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Islamic Cairo History Tour
"Meet your guide at Al-Azhar Park Aslam Al-Silahdar mosque Saint Fatima mosque the Al-Tunbugha al-Maridani mosque and the Al-mihmandar mosque. Continue with Qijmas al-Isaaqi mosque Bab Zweila gate and Al-Salih Talaei mosque.Following with Farag ibn Barquq's Madrasa and Sabil-Kuttab The tent-makers' covered market Al-kurdi mosque
From $70.00
Overnight Trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port
Enjoy an overnight trip from Alexandria to Cairo and experience the best of Egypt. This is a shore excursion and you can be sure you will be returned to your ship 2 hours before departure."""Overnight trip to Cairo starts and ends from Alexandria Port visiting Giza Pyramids Sphinx Memphis Sakkara Egyptian Museum and Felucca Ride on the Nile for an hour."
From $250.00
Day tour Visiting the Highlights of Alexandria: The Catacombs Alexandria library Roman Theater
"At 8:00 am you will be picked up from your hotel in Alexandria by your expert licensed tour guide then start your full day tour visiting the best sites in Alexandria. Start with New library the biggest library in the world now with 8 million books visit the site of the ancient lighthouse; one of the seven wonders of ancient world and end before lunch visiting the Palaces of Farouk.Then stop for lunch in best sea view restaurant in Alexandria. A full meal per person is included beverages are additional cost. After lunch visit Pompys Pillar the remains of ancient library of Alexandria the Roman Amphitheatre
From $82.00

Camel rides trap at the Giza

I saw a guy haggled his price in taking a picture with the camel in front of a pyramid. Then some guy will walked next to you and volunteer to be on your picture by putting his hand on your shoulder...
VZ-Pam's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2008

Camel scams

Dont use any of the freelance camel or horse guides inside the pyramids of Giza. best to arrange everything outside the walls also considering it would take an average Egyptian 5 days to make what you...
Winksc's Profile Photo
Aug 10, 2005

Don't start negotiations at the pyramids

Many salespeople are trying to sell you something or ask money for a picture. Try to avoid these people (it will not be easy). They are very stubborn. Once you have looked at the product they won't go...
Roggeveen's Profile Photo
Jan 12, 2004

this isn't Disneyland

I was in Cairo, visiting the pyramids. The idea of riding a camel never crossed my mind. What am I, an eight year old? It seemed vaguely odd that my own tour guide asked me about four times if I...
william_44's Profile Photo
Sep 25, 2007

Do the camel ride!

Even if you've been riding camels before (for me: Sfax and Petra) do take a camel ride to and around the pyramids (or a horse if you're really afraid of heights or have difficulty spreading your legs...
dutchwindmill's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2007

Tourist scamp around the pyramids and markets

Every guidebook warn you about it but the level of hassle is not understood until you go there and experience it yourself. People asking you to buy camelrides, drinks or maybe the need you to exchange...
Snipp's Profile Photo
May 13, 2006

How can you not do this

Ok, you are in Cairo, and you must ride a camel, and they know it. Just be smart about it. If your with a tour guide ask him to negiotate for you. And no matter what you do don't take the first price...
jlanza29's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2007

The camel trap.<br/><br/>There is a...

The camel trap.There is a popular trick they play on you near the Pyramids. You are offered a free photo on a camel just for the sake of doing you pleasure. But when you climb the beast, it gets up...
aliante1981's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

I was lucky to have an...

I was lucky to have an Egyptian national as a friend and guide. One of the best recommendations he made was. If you want to ride a camel, then wear cloths you are willing to burn after riding a camel....
Aug 24, 2002

Don't Pose in Front of Camels for a Picture

don't ever pose in front of camels around the giza necropolis area as eventhough you are not riding them and you are just in front of them and taking pictures, the camel herders wil pester you, rather...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Oct 24, 2013

Camel Rides

So you hear you can ride a camel in the desert near the pyramids? Sounds exciting? Sounds fun? Sounds exotic? Well, ok it WOULD have been if the camel guys would let you have more than a 2 minute...
Aug 15, 2004

The camel jockeys around the pyramids at Giza

They will offer you a camel ride into the desert and extort you out of more money than originally agreed upon before taking you back. This works especially well when they know you are part of a tour...
GlobusMaximus's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2005
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Hotels Near Cairo

1191 Courniche El Nile Street, Cairo, 11221, Egypt
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4 Gameat el-Dowal el-Arabiya Street, Cairo, 11361, Egypt
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19 Alfi Bei Street, Cairo, Egypt
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66, El Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt
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2 El Shawarby St 4th Floor, Off Kasr El Nil St Down Town, 11111
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17, Suleiman Al-Halaby, Cairo, 1000, Egypt
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"Cairo&#96;s yellow pages!"
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"Cairo- Umm el Dunya"
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"CAIRO... still thinking of..."
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Things to Do Near Cairo

Things to Do

Khan el Khalili

This is a lovely place to have tea (chai) or to walk around. Some nights a week there are Dervish dances in the mosque next door to this market. Since I do not smoke, not even shisha, I ordered a tea...
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Things to Do


There are still a handful of these ancient structures left but they are well off the beaten path. These are the measuring devices of the ancient Egyptian fortunes - the Nile being too high or too low...
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Things to Do

Agricultural Museum

In the Agricultural museum, it is interesting to see the kind of food the ancient Egyptians eat. There are so many grains and fruits remaining from 4000 years ago and more. We know the pyramid...
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Things to Do

Wekalet El Ghoury - Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center

Egyptian Tanoura Show is different from the Turkish Whirling Dervishes! The Tanoura Show originated in egypt and is usually performed by Egyptian Sufi Muslims and the Tanoura is similar to the...
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Things to Do

Islamic Cairo

One of 20 caravanserais left in Cairo, Wikalet Bazar'a dates from the 17th century. Despite being built in the Ottoman period, it follows the plan of Mamluke-period Cairene caravanserais, which...
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Things to Do

Mosque of Muhammad Ali - Alabaster

At the opposite side of the Mohamed Ali mosque there is the smaller El Nasir mosque which I enjoyed more as it was poorer I mean not as much decorated as the other one. This one was built between 1318...
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