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Mombasa Island Things to Do

  • Fort Jesus

    A visit to the -16th century; Fort Jesus in the Old Town is a "must",located on the edge of a coral ridge overlooking the entrance to the Old Port of Mombasa, was built by the Portuguese in 1593 to protect their trade route to India and their interests in East Africa.

  • bamburi nature park

    If you don't want to spend a whole day or more on safari, you can visit the bamburi nature park.Very nice green surrounding, good guides and lot of animals (most in captivity)It is nice and relaxing.see crocodiles, hippos, girafs beeing fed.giant turtles,monkeys, leguanos, deer in the wild.

  • Mombasa Island Hotels

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Mombasa Island Restaurants

  • tomtje's Profile Photo

    restaurant in travellers hotel: indian food

    by tomtje Written May 29, 2003

    Very popular are indian restaurants in Kenya.
    Whatr i've heard is that the indian restaurant in travellers hotel is the most famous and popular one in mombasa.
    I didn't eat there, so me I don't know.
    The rest of food in mombasa isn't that great, you don't have very much fancy restaurants, atthe coast it is allmost all tourist food.
    If you have a good stomach try something in a village (be sure to have some tablets with you when you have an upset stomach).
    You are in Africa, so you have to try the african food. (pizza's you can eat at home)

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Mombasa Island Nightlife

  • open air disco

    this is a great disco !!!!!it is a VERY BIG open air dico, filled with locals and tourists.the music is mixture op popmusic and r 'n b and hip hop and ....prices are a little more expensive than other places along the coast but it is worth is closed at 5 am but then you can go to the tembo garden where the party keeps going 24 hours a day.If...


    If you like beer, you don't have to worry in mombasa, because the have tusker. it is the national beer and tastes great. In bars, clubs,... they will charge you about everywhere 100 shilling wich is about. 1, 40 euro for a 50 cl. bottle.Imported drinkes like whisky, gin are expensive but the local brand (also good)are very cheap.cheers!!!!!

  • nightlife specialist

    Nightlife is great , everybody likes dancing and is really friendly.Men , be aware that u will be approached by dozens of girls.If you are interested , buy them a drink , otherways say just no (on a polite way).I say do what you want, but treat everybody with respect. that is what i like about mombasa.bora bora has also a nice cabaret show (no...


Mombasa Island Transportation

  • tomtje's Profile Photo


    by tomtje Written May 22, 2003

    If u are tired to walk , you can always take matatus. these are colorful minibusses.
    always packed with locals (and a few tourists)
    even with loud music inside and at night with blacklights.
    normal price : 10 shilling, but as a you are tourist sometimes you pay 20 shilling, wich is still nothing. just pay the man and enjoy the adventurous ride, i found it real fun.
    At night taxi are also good, haggle about the price go/back. and he will wait for you the whole night.

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Mombasa Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Crime & Prostitution

    Generally Mombasa is one of the safest towns in Kenya, thats because of the tourist industry, but still every week someone is killed by muggers. The Kenyan authorities are not doing enough to reslove the problem. Majority of the incidents happen to rich local businessmen rather than tourists.Saying that a couple of years ago raiders raided a hotel...

  • drugs

    Do not use drugs (GANJA). They will ask you to join them but don't.You never know if it is a policemen off duty who is trying to frame you for bribe money.Also you really don't want to go to a kenyan prison...

  • telephone calls

    Never use a telephone in a hotel, normally in a hotel it is always a bit more expensive but in mombasa it is crazy how much they charge in tha hotels.Best thing is to go to a local village, and go to a "phone central" (don't expect a big building, it is just one room with a person on a table)They are really helpfull and sooo cheap.(be aware to most...


Mombasa Island Tourist Traps

  • Wood Carvings@the beach

    by bobby13 Written Jun 2, 2004

    You've just arrived at your hotel and checked in, you are suffering from jet lag but the white beach and turquoise water looks so inviting.

    You step out on to the beach only to be overwhelmed by beach traders, trying to sell you wood carvings.

    I decided to buy 20 key rings from one of the traders, I paid him half the money in advance and guess what I never so him again. I lost ý10 which was peanuts but no one ever hassled me again because I simply asked them to **** off frankly!

    Unique Suggestions: I strongly suggest you buy from markets and other shops in town, the quality of work and variety is much better.

    When you do buy from a shop ask them to pack it infront of you to avoid disappointment!

    Always take a local resident with you, a tourist guide or a friend you've made at the hotel, that way you never get ripped off!

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Mombasa Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Watch the ships come in

    Light House is the unoffical name for Mama Nagina Road, this is where al the locals gather on Sundays after 4pm till late, theres loads to do especially walking the cliff you can get a nice spot to sit on the edge of the cliff with a 'madafu' coconut in your hand to drink, I mixed Vodka in mine!I strongly recommend you visit light house during the...

  • pictures

    always ask before taking pictures, to avoid problems.children always like to pose for pics.They play first a little by running away, but atd the proudly pose for your picture.

  • local villages

    If you are in a bar or restaurant, and the waiter starts talking to you. ask him some questions about life there in general. there is a good chance he will invite you to visit his village. I did it and it was great. He showed us his " room" local shops, church, met people of the village,...Nobody was begging or hassling us. They all smiled and...


Mombasa Island General

  • tomtje's Profile Photo

    enjoy the views

    by tomtje Written May 23, 2003

    Fondest memory: the best thing about mombasa are just the people. i have never seen such friendliness. I also went to senegal and there it is just the other way around : begging, constantly bothering you for money,...... In mombasa none of that, even people that you are just passing by say KARIBU(welcome) to you.

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