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Camels Tips (28)

Camel rides trap at the Giza

I saw a guy haggled his price in taking a picture with the camel in front of a pyramid. Then some guy will walked next to you and volunteer to be on your picture by putting his hand on your shoulder without asking for your permission to be on the photo. Then this guy will chase after you non-stop for a big tip & so was the one who rent you the camel for picture.......

VZ-Pam's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2008

Camel scams

Dont use any of the freelance camel or horse guides inside the pyramids of Giza. best to arrange everything outside the walls also considering it would take an average Egyptian 5 days to make what you just had to pay your guide for a couple of hours best to be hard when he hassles you for an exorbatent tip at the end. I didnt but I thought about it later and felt like I gave more to him than to about 50 street beggars in Cairo which felt a bit shameful really.

Winksc's Profile Photo
Aug 10, 2005

this isn't Disneyland

I was in Cairo, visiting the pyramids. The idea of riding a camel never crossed my mind. What am I, an eight year old? It seemed vaguely odd that my own tour guide asked me about four times if I wanted to ride a Camel around the pyramids. I was trying to get a sense of 4000 years of history and those bugs turn it into some cheap, mawkish carnival ride. I simply refused every attempt. Only after reading the other comments did I realize what a scam I avoided.

Fun Alternatives I told my guide I wanted to walk completely around the largest pyramid. Khufu? Cheops? Whatever. He was not pleased with this idea. He said it would take several hours. What, was he high? It took about 20 minutes!! And that's because I was having trouble with breathing. The entire country is full of annoying, money-grubbing bugs.

william_44's Profile Photo
Sep 25, 2007

Don't start negotiations at the pyramids

Many salespeople are trying to sell you something or ask money for a picture. Try to avoid these people (it will not be easy). They are very stubborn. Once you have looked at the product they won't go away until you bought someting. It can spoil the real purpose of your visit; watching the pyramids

Unique Suggestions Stop the conversation with the people as soon as you know they want to sell you something. The will be angry, but don't feel embarrassed. It's all part of the act.

Fun Alternatives Staying with a group might help a little. Especially when you have a good tourguide who knows about these practices.

Roggeveen's Profile Photo
Jan 12, 2004
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Do the camel ride!

Even if you've been riding camels before (for me: Sfax and Petra) do take a camel ride to and around the pyramids (or a horse if you're really afraid of heights or have difficulty spreading your legs wide for a long time - not trying to be funny here, but you may get cramps). It sure helps if you have a tour guide present, even if like in my case he left the bargaining with the camel owner to me. Didn't have to bargain too hard: camel owner asked LE 120 including access to the grounds, entry into one of the pyramids and camera permit. As I didn't have a camera with me I told him 100 and that was alright without further ado (so less should be possible, but wasn't necessary for me). My camel driver entered the pyramids enclosure from the 'panorama hill' on the South side and didn't buy a ticket to the grounds. In my estimation he paid off three tourist police, probably for LE 10 each. Left the camel owner with LE 70 for himself which I didnt mind as it was magnificent. The camel driver asked me for a tip at the end (it was not his camel) and I gave him another 20. A lot? Not if you consider it's less than 3 euros.

dutchwindmill's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2007

Tourist scamp around the pyramids and markets

Every guidebook warn you about it but the level of hassle is not understood until you go there and experience it yourself. People asking you to buy camelrides, drinks or maybe the need you to exchange something. They really dont take no for an aswer and follow you while they continue to offer their services.
The touristpolice are present at the pyramids and try to scare the "salespersons" off but they are hopelessly outnumbered.

Unique Suggestions The salespersons dont give up easily and i found the best way to stop them was to repeatedly saying no thanks in a friendly but firm tone of voice.

Snipp's Profile Photo
May 13, 2006

How can you not do this

Ok, you are in Cairo, and you must ride a camel, and they know it. Just be smart about it. If your with a tour guide ask him to negiotate for you. And no matter what you do don't take the first price they give you again they all speak ENGLISH, French, Italian, German, you'll be surprised. We took a 30 minute ride and the camel owner took great pictures of us, at the end we paid 100 LE for 2 of us, about $20 US dollars. Not as bad I thought it would be....but be warned the camel stink like you never smelled before, so make sure you don't have nice clothes on, if not you'll end up throwing them away !!!!!

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2007

The camel trap.

There is a...

The camel trap.

There is a popular trick they play on you near the Pyramids. You are offered a free photo on a camel just for the sake of doing you pleasure. But when you climb the beast, it gets up and its owner demands from 10 to 50 dollars from you to get the camel down. I jumped off, so got out without loosing my money. Just be careful and a bit more sceptical!

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Aug 25, 2002
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"Cairo`s yellow pages!"
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"Cairo- Umm el Dunya"
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"CAIRO... still thinking of..."
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Camel rides

What trip is not complete without a camel ride. Sure it is a tourist enjoy it. We did. Here is my wonderful Mom, can you believe it? I managed to get her on this camel (believe me, this is no small task, my sister tried getting her on a camel in Morocco but, hey, I am the special one, so I convinced her to get on this camel.

It was one of the highlights of our trip (along with the donkey ride which is another chapter under my Egypt trip). I am not sure what a camel ride would cost because we didn't pay for our evening ride which took us to the Pyramid Plateu and gave us the opportunity to see (for free) the Pyramid Lazer Light Show.

Can you believe that? There truly are very nice people in this wonderful world that we live in and I am happy that we had the opportunity to meet quite a few here in Cairo.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2008

I was lucky to have an...

I was lucky to have an Egyptian national as a friend and guide. One of the best recommendations he made was. If you want to ride a camel, then wear cloths you are willing to burn after riding a camel. The smell permiates the cloths and can not be removed. Also never go out on a camel by yourself once the camel guide gets you out in the desert and your by yourself he may demand $100 american dollars to return you to the city. Make sure you are in a group and you have a responsible tourguide with you.

Aug 24, 2002

Camel ride hustlers

beware of people near the pyramids selling camel rides for expensive prices. do not let a cab driver arrange a camel ride for you.

Unique Suggestions bargain the price down 50% at least. NEVER forget to bring water with you, its is extremely hot in teh sun, summertime approaches 40+ degree celcius.

Dec 21, 2005

Don't Pose in Front of Camels for a Picture

don't ever pose in front of camels around the giza necropolis area as eventhough you are not riding them and you are just in front of them and taking pictures, the camel herders wil pester you, rather aggressively to pay them for the picture! they will ask 40 LE (about 5 US Dollars) as payment, even though they are not the ones who took the shot and even if the camels are sitting far from them. If you are with a large group and a burly tour guides, then they would back off but if you are just a pair travelling, then they would pester you.

Unique Suggestions take pictures of the camels far away using your zoom camera and a little bit of photo magic to make it appear that you are near the camel, this way you would not get any annoying people asking for money.

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Oct 24, 2013

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