Ghana What to Pack

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Ghana What to Pack


    Boarding the plane in Lisbon, I had to show this to board! Please plan ahead! The vaccination lasts 10 years and is cheaper and easier than death. Please get vaccinated at least 10 days prior to travel.

  • Odds and ends

    T-shirts rather than tank tops: the equatorial sun is fierce...Also I found T-shirts better than Indian kurtas, which are more suited to a dry climate (I may try them again in Mali if I get there next year).Avoid shorts or short skirts as they are not worn by local people - go for light trousers and skirts. Malaria pills (prophylaxis) are...

  • Sunscreen

    Ghana is very hot so dress to the weather Well let me be the first to welcome u to my motherland be forwarned ghanaians we are good but not all of us are so if u come get someone u know who lives or have been to ghana before to help u and be careful of the boys cus before relies you will have give all ur life saving to a boy so please be careful...

  • Pack light

    I would say one carry on size backpack/rucksack. It will get you thru customs quick on both ends and they will fit on your lap or under a seat on a bus if you pack them right. I hate having to lug around suit cases..take only what you need and nothing you cannot afford to loose. I will throw in a zip lock bag for documents so they don't get wet and...

  • obvious things but also . . .

    a long sleeved top and/or thin jumper because occasionally it does get less hot. closed toed shoes, fire ants aren't fun. mosquito repellent, sun screen, etc plenty of pain killers just in case as the ones you find over there aren't as good. I found shampoo hard to find outside of cities.unless you'll be completely in the middle of nowhere don't...

  • Mossie repellent

    Very small bags to carry your items around with you. But do put hotel type shampoo and conditioner the local Rastas really appreciate it Summer clothes and light shoes but long tops and trousers for evening Any medical and toiletries you can think of I didn't see any local shops which would sell these at all Everything you need

  • Books for the road

    If you come to Ghana, as I did, thinking it will be easy to find books by Ghanaian and other African authors, think again. I only found a few in Legon University Bookstore (which is worth visiting) and in the Black Star bookshop in Cape Coast. So pack a couple of novels for the road. But if you're in Cape Coast, do drop in at the Black Star. It...

  • Clean sheets

    In a lot of hotels/guesthouses in Ghana it is not normal to supply the guests with sheets in the rooms. And because the average Ghanaian room has mattrasses and pillows that don't look too clean and can be pretty smelly too, it is very wise to take a set with you. A sheet for around the mattrass and the pillow should be enough; you won't need...

  • Bradt Guide

    An essential thing to bring with you when you are planning to travel through Ghana, is the Bradt Guide on Ghana. There is no guide like this one about this country. Lonely Planet only has a guide about the whole of West Africa, with very limited information about Ghana. The Bradt has all the necessary information about connections of transport,...

  • Mosquito Repellent

    If you're like me and from America, forget the 25% mosquito repellent. African mosquitos are ridiculous. 25% is NOTHING to them. Either wait til you get to Ghana and get their mosquito repellent, or go on ebay and get 50% deet repellent. A good one is Repel 55 or 50.

  • General tips from a health care provider

    Make sure you bring luggage and/or bags that you wouldn't mind getting dirty. Ghana is a very dusty country..forget about bringing your nice purses & bags!!! I only stayed in Ghana for 1 month from Sept - Oct 05. In my opinion, you only need 2 long sleeve shirts (for the cold nights & STC buses), rain jacket (rainy season/light jacket), 8 shirts...

  • mosquito repellant

    towel,sponge,soap.tooth paste etc. t-shirts,shirts,sandals,jeans,trousers and shorts.shoe and canvas mosquito repellant,soap,sponge,towel,shaving cream,drugs for malaria. camera and video shooter beach wear,boots.

  • Changing Money

    No need for a tent, though a light sleep sack for hostels where there are no sheets or you wouldn't trust the sheets is a must. No one told me before I went, but bring US Dollars cash to change, and bring only $100 bills. If you have twenties, it will be tough to change them outside a bank, and if you do, you'll get a bad exchange rate. Also,...

  • Some of the basics for Ghana....

    Durable luggage, particularly something that cleans easily: it's VERY dusty in Ghana! Wheels are good, but not everywhere in Ghana has paving, so expect to carry your luggage a lot.Take an empty bag: you'll want to take souvenirs home! If you forget, you could easily buy one of the chequered (laundry-type) bags. One light sweater or at long...

  • Packing List

    Weather is very hot, so clothes for hot season. Don't forget long sleeves shirts and long trousers in cream colour for evenings: protection against mosquito bites MALARIA: some malaria of the North of Ghana resist now to the usual medecine.Anyway, if you are travelling less than three months, take the usual paludrine and nivaquine.You can also...

  • Anti-Malaria?!?!?!?!?!?

    There is a growing risk that people who travel to tropical and sub-tropical regions may contract malaria. At the same time, malaria prevention and treatment is becoming increasingly complicated by developing resistance. LARIAM is a widely used prescription medication that is highly effective at preventing and treating malaria. Since 1985 more...

  • Bring the wildlife closer.

    You?ll need binoculars when you?re walking in the bush and you can?t stalk the wildlife.Or when it?s too dangerous or too high to encounter, you?ll also need them.

  • Medicines and nice clothes

    Try not to look like a complete backpacker: Ghanaians generally dress extremely well on limited resources, so a few collared shirts (get them made locally: light and comfortable) for men, and light cotton skirts or pants for women make a very good impression. I heard many Ghanaians commenting negatively on backpackers wearing frayed cut-off...

  • Packing List

    25' rolling backpack with zip-off day-pack was more than enough. Long skirts for women in the rural areas. I wore trousers in the cities. It's hot and humid all year 'round, so bring clothes that dry quickly and can be washed in your sink. Good walking shoes. An umbrella is useful from May-July, the rainy season. If you haven't learned it yet -...

  • Packing List

    BLACK STONEthe black stone is a kind of magic stone that White Belgian Father found in Congo. This stone is particular. When you are bitten by a snake or any other venenous animal, you cut the skin, let the blood come and put the stone on the wound. The stone will take all the venin and when there is no more venin in the body, it will fall. Then,...

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  • Dec 26, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    Hi everyone!! I was wondering if someone could tell me if it's better to bring 1 or 2 suitcases and what type, if I will be staying in Ghana for 6 months. Most of the time I will be in a house and if I travel I will only go with a backpack.

Ghana What to Pack

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