries & cakes to choose from. There is also a photo shop, Home entertainment such as computers, tv & videos, stereos, music, dvds & clothes. The fresh fruit & vegetables look fresher than ever & are so cheap its unbelievable, a sack of potatoes only costs 3 Egyptian Pounds.

I bought a weeks worth of shopping at Carrefour to feed 6 of us when i was staying with my Dad in Cairo & it only cost 150 Egyptian Pounds. I can spend that in Asda or Tesco in the UK just for 2 of us to eat for one evening!
Just shows you the cost of living in Egypt is much better than the UK!

Heavens-Mirror's Profile Photo
Nov 09, 2005

Metro Market: Grocery Stores in Cairo, Egypt

For those who might want to do some grocery shopping and are coming from a western country, the Metro Market grocery stores are a good choice to start with. These grocery stores are a little more expensive than other supermarkets because they have many items that are imported from abroad that might be difficult to find otherwise.

Set up like a 'western' grocery store the Metro Markets are very clean, organized, have credit card consols, often have ATM machines, a deli with hot and cold foods, a meat market, great bread selection. In short they are just like what you can find in the USA. The prices are listed in both Arabic and English.

This is a great store to start off with for newbie expats and students. After time, you will find other stores where you can get items slightly cheaper but I really appreciated the quality of the Metro Market stores. An added bonus is they are usually open 24 hours/day. I end up using them most of the time when I am in Cairo.

PS The down side is it lacks the charm of shopping at kiosks and smaller stores..

What to buy Metro Market common items:

Sliced White Bread (American style)!!!
Imported Grapes and bananas
Light (calorie) yogurt
Cooked hot foods
Wide cheese selection
Pancake mix
Ice-cream sandwiches/bars etc
Terriyaki sauce
Soaps, shampoos etc (beauty items)
Pots/pans etc
Cleaning supplies

What to pay More expensive than an average Egyptian grocery store but has imports. Still generally less expensive than a similar store in the USA.

TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Supermarkets: Metro: A bit more choice

Metro is chain of supermarkets of the middle range. I believe it is German. There are branches all over Cairo, but I have only been to the ones at Syria St, Mohandaseen; and Iran Street in Dokki.
They have all the usual foodstuffs, a butchery section, dairy department, home bakery [aah , the smell of the bread] and greengrocery and fruit section. There is a lot of choice and the prices are only slightly more than in a small shop.
From time to time they have a promotional lucky draw. One year I won some free orange juice , and a cookery video [in Arabic] and this year I won a walkman. All you do is spend a cetain amount and get tokens.

They deliver.

What to buy In Metro it is possible to get Organic vegetables and fruit. It is the only place I have found chives, and broccoli is found there more often than elsewhere.

What to pay WE find that a week's shopping comes to next to nothing in real money! Less than the price of a chicken in Tescos!
Though, more money conscious people than us complain of the tax added.
Let them go to the government owned Ahram, BUT there is far less variety there, just the basics.

uglyscot's Profile Photo
May 19, 2006

Alfa Market: The largest supermarket

This is one of the largest supermarkets I have been to in Cairo,Maadi area so far.
It offers you a variety of quality products essential for every household.

What to buy fruits and well as other hosehold essentials.

DunaKal's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2006
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Metro supermarket: Fresh fruits&vegetables!

This is the cleanest supermarket you will ever find in Cairo,along with Alfa market.
It has many branches all over Cairo,,but I usually shop at the one located in El-Mohandessien area.

What to buy Almost everything you need from vegetables,bread,fruits,cosmetics etc.

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Apr 17, 2003

Supermarkets: Cheap food

If you're backpacking and trying to eat on the cheap, or just want to put together a picnic lunch for your trip to the pyramids, you can do worse to pop into the local food shop (didn't see any huge supermarkets, but there were several small shops). A bag of flat bread, some cheese, a big bag of crisps and a bottle of water set us back 8LE75pt (which is about 87p). You can pick up the bread at street markets too, along with a great selection of fruit - go early.

What to buy My favourite item was an ice lolly called Squizz, which was mango flavoured. I can't remember what it cost, but it wasn't much. Very refreshing!

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Jan 05, 2009

Supermarkets: Grocery Stores

There are small grocery stores everywhere in Cairo... Within two blocks of our hotel there were at least 3 or 4 little shops. You can buy water, snacks and other little bits and pieces at these shops...very handy!!!

What to pay We paid anywhere between 1 - 5 LE for a large bottle of water (A$1 = 4.5 LE)... Imported goods are usually more expensive...a packet of Pringles was about 12 - 18 LE.

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Apr 16, 2006

Carrefour: City Centre Maadi

Carrefour is a chain [French] found in the Middle East owned by Futtaim Group- I have seen them in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and now Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt..
It is on the edge of the desert in Maadi, to the south of Cairo. It opens at 10am daily.
There are a few other shops in the complex, banks, cafes and Magic Planet for children to enjoy rides on carousels etc.
Compared to other shopping centres Carrefour itself has very reasonable prices, and for someone living in Cairo definitely worth going once a month to stock up on basics. We find some items [eg bottled water] a third of the price cheaper than in the local shops.
Fish is better bought here as it will be prepared for you; meat too is arranged well for selecting what you want- even ostrich meat.
As well as basic goods, there are electronics, cheap clothing, china, electrical supplies, garden tools, bedding.
An excellent bakery also has very good pizza.

What to buy In Carrefour I find it the easiest place to find those silly little things that otherwise would entail days of searching- like plastic door stops!

What to pay Very reasonable prices.

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May 19, 2006
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"Cairo`s yellow pages!"
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"Cairo- Umm el Dunya"
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"CAIRO... still thinking of..."
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Genena Mall: Nice Place and very cheap

There are lots of shops inside, gifts, clothes, sports wear, Ice skating hall, restaurants in. Prices are very good, cheap and you can find everything.

What to pay 50 usd around, it is enought to buy so many presents.

songuldogan's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Supermarkets-metro: metro in dokki and mohandesin

i love this store..most like the groceries in america...kinda like a kroger or a randalls. if u are staying in mohandessin or dokki the store delivers to your home...which is very nice if you are without a car..just call and give your shopping list..most business do this, but some are not fluent in english...

What to buy has most grocery items and has a nice deli..

What to pay more expensive than local shops, but not that pricey..

Apr 04, 2011

CITY STARS: International Place

I am going there for eating, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes inside with different theme. I like this place

What to buy Gifts, Clothes are suggested. you can find everything there . but I am going for eating, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes inside with different theme. I like this place.

What to pay Expensive that Al Geneina Mall.

songuldogan's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Supermarkets: How to shop in Zamalek

There are two main supermarkets, or "Markets" as they're called in Cairo. In my area of Zamalek, I visit the two main suppliers of Metro and Alpha. These are typical supermarkets with aisles and many international brands. Don't expect any items to be organised in specific areas as one would expect, you have to actually walk the entire shop to find what you're looking for! The butchery, seafood deli and bakeries are the cleanest I've seen, but ALWAYS check your produce carefully when you get home. Dead flies are commonplace during the packaging process...

What to buy Metro has the general supermarket offerings, with a surprisingly funky, albeit limited, dinner service range. Alpha Market is 3-floors and has a much larger variety from groceries, perishables and books to electrical appliances, costumes and household items.

What to pay This really does show that the cost of living "for expats" is really low. Even the imported items are relatively the same cost as back home. Remember that if you're polite and have more than one packet, the shop's porter will actually offer to take it home for you. Alternatively, they can do a "home delivery" and deliver directly to your doorstep. Remember to baksheesh, around 5LE - 10LE depending on the circumstances.

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Apr 04, 2011

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