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  • Baby lions in Samburu Game Reserve
    Baby lions in Samburu Game Reserve
    by JerseyMolly
  • Who are you looking at mate ????
    Who are you looking at mate ????
    by pfsmalo
  • Samburu Game Reserve
    by pfsmalo

Samburu Game Reserve Things to Do

  • The Equator and Mount Kenya.

    On the way between Samburu and Nakuru, there are a couple of places for a stop to have a look at the 5199 metres high Mount Kenya from a distance. All around Mount Kenya you also have coffee stops and souvenir shops planted just on the Equator, easily found because of the signs. You have to put up with the hustlers wanting to show you how the water...

  • Watch another wasted hunt.

    We were following a track through the savanna when the driver slowed and motioned off to our right. Once again it took a lot of spotting but there in the long grass was a lioness watching a small herd of Oryx. The only thing was, the Oryx were wise to her moves and every time she tried a manoeuvre they turned the other way. Being on her own didn't...

  • Pride of lions near the river.

    We had just stopped to look at the Vervet monkeys and let the elephant past so he could cross the river, when our chauffeur/guide whispered "Look up to the left on the far bank, do you see the lioness ?". After much staring through leneses we finally spotted the first one, but after waiting 30 mins and moving along the bank a few yards, what was...

  • Down by the Awaso Ngiro river.

    The river that runs through the park is, of course the place where you'll find all sorts of animals congregating, apparently without concern. There are a few crocs lazing about, so don't go partaking of the freshness of the water.

  • Samburu's elephants.

    The elephants here seem to have a different colour than those in Amboseli due to the earth here being more of a reddish brown against the grey ash colour of Amboseli. But, whatever colour they are the most magnificent of animals.

  • Go see the animals, what else II ??

    The strange Gerenuk, has the body of an antelope and the neck of a small giraffe, that allows it to reach up to the top of tall bushes for food where other species cannot reach, for the succulent leaves. Its large eyes and ears has the same look as the "Mule Deer". The animal doesn't need to drink either as it gets its water from these same leaves...

  • Go see the animals, what else ??

    We had seen the tiny Dik-Dik in Amboseli, but they are terribly nervous animals and move away at the slightest noise that they don't like. Normally always in pairs we found this little fellow on its own, but surprisingly not making his usual dik-dik sound. Only standing at 30 cms they are the smallest of all antelopes.Photo 2. A female waterbuck...

  • More Safari Game Drives in Samburu!

    Samburu has it ALL! Well, they don't have Rhinos or Hippos. They have Cape Buffalo, Tons of Elephants,Impalla, Giraffes, Grevy Zebras, Vervet Monkeys, Baboons, Cheetahs, Leopards, and every night at the lodge, they feed enormous Nile Crocs!.

  • Kenya Safari 2005

    Games drives, taking pictures, hair blowing in the African breeze, glass of wine at sunset, wake up call with a knock on the door, big breakfasts, dust on your skin, never wanting to leave...

  • Lions in action

    After we spotted the lions at the plains, they moved towards the riverine forest. They crossed the track just in front of our truck. It was amazing, so see them that close !We had to turn our truck and tried to overtake them again. I think they did their hunting in the meantime, because when we saw them again, they were having their breakfast...

  • A lion early in the morning

    At our last gamedrive early in the morning we were very lucky to see four female lions. We saw them at the edge of the plains and the riverine forest. The highlight of the day !To see lions is always very impressive for me. The first time I visited Nationals Parks in Africa, it took four weeks before I saw lions at the very last day. So this time...

  • A buffalo at the riverside

    During my former visits to National Parks in Africa it was not very common to see buffalos. So we made some efforts with our truck to find a track to approach this buffalo at the riverside. It was our last game-drive in the Samburu National Reserve before we left for Maralal.Because of the differences in height we couldn't approach any further, but...

  • In the plains there was not much game.

    In the plains of the Samburu National Reserve we didn't see many animals. The first two hours in the park on our way from the entrance to the Samburu lodge we saw some zebras, reticulated giraffes and gerenuk antilopes.Just before arriving at the lodge in the riverine woodlands we discovered a lot of elephants. A pity we didn't see cheetahs and...

  • An attack or not ?

    Since the first time I was surrounded by a huge herd of elephants in the Hwange NP in Zimbabwe, I'm completely fascinated by elephants. So we were very happy to see so many elephants in the Samburu National Reserve. I realized I sometimes almost forget to breathe.The more breathtaking is it, when two elephants start a fight, like I saw near Savuti...

  • A lot of baby elephants

    During our visit in March 2004 we saw a lot of baby elephants, protected by their mum or aunts. It's allready breathtaking to see so many elephants, but looking at the many little elephants makes it even more special. What we didn't know at the moment of our visit, that we should adopt an baby elephant at the orphanage of Nairobi two weeks later....

  • Many elephants

    Samburu National Reserve is visited by large herds of Elephants, drawn by the promise of water. At some places the verdant riverine forest along the banks of the river is even threatened to be destroyed by the elephants. In the dry season, the elephants use their tusks to dig deep into the dry river beds, unearthing precious water. These waterholes...

  • Game drive In Samburu National Game...

    During our stay in the Samburu Game Reserve we made three gamedrives early in the morning and late in the afternoon. In this arid area in the north of Kenya, water means life. So the waters of the Ewaso Nyiro river draw wildlife in great numbers to its banks. Samburu National Reserve is visited by large herds of elephants. The Samburu region is the...

  • Archers Post

    Archer Post is the village at the eastern side of the Samburu National Reserve. Not far west from this village we had our first camp on the northbank of the Ewaso Nyiro River.We arrived late after a long route, coming from Marsabit in the north. We were tired and dirty after a long day and at arrival it was allready dark. So we had the feeling to...

  • Samburu & Buffalo Springs National Game...

    The Samburu and Buffalo Game Reserves are along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and cover an area of about 300 sq. KM. The river provides the central feature of the landscape. The surrounding area is essentially a lava plain that features steep sided gullies and rounded hills. The vegetation comprises predominantly acacia woodland with bush,...

  • Ewaso Nyiro River

    The Ewaso Nyiro River is not only the central feature of the landscape in the Samburu National Reserve, but also the lifeblood of the ecosystem.Because of the dryness in this area the river attracts a lot of animals in search of water. Along the river you find riverine woodland with acacia and doum palm. The huge elephant herds are responsible for...

  • Samburu people

    Do make a visit to the Samburu people, who live on the edges of the game reserve.Yes, you have to pay, but it's worth it. I was so moved when the women sang me a welcome song. They also explain about the social hyrarchie, show you their house, visit the spear maker, ...At the end of your visit, all the women show their goods on the 'market'.


Samburu Game Reserve Transportation

  • Local transport

    On the road from Marsabit to Samburu National Reserve we hardly see any local transport. There must be some buses on this route. In one of the few small villages along the track we saw this open truck. In many countries in Africa people travel at the top of open trucks. In Nigeria and Chad we saw very heavily loaded trucks with dozens of...

  • Changing truckdrivers

    In the north of Kenya we travelled again with our own truck, hired in Arusha this time, after we had to leave our first truck in N'Djamena in Chad. Because of the problems in Darfur in Sudan, we couldn't travel overland ans had to fly from Chad to Ethiopia. In the south of Ethiopia this truck from Tamzania came to pick us up and to bring us to Dar...

  • Soldier for safety reasons

    From Moyale at the Ethiopian border to Marsabit and from Marsabit to the Samburu National Reserve all the vehicles mostly travel in convoy to minimise the danger of attacks. Travelling in convoy means you have to leave very early or wait for hours.In Marsabit we decided to hire our own safety guard. We had to pay him 1000 shilling for food, drinks...


Samburu Game Reserve Shopping

  • Samburu people market: Samburu people market

    by Maeve_81 Written Sep 18, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When visiting the Samburu people, the women will show all of their goods on their 'market'. There are at least 30 stalls, so choose wisely.

    What to buy: I bought myself a typical Samburu neckjewel, high quality and low price (but you do have to negotiate).

    What to pay: Try to pay 60 % of their first price.
    For my necklace I paid Ksh 35 000 and the first price was Ksh 70 000. A bargain! You'll find this kind of jewelry elsewhere, more expensive and off lower quality.

    Samburu woman - Kenya

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Samburu Game Reserve Local Customs

  • The Samburu Village

    For 20 US dollars, you can visit the village in the Samburu Game Reserve. As with the Masai, the Kenyan governement has told the Samburu that if they do not kill the wildlife for their religious purposes, food, ect...then the tourists will come. And the tourists will bring them lots and lots of money! And they are! But it is very well spent for the...

  • Samburu moran

    The Samburu people are herdsmen of camels and goats. You can see them often on the reserve boundaries bringing their animals to the river. These Samburu are closely related to the Maasai and are speaking the same language. Traditionally the Samburu live of the milk and blood of their cattle. Their nomadic and pastoral lifestyle, historically based...

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