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  • The pharmasists at the herb pharmacy.
    The pharmasists at the herb pharmacy.
    by Regina1965
  • Tangier
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  • Tangier
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Tangier Things to Do

  • Medina

    The place is interesting and you can see something new indeed. However there are some things I am not ok with. As soon as you approach Medina you immidiately become the center of attention. The locals try all possible ways to take money out of you. Some people will walk with you and in the end require money for showing you the way (even though you...

  • Kasbah - Fort

    In the heart of the old city is the remains of the Kasbah now given over to a residential area. The city as we know know it was primarily built after 700 AD when the Ummayyid dynasty captured this area from the eastern roman empire.

  • Grand Socco

    The Grand Socco (a French-Spanish hybrid for the Big Square) is the best point of departure for an exploration of the medina and souks. Thanks largely to personal interest from King Mohammed VI, this former market square underwent a makeover in 2005. A large marble fountain is now encircled by park benches and grass areas shaded by large palm...


Tangier Hotels

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Tangier Restaurants

  • Restaurant Ahlen

    The Restaurant Ahlen is a small reasonable but good restaurant with the usual Maroccan dishes, I had a nice Brochette (chicken kebab). It is located in the Medina in Rue Mokhtar Ahardane / Rue des Posted (Open Map / Google Map), go best first to Cafe Central at Place Grand Socco (don't remember the new name of the place), from there 100 meter past...

  • Rif Kebdani

    Inside the medina, along the confines of the walls towards the port, you can find a charming Morrocan restaurant with staff who really care if you're enjoying it or not. The two days in Tanger we went there for dinner, both nights they gave us a complimentary appetizer of bread, olives and a lighty spicy legumes dish. Really good chicken couscous,...

  • Restaurant Ahlen

    The Restaurant Ahlen is a small reasonable but good restaurant with the usual Maroccan dishes, I had a nice Brochette (chicken kebab).It is located in the Medina in Rue Mokhtar Ahardane / Rue des Posted (Open Map / Google Map), go best first to Cafe Central at Place Grand Socco (don't remember the new name of the place), from there 100 meter past...


Tangier Nightlife

  • An historical Tangier relic......

    Despite many visits to Tangier over the years, and even having stayed several times in the Hotel Ibn Batouta opposite, I had never ventured into the Tanger Inn, partly because of its restricted opening hours 10pm 'til 2am, but also because it had a specific well-known insalubrious reputation........ This year, staying in the Hotel Nabil, just...

  • Moorish Girls at Night

    Very near to Continental Hotel,there are few night clubs.By 8 p.m. Girls are coming in to the clubs.Moorish girls are Hot. All girls know how to move there Body like the Bally Dancers. Just casual but no short or tang top.Pant, polo shirt and dress shoes okay.Be nice to the bar tender and the security,on your way out dont forget to tip them.

  • Night life is around Cafes here

    Some of the best cafes are centred around the tiny Petite Socco. Nightlife in Tangiers is nothing like it was back in the 1950's. You won't find the debauchery and decadence that there once was.You won't find the same kind of nightlife that you'd find on the Costa del Sol or in the holiday resorts in France and Greece either. This is probably a...


Tangier Transportation

  • Train Station at Tangier Med Ferry...

    Tanger Med Train Station (Gare de Tanger Med) located over 1 km from Tangier Med Ferry Terminal according to this page http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/178877454#map=14/35.8782/-5.5076Access to the ferry terminal: http://www.tangermed-passagers.com/plans-d-accesMap of the port area: http://www.tangermed-passagers.com/services-passagers/

  • Tanger Med train station.

    Welcome to Tangier..........After a relatively tout and hustler-free experience in Morocco last year, this year it was back to business as usual when all the street Neanderthal lowlife re-emerged in the form of aggressive beggars, Medina touts and so many opportunists demanding money when I pulled a camera out of my pocket. Fortunately I had the...

  • Ferries from Spain

    the fastest way to Tangier by ferry from Spain are the fast ferries with the FRS company that go back and forth from Tangier to Tarifa....they are fast hydrofoils that take only about 40 minutes and still land right in at what is regarded now the old port in central Tangier. (the new port is Tanger Med about 45 minutes from Tangier and is for all...


Tangier Shopping

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  • Gypsy Market

    Once a week the Gypsy market meets in special squares dedicated for that purpose. It sits on the edge of town and both locals and Bedouin will come in to trade, meet and gather in this large open space.

  • Rugs, furniture, furnishings and...

    High-quality 100% Moroccan furniture, rugs, furnishings, fixtures, clothing, accessories, etc. Hassan provides personal attention and service. Our large purchase was shipped to our home in Florida, arriving within 10 days of the requested shipping date. The packages were complete as ordered, with no breakage or damage of any kind. Shipping was via...

  • Wonderful Experience at Traditional Art...

    This is a wonderful shop with very high end artisan goods from Tangier and the surrounding Moroccan market. It has a wonderful selection of art, jewelry, Tangines, and especially rugs.I read a few reviews on this site and became very concerned about my purchase being delivered. I had no issue with my purchase. The rugs are of the highest quality....


Tangier Local Customs

  • Traditional Musicians

    Traditional Musicians perform in tourist areas for tips. they wear traditional costumes and play the traditional instruments of the Magrheb. They can be found throughout the city and also in many of the upscale restaurants.

  • Market in Ksar-es-Seghir

    It was fun to watch the local market in Ksar-es-Seghir, near Tangier, with all the women in... uniform. We had already seen that striped djellaba, but never saw so many people together, and all with the same pattern. The village seems poor, the market was poor, but the uniformity gave a sensation of order and organization.

  • Extraverts

    Once off the ferry from Spain and fresh from immigration formalities, the unsuspecting visitor is flanked by somebody "in the Know' about everything Moroccan. Well, even when ignored or deliberately mislead the bloody tout would not give up. He would stretch his international vocabulary in practically a dozen of languages till he hits the spot (A...


Tangier Warnings and Dangers

  • Escape from Tangier.....

    After two pleasant days in the hot sun exploring the upmarket Tangier Marshan district, the prospect of making the sea crossing by ferry to Spain loomed closer, a potentially daunting task coping with the usual assortment of ticket and taxi touts. There were two possibilities, walk from the hotel in Rue Magellan two kilometres to the train station,...

  • Not Pleasent

    went on organised tour from Malaga. The minute arrived started getting hassled, the visit to the carpet shop was a nightmare the pushy owner would not let up, was utterly disgusting. rude people, had money snatched out my hand, also sworn at because would not buy off a street vendor .Barbaric place


    If your going to tangier via the ferry take a Can of Deoderant plus a lighter. Why because you will need it to blow flames and at *** Morrocan who comes up to you and trying to sell you crap or take you to crapI threated to Call the police if they didnt stop bothering me.I paid a guy 50 euros to show me around town and he couldnt help but take me...


Tangier Tourist Traps

  • a tour in many languages

    How would you think a tour in 4 languages would be ?While the bus in driving the guide that speaks the 4 languages is human beeing.when you buy the excursion in spain, make sure about the language.... And in case if there are many expect that you will get what the other nationality people will get.

  • Camel rides

    For 1 Euro, locals will give you a camel ride. This consists of putting you up on a camel for about as long as it is required to take your picture then you are back down.

  • Medina Tourguides

    There are a number of "guides" who will harass you endlessly throughout the touristy medina. The guides at the ferry docks are accredited or certified and will guarantee a flat fee for a decent introductory tour to this old town center.


Tangier What to Pack

  • Good travel books and maps

    Sun glasses, a hat or something to protect your head against the sun. Sun protection cosmetics of well known companies are available but more expensive than in Europe (Spain), local ones are of lower quality. Films for cameras (Kodak and Fuji) and for movie cameras (Video8, Hi8) available, usually a bit more expensive than in Europe...

  • Don't take your suitcase

    If you are just going for an organised day trip, which lasts about 5 hours, don't take too much baggage. You will have to carry all your gear around with you, and risk having items stolen as you pass through the crowds. We had been checking on the Wunderground weather pages all week, and had some idea of the weather pattern. If you do this, you...

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Tangier Off The Beaten Path

  • Ksar-es-Seghir beach

    Maybe the sea is dangerous or cold in this northern coast, maybe the lack of infra-structures or the hard access keep people away, but the very nice beach of this small village near Tangier (with bad name in Portuguese history...), seems to deserve another kind of human presence.Was it a bad day?

  • Tangier fish market..

    The covered fish market in Rue Salahadinne Ayoubi (formerly Rue de la Plage) is the place to find the best of the fresh night catches. In the morning the narrow street leading from the port to the market becomes congested with associated commercial traffic, vans delivering produce and shoppers' cars parked up, squeezed into any available...

  • Tangier re-inspected......

    This year, Tangier's ongoing renaissance was very much in evidence in tandem with the new city port constructions, the facades of the old colonial buildings along Avenue Mohammed 6 had all received new paintwork and prominent antique Spanish cannon, for decades neglected and fading into turquoise-coloured oxidisation, had been polished to reveal...


Tangier Sports & Outdoors

  • Swimming in the ocean

    I took a loop drive from Tangier to the Cape Spartel and the Hercules Caves. When I was walking on high cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean above the Hercules Caves, I surprisingly saw small, alone figure of a swimmer approx. 1 kilometer far in the ocean. I zoomed (12 x) and took a picture.A would-be suicide?, I thought. No, no, I got to know from local...

  • Fishing in the ocean

    I saw quite many locals sitting on cliffs, high above the Atlantic Ocean, by the Hercules Cave and trying to catch any fish with a fishing rods, partly succesfully. One of them managed to catch maybe 10, medium size fish. Some locals were angling down on the rocks as well. I saw loong fishing rods of locals.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tangier General

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  • Late-night bibulous activities.

    Probably an unsteady tour of Tangier's many beach bars and discotheques! My best memories of Tangier, and which still exist today are the Spanish-inspired " Tapas " bars, which predominate late-night drinking, for those unfamiliar with the routine, if you order and consume a couple of alcoholic drinks, and appear intent on staying in the...

  • Travel from Spain to Morocco by sea.

    The Algeciras to Tanger Med ferries are the way I always enter and exit Morocco, from Spain, at €20 it's cheaper than the Catamaran Tangier port to Tarifa crossing (Dh390) which can sometimes be cancelled in stormy weather in the Gibraltar Strait, whereas the bigger stabilised vessels, operating on the longer two hour crossing are rarely affected,...

  • Beware of Moroccan ATM's etc.......

    The Algeciras to new port Tanger Med ferries are the way I always enter and exit Morocco from Spain, it's cheaper than the fast catamaran ferry between Tangier port and Tarifa, at only €20 one way per foot passenger (compared to Dh390 on the fast catamaran) and the hourly sailings operate eighteen hours a day on the summer timetable. The...


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