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City Tour of Dakar
"Your guide and driver will pick you up at your accommodation at the morning hour of your choosing. You will then begin your pleasant introduction to and thorough overview of Senegal's vibrant capital city of Dakar. Your stops will include the impressive one of Senegal's most important religious buildings and the beautiful Dakar Cathedral which gives another religious perspective to the city. You will then be taken to the IFAN Museum of African Arts one of West Africa's oldest museums before enjoying a stop at the African Renaissance Monument at 49 meters Africa's largest and tallest monument. Your tour will continue with a visit to the unforgettable Sandaga Market before concluding at Noflaye Beach. Adequate time for photography and exploration will be provided at each stop. Lunch is included as is retur
From EUR60.00
Jeep Safari in Cofete Beach and Villa Winter
"Join an off-road jeep safari through Fuerteventura’s south and drive a cool soft-top Land Rover Defender jeep for up to 7 people (including the driver).Before the safari begins you will be informed about the route in a small briefing. Then yo where you can take a refreshing bath (of more or less 45 minutes) in the pristine waters of this coast. The next stage takes you to El Puertito a small and typical village where you can enjoy a delicious canary meal. Then you head to the lighthouse Faro de Punta Jandía the most southern point on the island. There you can climb the hill Colina Del Amor which offers a superb panoramic view of the island. After this magical experience you will head back to the hotel."""
From EUR63.00
Family Friendly Segway Tour in Gran Canaria
"These tours are very ideal choice for families and perfect for couples. Exploring the local street  in different times have different prices. You have great choices:  tour to visit the old town Vegueta magnificent place full of history and historical buildings. Vegueta is our gold tour. All the costumer love it. Parque Doramas Castillo de la Luz San Cristóbal and Parque Santa Catalina  are typical places where you can taste the flavour of the most cosmopolitan city of the Canary Island.The tours included : monitor
From EUR45.00

More Local Customs in Chinguetti


Local house

this is how a local house looks like in the new part of town. If you see the outside walls of a hosue thise is how it look inside. Usually houses have a patio and maybe 5 up to 6 different houses...
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Like elsewhere in the country all cities have goats hanging around the streets. They are free to go wherever they want and desire. This picture was taken inside the old town of Chinguetti not far from...
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Islam is the main religion in Mauritania. Remember the name of the country is: Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Islam here is very strong. If you're used to more relaxed countries like Morocco, you'll...
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Nomad tents

Many people in Chinguetti have a house in the new part of town along with another one in the middle of the desert a bit spread arround Chinguetti itself. This one is located 10km away from the town...
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Camel milk

Here's Nana, our friend taking milk out of the camel. You can see the little one trying to drink also.
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People have camels to have milk which they drink a lot, and also to provide meat. Mauritanians eat a lot of camel meat.
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