Madagascar Off The Beaten Path

  • The habor, isoanierana Ivongo.
    The habor, isoanierana Ivongo.
    by gazellen
  • Hiking along the east coast.
    Hiking along the east coast.
    by gazellen
  • Entrance to Tsingy NP
    Entrance to Tsingy NP
    by Jmill42

Madagascar Off The Beaten Path

  • Sunrise in Isalo canyons

    Try the experience of watching sun rise while visiting/ sleeping in Isalo parks and canyons. By looking at my Tangorombohitr' Isalo page, discover how strange it should have been in this lunar landscape. Tangorombohitr' Isalo, or Isalo Massif, comprehends the Isalo National park.Know that:- from October to May, sun rises at 5.00 am and sets at 7.00...

  • The vanilla coast....something for your...

    "La cote de vanille", is really of the beaten path....This coast line, is wild and untamed. Many of the former pirates were living in this area, and you really fell like stepping back in time.The roads are in a very bad condition, and you must be prepared to be "beaten up". This is really the hardest road, that I have ever done in my life. You may...

  • Isora ivongo !

    This little village, is the spot from were you can take a boat to Ile st. marie, or the place to find some transportation if your are going further up the east coast. But you might not be lucky to get any transportation, as all the trucks are likely to be filled totally up. Then you have to go strait back to Toamasina, instead of spending days...

  • Anjajavy - Lemurs and Luxury with Tsingy

    Anjajavy is an area of outstanding beauty on a remote peninsula in northwest Madagascar with empty beaches and deserted coves and forest with ebonies and baobabs, mangroves. There are fishing villages, lemurs, rare birds, amazing reptiles, and unique tsingy limestone rock formations. The Anjajavy Hotel is the only place to stay here and is on a...

  • Countryside at June 26 nights

    On June 26, Independance day, people in countryside (esp. in Tana) still celebrate it the "old" way.After dinner, at 7-8 pm, families with kids go out with Chinese lanterns and make a procession through the village, call other families to join in, sing... If you are lucky, you would see musicians (or at least, those who play drums). End of June...

  • In Isalo canyon, a picture of La Fenêtre

    When you are in Isalo canyon, pay attention to what guides tell you and don't miss the picture of this La fenêtre (The Window)... Winds and rains combined their actions so as to give birth to such shapes.I missed the pic though I was amazed by the shape of the rock, like it was the case for La Reine. I hadn't read any book on my visit so i didn't...

  • Pirogue trip down the Tsiribhina river.

    We had landed in Antananarivo and stayed a few days. Our first goal was to organise a boat trip down the Tsiribhina River. So, to get to the area where we could organise the trip, we had hired a driver and a car to take us all the way to Miandrivazo. The car/driver was organised by the excellent hotel - Le Royal Palissandre in the capital. It was a...

  • As many human inhabitants as zébus

    On the usefulness of oxen: an essay :) One of unusual features of Madagascar is that it counts as many human inhabitants as zébus, those humped oxen.It is probably the only country in the world where beef-zébu meat is cheaper than pork meat...With lemurs, ravinala, oxen are emblems of the Island. Zébus are in dishes, in the streets of countrysides,...

  • The strange rock caves of Madagascar

    At the Ankarana, a Special Reserve of the Amber Mountains, two hours away by road from Diego-Suarez are the blocks of basaltic and calcareous rocks with caves knwon as grottoes. In the caves, stalactites and stalagmites glisten with the pale light of torches. Bats get hardly restless. They flutter their wings so that the grottoes have life.Visiting...

  • 4L, R12, Peugeot 304.. as Taxi or cab

    Though those brands are no longer released and that they were fashionable some 20-30 years ago, enjoy in Madagascar the ride of those oldies of your youth... Well, what I am talking about is appealing to the only French VTers and those who know those cars...And don't overlook the longlasting "Deuch"...Still, nowadays, there are other more recent...

  • In Isalo canyon, a picture of La Reine

    When you are in Isalo canyon, pay attention to what guides tell you and don't miss the picture of this haughty-woman-shaped rock... It is "La Reine" (The Queen). Winds and rains combined their actions so as to give birth to such shapes.I missed the pic though I was amazed by the shape of the rock. I saw it from the Route Nationale though.BTW, ANGAP...

  • Take the lobsters track

    Off the beaten path, a good way to travel when you don't have a 4wd and you are down south is to ask for some room in a lobsters collector car.Lobsters hunted in the north and west of Tolnaro (Fort-Dauphin) are picked up at fishermen's villages by "rabatteurs" and taken on these coastal tracks a few kilometers in the countryside. Collectors come...

  • To Manakara: Fianarantsoa-Côte Est train...

    The South-East primitive forest by train has been always mythical for me. The image one has of train services has been always bad. I enjoyed a railtrip to East, a kind of an inauguration ride. Afterwards, services went bad and we stuck to roadtrips.Now, for this FCE line, it is an old line from the 40s that was victim of cyclones in early 2000 BUT...

  • Manakara

    Now, what is to be seen in Manakara? Manakara is the capital city of Antemoro tribe, those who make Antemoro paper and derived products. You can buy them at the market, Bazary.Side note: Antemoro paper is made from crunched Havoha (of a mulberry tree family) barks. Motifs are made with flowers petals, that are laid on the paste obtained from...

  • Sensual and enchanting frangipani

    Be it in the gardens of Royal Palace of Antananarivo, in the streets of Toamasina city or in Toliara... you will be surprised by this enchanting smell of frangipani... Hmmm, those white and yellow-gold-hearted flowers. They may be pinkish or a bit ochre as well, like here on the picture. Frangipani flowers are one of Monoi oil components... Isn't...

  • Enjoy architecture and setting of a...

    Well, this tip is not to ad on a hotel for its hospitability and offers. This is rather a tip on architecture and the use of materials according to the building's environment ( a kind of built in/on rocks). I really fell for it!Not only it greatly differs from hotels' building in Madagascar but I kind of appeciated its real beauty made of stone...

  • Red sunset

    Watching sunset is not really exceptional but this one is really beautiful and I saw it many times in Madagascar, and not in Belgium. I saw it while returning from Foulpointe beach. Back from Foulpointe (Mahavelona in my Faritanin'i Toamasina pages), my friends and I had a warm evening, like if the sunset is just a sure sign of fun...A tip that...

  • Ranovola, burnt-rice water

    Ranovola is a typical beverage in Tana area (and surroundings). It is an amber-coloured hot beverage that you will drink while having lunch. It is obtained from boiling water in the kettle that had cooked rice. First, cooked rice is taken out from the kettle. Then let remaining rice burn a bit. Then, add water so as to have it boiled.The taste is...

  • Try Toakagasy

    A thing to do when you are in Fianarantsoa: try Toakagasy, a rotgut made from rice or sugarcane alcohol. Alongside wine production, Fianarantsoa is the region that produces Toakagasy... Off the record selling though. You would find it there...

  • Ramanafana, Ifaty

    these two places should be on everyones Itinery. Really good chance of seeing lemurs in ramanafana. Ifaty is on the coast and you can go into the forest and see these lovely boabab trees. some are really big

  • Perinet ReserveA fun walk...

    Perinet ReserveA fun walk through the rainforest not as thick as ramanafana. saw lots of amazing animals, the famous indri lemurs, camelions, lots of other lemurs, tenrec.Lemur Island, a small Island with lots of lemurs to easily spot

  • Children's Hospital

    In the Travelogue I mention the Children's Hospital in Antananarivo that is in need of support either in goods or financially. More and more children suffer from Aids but also die still of cholera. This is the name of the hospitals director and the address. It gives another image of Madagascar, apart from tourism. Of course you would need to make...

  • Foliage

    Hmmm...not exactly off the beaten track but picture's so nice I wanted to place it here! (taken at Sainte-Marie/Nosy Boraha)

  • Making a trek on the Masoala...

    Making a trek on the Masoala peninsula, which is (still) covered by rainforest, was an experience I'll never forget. You need a guide and (usually) porters, which you can arrange at the Parc National Masoala office in Maroantsetra, where all trek routes start. We walked along the coast for five days and returned by boat (the guide's plan was to go...

  • When in the South, go to...

    When in the South, go to Ranohira and find a guide near the ANGAP agency. Ask him to take you to Ilakaka, the city of sapphire, the new far-west with everybody coming from all Madagascar, prostitutes, Sri Lanka, Thailandese, Arab sapphire traders, Malagasy troops, guns, dollars, Mercedes and satellit telephons!


    RANOMAFANA NATIONAL PARK, where you can find exotic flora and fauna... including chameloeons! Two-thirds of the world's species of chameleons are found in Madagascar's forests.

  • The Malagasy quarter in...

    The Malagasy quarter in Antsirabe -- as opposed to the 'European quarter'. (I will add more photos soon in order to distinguish between the two...) It was truly amazing to me just how much the Malgasy women manage to carry -- on their heads! (Huge baskets, bundles of wooden beams tied together...) In the Malagasy quarter you will find a...

  • A lake with a legend -- LAKE...

    A lake with a legend -- LAKE ANDRAIKIBA near Antsirabe. It is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a pregnant girl who drowned during a swimming contest with another girl for the prize of marriage to a prince of the Merina tribe. She allegedly has been seen at dawn, resting on a rock by the lake shore....

  • Nahampoana Reserve, Fort...

    Nahampoana Reserve, Fort DauphinIf you visit the southern area of Madagascar, instead of going to the Berenty reserve (quite far away and expensive), you can to Nahampoana Reserve, 8 km outside the town. You will find catta and sifaka lemurs and every kind of endemic flora. One full day is enough to see most of the attactive of the reserve. It is...

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Madagascar Hotels

  • Chez Maggie Hotel

    On the West Coast of Madagascar, right at the beach, you can find the hotel "Chez Maggie". It is...

  • Hotel Sakamanga

    For the price, Sakamanga is the best hotel in Antananarivo. It has a lovely shaded courtyard and all...

  • Vakona Forest Lodge

    Vakona is the top rated place in the area of Andasibe National Park, though it is located closer to...

  • Hotel Benjamin

    About 15~20 minutes drive from the Nosy Be Dock, (taxi may cost Ar 20,000~25,000) at AMBATOLOAKA the...

  • Le Jardin du Roy

    Le Jardin du Roy provides very comfortable accommodation conveniently located within reach of the...

  • Sidi Hotel

    had 6 nights stay at Hotel Sidi in July 2014 and it was very pleasant and comfortable The Owners are...

  • Vahiny Lodge

    BP 85 Ambatolambo, 317

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Royal Palissandre

    Le Royal Pallisandre is a very good quality hotel in the heart of the city. The rooms and public...

  • Eulophiella

    Stayed only one night but managed to cram lots in & make the most of this beautifully laid out site....


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