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  • Moulay Idriss overview
    Moulay Idriss overview
    by EviP
  • M.Idriss, Morocco
    M.Idriss, Morocco
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    in M.Idriss, Morocco
    by EviP

Moulay Idriss Things to Do

  • MOsaics at Volubilis

    MOst of the mosaics discovered at Volubilis - preserved for years under mud until the late 19th century - were found to be adorning the very upmarket apartments and villas of the people that lived in the roman city.

  • 4 km to Roman city of Volubilis

    the Roman city of Volubilis can be seen at certain positions from Moulay Idriss in its place on the upper slopes of the plains below.only 4km away it makes a nice walk or take a taxi.There is a fee for entrance but the site stays open till sunset so if the ticket office has shut by the time you arrive if for a late roam - of which sunset from...

  • Getting into The Molay Idress Mausoleum

    After you pass the main gait you come across a door on your right hand. That is the door to the Royal Palace (see the 3rd picture). When I arrived at the gaits of the Mosque and tomb there was a no picture sign, so I was not able to take pictures @ the tomb. After that you can enter anothe hall where these is more tombs.One of them belonged to...

  • The Main Square

    This where you'll find every thing. The mausoleum, internet cafes, Resturants, Shoping, even if you are looking for an apartemnt. I was in mouly idress in the summer and the main square was full of peope up to 11 pm. You could still see people after mid night. The resturants are very good and very affordable. It does not matter what resturant you...

  • Kasbah and other things

    These 4 things are very close to each others and can be seen in 1/2 hour or so Kasbah , it is Just a gate with is leads to one alley only. I was told there was another Kasbah but I did not get to see it. To get to this one walk up hill from the bus station and you'll see a car park on the left hand side, walk towards it and you'll see the gate....

  • El Hemma and Haroon

    Haroon is aquiduct system that brings water into town, the view is spectacular. This was buil by the french in 1920 Elhemma is hot springs just outside of town. It is near the queries where the roman got the stone to build Volibilus. What is interesting is the presence of marks and evidence of the cutting. It is not far from town but you'll need...

  • Shrine and Zaouia of Moulay Idriss

    The Shrine and Zaouia of Moulay Idriss is closed to non-Muslims though you can walk up as far as the first courtyard and non one seems to mind if you take pictures from here. There is a low bar in front of this entrance which marks the limit point for non-Muslims. If you climb to the terraces above the Khiber quarter of the city you get a fantastic...

  • Best Views of Moulay Idriss

    Moulay Idriss is split into two quarters - Khiber and Tasga - which rise vertically on either side of the Mausoleum. If you climb to the top of either of these quarters there are excellent views of the town and you get a good idea of the size and layout of the mausoleum. The terraces can be tricky to find and you will be approached by local boys...

  • Cylindrical Minaret

    The only Cylindrical Minaret in Morocco is situated in the hilly small path. When you continue to walk up the path, you can get a great view of the town.

  • Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss

    Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss is the object of veneration and the reason for the country's greatest annual moussem in late August. Non- muslims are not allowed to enter beyond this point.

  • Main square

    This main square is the entrance point to the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss. Look for the three arched gateway.

  • Shrine and Zaouia of Moulay Idriss

    Even though non-muslim visitors are not allowed to visit the shrine and the sanctuary around the saint's grave, the "zaouia", it's worth while to have a look from the outside. The holy district is marked by a wooden bar. Here, at the entrance to the "zaouia" with it's shrine, mosque and school, you have to stop. But you can catch a glimpse at the...


Moulay Idriss Restaurants

  • Diyar Hotel

    I really like the Diyar hotel and I will highly recommend it. People were very nice but I have to be honest, The food was not good. The resturant is located on the 3 rd floor and the view is very good. The Setting is elegant and smart but the food was not good. a chicken Tageen will cost you 50 dh. to be very specific The vegetable was burning hot...

  • Terrasse Sidi Abdallah el Hajjam

    Terrasse Sidi Abdallah el Hajjam is a nice café at the top of the Khiber side of town in Moulay Idriss. Below the café is a popular lookout point to which the local guides offer to take any visitors to the town. If you can find the terrace - see my Things To Do tips for detailed instructions - you can relax for a while at the café, which has an...

  • Restaurants on the Main Square

    We arrived in Moulay Idriss at lunchtime so our first priority was to find somewhere nice to eat. We walked up to the main square and passed a few nameless eateries, from which we heard “Hello, bonjour” as we passed. These all looked and smelled great so we chose the busiest one, ironically, the only one where they had ignored us as we walked by....


Moulay Idriss Nightlife

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    Night life

    by Doctor38 Updated Nov 17, 2008

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    hmm! you got to be kidding
    There is few internet Cafe, it is open 24 hrs. There is one near the bus station and few ones near the Main square, between Morac Telecom and Meditel shops. It will cost you 5 dh/hr

    Inside internet cafe Next to the Red Neon sign for Meditel

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Moulay Idriss Transportation

  • Bus and grand taxi station.

    The bus moves to Meknas every hour on the hour from 8-6. It will cost you 10 dh. The Grand Taxis is available 24hrs a day and it cost 10 dh also. The bus is more comfortable. The trip will take 20-30 minutesVolubilus is 4 km away, you can take a taxi. or walk the to site. you can negotiate with a taxi to wait for 2 hours, this might cost 50-60...

  • Transportation, local style

    when you walk around in mountainous cities like Moaly Idress or Chefchauen, you often can't help but wounder how do people move goods and stuff around those narrow, ascending/descending alleys. Once you see a donkey at work, you wonder no more. These beasts of burden are as vital as camels for beduins. It is espicially entertainign when 2 donkeys...

  • Moulay Idriss from Fes

    Moulay Idriss is a short distance from Meknes and most visitors come via that city, often combining Moulay Idriss and Volubils on the same day-trip. We went on a different route bypassing Meknes. We started in Fes and took the N6 Road to Meknes, turning off to the N4 road to Sidi Kacem after a few kilometres. After about 40 km we turned off at a...


Moulay Idriss Warnings and Dangers

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    No Maps

    by barryg23 Written May 13, 2007

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    None of our guide books had a map of Moulay Idriss and there is no tourist office in the town so it took us a while to get our bearings, especially as we came into the town from the north. Most people arrive from Meknes in the south and can see the town long before they arrive. We eventually found a car-park near the market at the bottom of town and found our way up to the main square, where most of the restaurants are found. If you get lost just ask anyone the way to the mausoleum as it’s on the main square.

    Main Square of Moulay Idriss

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Moulay Idriss Off The Beaten Path

  • Volubilis

    Many people combine a trip Moulay Idriss with a visit to the Roman ruins at Volubilis, 4km to the north west. Volubilis was one of the most remote outposts of the Roman Empire and the ruins here are amongst the best preserved and definitely the best known Roman ruins in Morocco. It costs 10 Dh per person to visit the ruins though hiring a guide...

  • Views of Moulay Idriss from the Meknes...

    If you are travelling to Moualy Idriss from Meknes you’ll see the town from the road long before you reach it. The town, from a distance, is often said to resemble a camel with the two districts of Khiber and Tasga resembling the humps and the zaouia and shrine representing a saddle. Whether it’s like a camel or not, the white buildings of the town...

  • Moulay Idriss Hotels

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Moulay Idriss General

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    Mosolet of Mouley Idriss

    by Bixente Updated Nov 29, 2005

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    Favorite thing: I wasn't able to visit that monument because i am not a musulman but my friend (who is musulman) go inside and take pictures for me.

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