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Addis Ababa Things to Do

  • Museum

    The National Museum of Ethiopia is a rather small, three story building that houses a wide variety of artifacts from some of the earliest pre-human bones right through to some very recent art pieces by important Ethiopian artists. At the time of writing, the most famous inhabitant "Lucy". a pre-human homind is not on display there, but casts of...

  • Mercato

    The Mercato (from the Italian for "market"), is huge covering several square kilometers (and square miles) of space near downtown Addis Ababa. It is crowded and total mayhem and not nearly as picturesque as the Souks in North Africa. It is the largest outdoor market in Africa. There is a bit of organization here as vendors of similar goods tend to...

  • Holy Trinity Church

    4 out of 5 stars

    The centrally located Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa is the most important Orthodox church in the city and is located near the parliament buildings. For the photographers visiting, this is a great place for street photography / people shots. Emperor Hailie Selassie I's tomb is located inside the building.


Addis Ababa Hotels

Addis Ababa Restaurants

  • Sudanese Restaurant

    This place serves very large main courses are very large and i am usualy not that hungry and wouldn´t mind to loose a bit of waight, so i only ordered sandwiches or Ful. The wifi was most of the time working but not very fast, but thats the usual in Addis Abeba, Located in Cape Verde Street Best for me was the Kofta Sandwich.

  • Mili Firfir

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Hey people, this is a place for people who enjoy going local places. I am always annoyed by the fact, that the guides in Asia will try to direct you to really small businesses and in case of Ethiopia to the tourist destiantions... Nonetheless you should be prewarned - this place is great, but local. Enjoy it!

  • Free wifi

    This place serves very large main courses are very large and i am usualy not that hungry and wouldn´t mind to loose a bit of waight, so i only ordered sandwiches or Ful. The wifi was most of the time working but not very fast, but thats the usual in Addis Abeba,Located in Cape Verde Street Best for me was the Kofta Sandwich.


Addis Ababa Nightlife

  • Perfect for fun and good crowd

    The Addis party bus was a great experience and can definitely be recommended. It is a great way to meet people and enjoy the nightlife of Addis. The hosts were nice enough to pick us up at our hotel and together with the rest of the guest we visited several nightclubs and were served drinks on the bus in between. Perfect event even if you already...


    If you would like to go for a nice cold beer and a panoramic view of Addis – this is the place. The bar staff are quick and friendly and they have a good bar/hot snack menu. The Balcony is sometimes used for wedding receptions, but you can still go out for some pictures and a look. They also have CNN on the TV in the bar just inside. Despite all...

  • Club Illusion - Total Washout!

    This place should be renamed "Club Delusion", or "delusione", it was a total disappointment. I picked out from "reviews" online that said the place was heaving on a weekend. We arrived quite early at 11pm on a Saturday night (first Saturday of the month, when people normally should have more cash), paid the 50birr entrance each, and found the place...


Addis Ababa Transportation

  • Bole airport

    At least 3 flights departing about same time from domestic terminal,and we have to walk from terminal to aircraft for boarding.My aircraft was a small aircraft Dash 8 .It’s not free seating system, if we check in the first ,we may ask for our preference seat but I didn’t ask for anything cuz it’s such a small aircraft so it’s about the same for me...

  • Bole International airport

    Here are some pictures of Addis Ababa Bole airport.The first pic is the interior of International terminal at 4 am.The hall looked so empty ,almost no flight departure,only my flight arriving from Cairo at 3.50 am. We had to apply for visa first then pass the immigration later.The visa couter is on left hand side if you facing the immigration...

  • tour guide

    to visit diferent parts of the country would recommend a professional guide to take you aroundmy guide Tilahun was absoltu good, reliable and good friend


Addis Ababa Shopping

  • A good place to buy some high grade...

    While you can buy coffee in many places in the city / country, the To.Mo.Ca. Coffee Pvt. Co. Ltd on Wavel St in Addis Ababa blends and roasts only high grade Harar coffee, the best that the country produces.Their coffee bar / shop is almost across the street from the Canadian Embassy, In Addis Ababa. Coffee Around $8 / lb


    The Africans Bookshop looks a bit rundown but is an old favourite with backpackers. They sell second hand books and their selection depends a lot on what people have brought in. They are open Monday-Saturday 9am-1pm & 2:30-7pm.Located just north of the Piazza and across the street from the British Council

  • Shopping clothes in Addis Ababa

    I you like to buy some clothes, go to a market in Shero Meda, near the US embassy. It is a cheap and good shopping area.Traditional Ethiopian clothes for women can be easily be used for an American or European woman. The dresses are really nice.


Addis Ababa Local Customs


    "'Lucy," is the oldest hominid that has ever been found and your relative most likely. Lucy was found by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray on November 24, 1974, at Hadar. She has been dated as living 3.5 million years ago. Her name comes from Archaeologists who named her after the Beatles song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Unfortunately, the real...


    Ethiopians are very observant of hygiene, especially when eating. The national dish is Injera with different dishes being placed up on it. All Injera is eaten with the right hand and food is traditionally shared. So it makes a lot of sense that you will always be offered for your hands to be washed by your hosts before you eat. Whether it is in a...


    In a country with so many poor people and not enough jobs, you will come across men and often young boys who offer to shine your shoes. The young man in the first picture actually came and knocked on the door of my apartment. He was going door to door offering his services. He did a first class job on an old pair of shoes. I gave him 10 Birr (about...


Addis Ababa Warnings and Dangers

  • LRT Construction

    The whole downtown of Addis Ababa is a real mess right now because of the LRT (Light Rail Transport) construction. A combination of tunneling and other infrastructure construction means that roads are closed and no real viable alternatives exist, resulting in gridlock.This information is accurate at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014.


    Unfortunately men (and boys) have a very cavalier attitude towards public urination. The first couple of times I watched this somewhat alarming behaviour I thought it was only truly homeless men in Addis Ababa who did this. It’s not. A lot of men do it and they definitely do this in the countryside. They just turn their back on even the busiest...

  • Mercato Warnings

    Yes, Addis is generally a pretty safe place. But, in the market, a guy grabbed one harm(quite hard) and tugged it toward him, all the while saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." While distracted, another guy on the opposite side reached into my shirt pocket and got my 40 bihr.It's a harmless well-known attack but my arm was pretty sore after that. I was...


Addis Ababa Tourist Traps

  • Addis Ababa zoo

    The zoo is not nice. It is sad to see the lions are kept inside cages and being disturbed by people all the time. The security is also very bad. You can touch the lion with your hand between the iron pipes on the fence. And if you lean into the fence the lions grab you.Please note that you have to pay for taking your own camera into the zoo. I...


    Despite having a burgeoning Tourist Market and having a capital city with 3+ million people and a huge international airport, you will be unable to find Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet 7-Up or any diet soda drinks. Why? I have no idea. I have been to Ethiopia twice now and have NEVER found diet drinks in any bar, restaurant, supermarket or corner...

  • Tourist traps overcharging

    You will probably get overcharged sooner or later. You are a foreigner, and many people will use it to their advantage. Ask if the price you get is a "faranji- or habesha price" (foreigner- og Ethiopian price). Always bargain the price.


Addis Ababa What to Pack

  • a good book (not the Good Book)

    I bought Bradt's Travel Guide to Ethiopia, and it was a great buy. £16.99 in the UK for the 5th edition.Lots of good ideas and tips in advance of travel, and useful on arrival too. It's chunky at 614 pages, so it eats up a bit of your baggage allowance, but you could always put it in hand luggage or stuff it down the front of your trousers.


    Single use batteries are expensive anywhere and here they have a 100% import tax. I have never seen rechargeable batteries on sale here. Bring your own, your charger and an adapter for European 2 pins style plugs if you will be using a digital camera. Also, always keep some spares fully charged as there are power outages here.


    Whatever you call them, you need one. Addis is growing at a fantastic pace and sometimes the lights go out. It might be that a workman has cut something or, as the locals say, 'the Government sometimes takes it’. I would highly recommend one of the wind-up flashlight that needs no batteries. Quality batteries can be hard to find and you don’t...


Addis Ababa Off The Beaten Path

  • A big bird

    A big bird was sitting in top of a lamp post outside my hotel window. Is it a vulture? I don't know, but it looks like it.

  • Horse riding

    If you want to take the kids horseback riding or just spend a sunday out of the city, then Menagesha stables is a place to go. They have beautiful horses with really excellent equipment. You can even book the weekend. If you just want to stay a few hours there is a place where you can purchase drinks but bring snacks for the kids.


    CHATS, leaves that you put in your mouth and chew, you can chew with peanut and have a coke or beer, it is so popular in Ethiopia. It is said that it makes you awake or high. I went into a small house (it was like a room or a store), chewing and gossiping with the locals for over 4 hours. It costed 75 Bir.


Addis Ababa Sports & Outdoors


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Addis Ababa General

  • Coffee ceremony

    Coffee ceremony in Addis Ababa, it includes roasting of coffee beans and grinding them by hand. It is said that Ethiopia is the 'birthplace of coffee' and we owe our knowledge of this wonderful drink to the Ethiopians (who, however, apparently first started to eat the red cherries instead of turning it into a drink). It then spread throughout the...

  • Unravel the extraordinary beauty of...

    One is frequently faced with the daunting question of where to begin exploring the majestic continent of Africa. yes, we have all heard about the exquisite and overwhelmingly beautiful culture that each country of this beautiful continent has in store along with opportunities of indulging in the perfect African adventure with the exotic safaris,...


    I met Haile Gebrselassie! He is one of the greatest long distance runners in history, This amazing man has set 27 World Records! At the age of 35 he managed to record the fastest Marathon in the Berlin Marathon - beating his own World Record of course. He has also won 2 Olympic Gold Medals (different games) and 4 World Championships. He is also a...


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