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Elephants Orphanage Tour From Nairobi
"The Elephant Orphanage is the only one found within the city of Nairobi. Depending on your hotel location it can take 30 minutes to an hour to drive to the orphanage. The feeding time is between 11am and 12pm so you'll be picked up at 10am to arrive in time.As you watch the elephants feed and play learn the stories about each creature from your guide and hear how the orphanage staff interacts with them. Your tour will conclude with drop-off back at your hotel."""Visit the only Elephant Orphanage within the city of Nairobi. Enjoy the morning meeting some of the largest mammals on earth and learn about their lives and how they survive in the wild. The visit takes place during feeding time.title=Highlights&1=Close+encounter+with+wildlife&2=Family+friendly&3=Get+up-close+to+native+wildlife&4=Ideal+choice+for+families&5=Popular+choice+with+kids""
From $62.00
Half-Day Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Elephant Orphanage Tour from Nairobi
"Depart to Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage situated on the outskirts of Nairobi (approximately 45 minutes drive).The Sanctuary is run by Daphne Sheldrick and is set in the grounds of her house. Here you will see the orphaned animals and meet the people who handle and care for these animals. It’s an interesting excursion and the team who run the orphanage are always willing to spend time answering any questions guests have to ask. Upon completion return to hotel or city centre by approx 12.45 hrs (lunch is not included). Visiting times are limited to approximately one hour and are between 11:00hrs and 12:00 hrs daily.""""For over 25 years Kenya-born Daphne Sheldrick lived and worked alongside her husband David during which time they raised and successfully rehabilitated many wild species. Daphne Sheldrick’s involvement with wildlife has spanned a lifetime and she is now a recognised International authority on the rearing of wild creatures and is the first person to have perfected the milk formula and necessary husbandry for infant milk-dependent Elephants and Rhinos. Since the death of her husband
From $70.00
Day Tour from Nairobi: David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center
"Start your tour with pick up at any hotel/ home within Nairobi.The first stop is the David Sheldricks its strictly open between 11 am and 12 noon for only 1 hour. Here you will be able to mingle with rescued baby and teenage elephants and learn t how they got their names and what plans are there to release themYou will then be driven to the Giraffe centre where you will learn more about the conversation efforts to conserve an endangered species and also get to feed them and take selfies w we are happy to drive you to The Karen Blixen Museum. A famous white settler story depicted in the famous movie Out of Africa. You’ll learn the story of this amazing woman and how she changed the lives of the local people.""""Spend the day visiting the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned Trust and the Giraffe Center home to the Rothschild giraffe.we will also be able to take you to the kazuri beads womens factory and the Karen Blixen Museum"
From $80.00

David Sheldrick Animal Trust - Elephant Orphanage Tips (15)

David Sheldrick Animal Trust

See young orphaned animals being reared in as close to their natural environment as possible. For more detail, see my photos on my travelogue... however... just for some quick insight, you can get up close and personal and touch a baby elephant and see them suckle a bottle, roll in the mud and over each other. A great organisation, protecting wildlife especially those short in number. They have rare creatures as well. When I was there there was a baby black rhino. A rare sight to see. Definately worth a look.

Open for 1 hr. Daily from 11:00 am only.

Zanzibargirl's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2004

Elephant orphanage

It was nice to see the baby elephants with their keepers at feeding time.That´s the only moment visitors are allowed to visit the orphanage.

You can get a lot of information about the Davids Sheldrike Wildlife Trust. There are newsletters and booklets for sale. It´s also possible to adopt an elephant orphan. So we adopted Tomboi, rescued in the Samburu National Park. Back home we get regularly newsletters by e-mail. Meanwhile Tomboi is allready moved to the Tsavo NP to go back into the wild wthin some time.

sachara's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2004

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, elephant orphanage

At the south side of the National Park you can visit the elephant orphanage around midday. There were also a lot of schoolchildren around. Just at the moment we arrived the little baby elephants came out of the bushes for their feeding and mudbathing. There was also a baby rhino around.

The baby elephant orphans were rescued in different parks all over the country. When they are old enough they go back to the wild in the Tsavo Park.

sachara's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2004

Baby ,orphaned elephants at Sheldrick's sanctuary.

Visited the sanctuary set up by David Sheldrick,who rescued orphaned,baby elephants.Wonderful experience to watch their keepers feeding them,whilst sheltering them from the sweltering sun with umbrellas!
We spotted the baboons,in the nearby shrubbery,waiting for the mealtime to be over,so they could pinch what was left over!
The tiniest baby elephant walked over to me and snuzzled against my leg!He stood about 2 feet high and still had difficulty contolling his trunk,he was so young! An image to remember!

diosh's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2004
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Hotels Near David Sheldrick Animal Trust - Elephant Orphanage

Cnr Kenya And Kilimanjaro Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya
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Kibera Road, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya
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Valley Road & Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi, Kenya
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2nd Ngong Avenue, Upper Hill, PO Box 40842, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya
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Bishop Road, P.O. Box 40842, Nairobi, Kenya
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Milimani Road, Opp. CID Headquarters, P. O. Box 41848, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya
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The Elephant Orphanage

Daphne Sheldrick runs this shelter for orphaned elephants, which can be only be visited for an hour every day between 11am and noon. During this hour the baby elephants are brought out to play and to feed, and visitors can watch them from behind a rope. Wardens are on hand to explain the work of the orphanage and to answer any questions.

To be sure they are open and to ask for directions it is advisable to ring before making your way to the orphanage.

Krumel's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2004

Not alot

Theres not alot to do in Nairobi but 2 afternoons out can include :
The elephant orphanage - $10 to see orphaned elephants getting friendly.
The giraffe Santuary - $10 - i never went(was hungover), but is meant to be really good, getting real close to giraffe.

littlebush's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2003

Elephant orphanage

A rescue and rehabilitation program is run by the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust. It is open for 1 hour every day between 11 and 12. Entry is by donation - $3-5 US is the recomended entry. The feeding of the baby elephants was the highlight of my Nairobi visit.

Josilver's Profile Photo
Oct 28, 2009


If you only have time to do one thing in Nairobi....DO THIS!

The most important thing in the world to a baby elephant is its mother and its extended family. In infancy, the family lost to the orphaned elephants must be replaced by a human equivalent. Human Elephant Keepers replace the lost family and are with the babies 24 hours a day, travelling with them as a group during the day, and sleeping alongside them within their night stable at night, in physical contact at all times.

TO DO THIS IS VERY EXPENSIVE! Every dollar raised from the sponsorship program goes toward the running of this centre.

As Daphnie Sheldrick asks….

"Please help us help an orphaned elephant by fostering one of the orphans directly through our website as a gift of life"

What I say is, go and experience all that this centre has to offer and sponsor an elephant for US$50.

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May 11, 2008
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"Nairobi is friendly town"
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"Make this your gateway to East Africa!"
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"Cool Water...pretty cool city."
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have you touched a baby Ellephant,!

Elephant orphanage is the place to be if you have not touched an Elle in your life, the little orphaned babies are so cute and very playful. When we visited there the last two days ago,there was a tiny babie that had just been rescued and kept on following the keeper, it was so nice to see if fed some milk and play with the keepers foot.
Its opening hours from 11.00am to 12.00pm, the fosters can visit late in the evening from 5.00pm to 6.00pm when the Ellies are preparing to go in their houses for a night.
Wow lovely.

catembua's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2014

Only 1 hour for visiting

When I was there in May 2014, the visiting hour was only 11-12 noon. Thank God we decided (without prior knowledge) to see the elephants before the Giraffe Centre. The hour long introduction to the elephants and explanation of the mission of the orphanage was interesting and informative. The elephants were adorable! A must for all families with children on the trip.

There were no sign posting to this attraction along the road and our cab driver who is quite young had to stop to ask several people. 1 person pointed him in the wrong direction and he had the instincts to triple check the info.

There was traffic congestion on the way to the orphanage and it took us twice the time to go than to come back. I would recommend seeing this place, the Giraffe Centre and the Safari Walk on a Sunday if possible to save unnecessary travel time.

Our cabbie has been really helpful and we would gladly recommend him for such trips. His contacts are as follows :
+254 710709023

vanessamumbai's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2014

Elephant Orphanage

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you go in the morning at around 10am, you get to feed the calf elephants.

Donations help the program, have a look at the website.

I didn't visit here due to lack of time, but was a very popular trip for those staying at my hotel.

boltonian's Profile Photo
Aug 10, 2010

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Conservation

A well worth trip is to the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust. If you are on Safari then you will see plenty of the wild herds of elephants later, but this will give you an insight into the problems these wonderful animals have to put up with. The orphans you see have all been victims of some catastrophy and the dedication of the staff in rehabilitating these creatures is amazing. The talks and explanations given by the staff are informative and its entertaining to see the antics of these troublesome fellows. But the real thing is that by visiting you will be contributing to a very good cause.

chrissyms's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2010

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Getting to David Sheldrick Animal Trust - Elephant Orphanage


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