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  • see Agdz and the green oasis following the Draa
    see Agdz and the green oasis following...
    by angiebabe
  • Things to Do
    by Nazha
  • magic
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Agdz Things to Do

  • yoga class on the teracce Maison Tuareg

    After nice walking, we rest on the teracce and we did yoga. Nice. we procide with the tea and some food and we take a sunshine bath.

  • day before AHWASH

    We walk around Agdz with our friends. We stop at the market - souk. We dance in Bazar Tarqui and while we rest in shadow, they prepare for us nice fishes and salats, tea, fruits and a bit of singinng and druming.

  • Jbel Sahro

    The Mount Sahro his north from the village and its also incredible. You should take a fwe time to explore its caves and spring waterfalls.


Agdz Restaurants

  • Good stop off place

    Now, I think this was the name of the restaurant, but I could be wrong - if anyone recognises the place from the picture, please feel free to correct me! This restaurant on the outskirts of Agdz appeared to be geared up for tour groups. We were shepherded up a flight of stairs, where round tables were laid out for 6 people. Pleasant decor, tiled...

  • don't miss tajine

    You seat under the tent and team with Isamail Youssfi are preparing tajine, which is soo good, that you can't stop eating. We eat before in many different places tajine, but this place we admire a lot. Team in here is young and flexible. The vegetable they use were fresh from the market. They had very good aromatic herbs and they add good goat...

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Agdz Nightlife

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  • marriage with Ahwash

    each avgust is the marriage month for the berber people and that is realy something special to dance with them, with the strong tamburin beat. just be as you are

  • Night serenade with AHWASH from AGDZ

    We ask our friends if is possible to have Ahwash, their traditional tribel singing, drumming and dancing. Ahwash means literally dance. Can happend for marriage, harvest, new born child, etc.they said yes. Soo, we spend our wonderfull night in Camping Caravan Tarqui with the local folcklore and very hot rythems. shukran to heaven to be...

  • under moroccan sky

    It is special, because is different. In this place we spend uor evenings and nights under the sky with the company of bilion stars and very good dancing, singing, playing music and before we had a good moroccan meal. You are just surprice, cause is so beautifull. They sing and dance, while they play and you can be there with them until long...


Agdz Transportation

  • Taxi in city centre

    Agdz is a stopping poin for many of the buses coming from bigger cities like oarzazate or zagora. This is also a minor administrative centre for the region so expect some rush hours, specially on big suq day or in normal city suq day 3 times a week.On the city centre you can get a taxi and head to ouarzazate or zagora. you can easly share one with...

  • Grand Taxis on Regional Suq

    Agadz is a stop for major bus and taxi journeys coming either from Ouarzazate going south or coming from Zagora. Probably the best way to get a gran taxi and share some costs with local people is to go to the suq day and try to make some business. This big market complex is located a few kms out of the city direction of zagora.

  • Bus to Agdz

    You can get to Agdz from Marakesh, thrue Ouarzazate. From any citty you are (Marakesh, Zagora, Agadir, Ouarzazate) you can allways get few direct bus to rich Agdz.Other options is also big taxi, which is also very cheap transport in Morocco to move around.


Agdz Shopping

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  • Agdz Suq

    This is the suq of the city. where everytone buys their stuff. Here you usually can find cheaper things than in the shops around the town. This place is located right on the centre of the city and serves everyone. all you can imagine, from clothes to fruit vegetables, goat heads, scarves and juice, you name it. discuss the price before you buy...

  • Street shops Agdz

    As thsi city is a major stopping point for many buses and grand taxis in the region, shops tend to grow in numbers. You can find good regional artifacts on these local shops. I think prices will go down right after the buses disapear. So dont buy anything while buses are stopping.

  • Regional Suq

    This is a big regional suq in Agdz. As Agdz is a main regoinal administrative centre, it has a suq inside town and another one outside that serves all the region. Once a month you have a huge concentration of people coming all over the mountains to sell their goods and animals. Big confusion. almost everything. deal the price.


Agdz Local Customs

  • AGDZ

    AGdz road sign coming from Zagora. As I was not feeling very ok coming fro Zagora, I had this synosites crises and had to give the car wheel to my girlfriend, i remeber that somehow this little road sign got my attention and i liked what I saw next. The city was quite developed and looked very inteeresting and working to be clean and touristy...

  • Goats

    Again animal as local costums. Goats are used to give milk and meat. They are a very important animal due to its meat and all the big suqs sell them along with sheeps. You should visit a animal market in Morocco. I dont quite like the idea of animals being sold, but in terms of experiencing something new, go and watch people.

  • Donkeys

    Yes again donkeys are not disapearing in Morocco. As they are an animal almost going to extintion in many countries, here in Morocco you have huge markets selling donkeys and you'll find them giving transportation to many people and carrying many things all over the country.


Agdz Tourist Traps

  • Nazha's Profile Photo


    by Nazha Written May 25, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Try to comunicate with Morocan people. In the center of towns are usually merchants you meet, hwo will allways offer to you something to buy or to use some turist activity. But when you clear up what you want , you can allways find behinde merchant a person hwo want comunication more than only made you by something. So easilly you end in family house, where the atmosphere is very special and you can learn so many new things, different so much to our way. More you are bloced and suspisious, more you thing they are traying to cheat you and you will end like this. You will miss many beautifull moments and you will feel place just thrue the eyes of an tourist. On their souks is a mess, similar to our advertising on TV, post - boxes and other way to made us buy articles. Here is direct, human to human. So, just relax while you are buying and choose the eyes, soul you like and enjoy your merchant qualitys in you. For shur you will make good deal this way.

    Unique Suggestions: Avoid showing hashish around if you smoke.Is legal for tourist to smoke, but if they find you hashish they will boder you where you got it. You can allways say you got it just somewhere on the street, but keep hashish in your pocket after you use it. To avoid boring conversation with such authoritys.

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Agdz Off The Beaten Path

  • Magnificient beginig of the Valle de...

    If you take guide in Agdz in camping Caravan Targui you can have very good trekking to the cca.800 m high jbel Kissane. From there you have beautifull panoramic expirience. There is guide Lhasen in Bazar Targui. With him we spend time in his village 3 km farr from Agdz. Is renovated village by investment of American lady. Smell of the traditionaly...

  • Draa Valley

    Draa Valley is enourmous and gorgeous. The Draa Valley goes all the way from Jbel Sahro to Zagora and its something you shouldnt miss. This on the picture is just a little bit of what the valley has to offer.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Agdz General

  • johnsakura's Profile Photo

    Road to Agdz

    by johnsakura Written Nov 22, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This is a very nice region, as you go out (or in depends from where you are coming) of the Draa Valey, this landscapes tend to change in a very beautiful way. Either you're coming from the south and the Draa Valley into Zagora is just amazing or if you're coming from Ouarzazate the Jbel Sahro is also delicious...

    agdz morocco

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