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Namib Desert Tour from Swakopmund
"This enlightening journey takes you through the ancient canyons of the Moon Valley one of the most fascinating areas of the Namib Desert. Let us take you back millions of years to when these badlands were formed. Learn the intrinsic value of the desert flora to the indigenous people who once roamed Southern Africa. Discover the medicin and delve into the secrets of the Welwitschia mirabilis.We learn of the Desert adapted of flora and fauna in order to survive under these harsh conditions by unfolding many hidden secrets.This informative tour also looks into what we call “the fu as we inform our guests about planned future industrial activities as well as existing ones in the area due to the growth of Uranium mining and other related industry.This spectacular area is also home to some wildlife and we might just spot Springbok Ostrich
From $41.00
3-Hour Quad Biking and Sand-Boarding Combo from Swakopmund
"Quad biking is all about experiencing the sheer thrill of riding a bike through the Namib Desert’s boundless shifting sand dunes and sandboarding is just fun. Depending on the time you would like to go a local guide will make sure to pick everyone then give everyone a safety briefing as well as your very own safety gear. The guide will then lead you towards the dune belt and he will tell you about the famous plants in the Namib Desert few stops on the way are made.After being on top of the Devils Dip for a while we ride the berms spirals and slope as you cruise towards the table top for one hour once you reach the top you will the do the sandboarding for another hour and enjoy the best feeling going down the dune especially you’re an adrenaline junky. Quad tour on top of the dune"""A great experience one can encounter while exhilarating the beautiful surroundings of Namibia’s dunes. This is the most popular tours were you will ride for your life on the dunes for an hour and explore the different plants and animals in the Namib Desert
From $68.00
Namib Desert 4x4 Tour from Swakopmund
"This adventurous tour starts from your hotel or guesthouse in the town of Swakopmund. After your pickup travel out into the surrounding Namib Desert to see how life in all its forms survives in this barren and unforgiving yet beautiful landscape.Hop into your 4x4 vehicle and allow your guide to whisk you off into the wilderness to discover all manner of plant and animal life. Your guide is experienced in tracking and locating the many different species of sand-dwelling creature as you travel out through the dunes a myriad of different animals and insects abound. As you travel look out for sidewinders (venomous snakes)
From ZAR885.00

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Namibia is an extremely...

Favorite thing Namibia is an extremely surprising country. It was one which I had not planned to visit but was part of the safari tour which I chose. It is diverse countryside amazed me and I felt it was one of the best countries I've ever visited. You must see the dunes at Sossusvlei. These are sand dunes the likes I had never seen before. After climbing Dune 17 I had to just sit and reflect.

madfrog's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Windhoek : pleasant small city...

Favorite thing Windhoek : pleasant small city (the capital). You will find anything here. Be careful at night as there is some crime. I personally was 'approached' by a group of teenagers begging me for money so much....that was right in front of the Central Post Office. If 2 army guys were not walking through this zone...I could imagine they beat me down. The army men shout so much to the teenagers...I almost thought they would use their gun and kill them.....impressing but stressing.

Waterberg Plateau : a pure delight !!!!! Small national reserve on a 'plateau' (mountain top), very green, good contrast with the desertic area, Wildlife is fine but nothing like lions or hippos...only antelopes and smaller things... Still this place is great great great !!!

Mariental + Rehoboth cities : I drove through and did not find anything interesting. But if you like old colonial buildings, it's worth a stop

Swakopmund : the main Namibian port is very photogenic !! Full of old 'German-style' houses. Very quite. There's a huge beach but water is extremely cold (due to an Antarctic currant). North of Swakopmund you may watch seals from some places.
I took the only regular train line in Namibia running from Swakopmund to Windhoek (10 hours trip...very very slow....) stopping everywhere. Funny experience. Lock you out in your cabin especially if you travel 2nd or 3rd class. I heard about some crimes.

Namib Desert / Sosslusvei...great !!!! If you're not afraid of EXTREME heat !!! It's a 1 hour walk from the parking lot to see the biggest sand dunes in the world !!! Rewarding but DO CARRY AT LEAST 2 LITERS OF DRINKING WATER PER PERSON if you don't want to have real health problems. If you suffer from heart disease I strongly don't recommend this excursion. It's was so hot that part of my shoes became like chewing-hum !!!! (I am serious).

>>> the picture shows a global view of WINDHOEK, the modern capital of the country

Fondest memory Etosha National of the best National Parks in the WORLD !!!!! Really, I am not exagerating. Wildlife is very abondant and sceneries are so great. You may wake up very early in the morning (04:30AM) if you want to catch the best...and also avoid packs of tourists, noisy, making animals run away....

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Aug 25, 2002

go to the Kaokoland in the...

Favorite thing go to the Kaokoland in the north-west part of Namibia, maybe the last remain of a beautiful and unspoilt Africa:
Absoluty untamed wilderness and desert, unique Himba traditional culture, wild animals freely roaming (outside of any park).

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Aug 25, 2002


Favorite thing The Republic of Namibia is located in south-western Africa. It is one of the most arid regions in Africa. Here you can find the Namib Desert, parts of the Kalahari Desert and the Fish River Canyon!

Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world: 2 inhabitants per square kilometer compared to 200 inhabitants per square kilometer in central Europe.

Namibia is a fantastic travel destination with its scenic beauty, the rich wildlife, its interesting history and the friendly people! There is a lot of sightseeing to do and especially the wildlife at the Etosha NP was the one thing, that fascinated me most!

tini58de's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2004
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Go and see and canoe in Orange...

Favorite thing Go and see and canoe in Orange River, a gorgeous river with more water than I have ever seen in such a desert area.
It´s like being in the middle of nothing, surrounded by the someday-in-the-past-mountains now so weak and dry that you could say that they are going to fall from one moment to the other.
And in the shores of the river, green grass and other wild vegetation, a contrast that makes from mosquitoes the happiest when tourists try to enjoy the river by canoing!!! which doesn´t steal a piece of joy from these by just looking right and left, up and down.
And, as not everything is perfect I have to say that I missed the lack of origin people. There were only dutchs, germans, irish or english or even americans everywhere with their tropycal bars on the shores and their beautiful campings. But it´s not a good place for those looking for other kind of experiences, like searching new cultures and that stuff.
So, as I told you, nothing is perfect!!!!

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Oct 08, 2002

Visit Swakopmund...

Favorite thing I have been told it is a good place to stay for a while, unfortunately I spent my whole 8 days here in hospital, and only got to see half a day and 1 night of it :(

Fondest memory Holding baby cheetah cubs, at a cheetah farm, just outside of Etosha NP.

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Jul 06, 2003

visit the canyon of Huanib,...

Favorite thing visit the canyon of Huanib, where you can watch the biggest (and most agressive) elephants on earth. But take care, they are really agressive!!!!
See Swakopmund at the west coast, the most German city in Africa - lots of nice bars and restaurants.

Fondest memory The freedom, the fantastic nature and of course the elephants!

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Aug 24, 2002

The vast wetern deserts,...

Favorite thing The vast wetern deserts, better than anything in the Sahara and much safer - also enjoyed the German culture that came as result of early colonisation this century

Fondest memory A place called Okonjima - a farm where I worked and is now a private game park, and runs a foundation known as Aficat that aims to look after African wild cats - they have loads on the farm already

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Aug 24, 2002
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"Beautiful Extreme World"
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"Namibia - the dry paradise"
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"Namibian Safari"
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Has to be Etosha pans

Fondest memory The wide open spaces. The country has a stark beauty, and the sky is actually black at night rather than the dull brown of distant sodium lighting....though my better half would probably say it should be our wedding!!!

Aug 23, 2002

You must see Namib Dessert,...

Favorite thing You must see Namib Dessert, Etosha Pan and Waterberg but there are many other interesting places.
We took a round trip by car (with aircondition:-) ). There mostly were good road-conditions.

Fondest memory lonlyness, nature, friendly people.

One Day I woke up early in the morning. I looked outside the window and watched the sunrise. I was so beautyful I could cry.

Aug 24, 2002

Sensitive & Sustainable Tourism

Favorite thing Meet the Desert Elephants
SENSITIVE and sustainable tourism can solve many conservation problems, says Johannes Haasbroek, founder of Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA).

His organisation has started a project to bring in groups of overseas environmental volunteers for four weeks at a time.

"It works on the same basis as Earthwatch, but is much more labour intensive," says Haasbroek.

With a group arriving each month from June to October this year, Haasbroek hopes to build at least five new protected water points for communities in the Sorris Sorris conservancy.

About six farms in the area were left without water during the past rainy season when elephants moved into the area to find green mopani trees.

Desert elephants have been returning to the Ugab River and surrounding areas in the Erongo Region over the past couple of years after an absence of about 50 years.
With their numbers on the increase, communal farmers have been the hardest hit as the jumbos effortlessly destroy water points in their quest for fresh water.

These water points are the local communities only lifeline to survival in an otherwise desert environment.

At the same time the struggling communities have come to realise the value of the elephants in terms of tourism and the income they could generate for them.

One solution to promote symbiosis between the communities and elephants is to build protective walls around water points.

Fondest memory The vast open spaces - magnificent colours - amazing landscapes

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Sep 08, 2004

Favorite thing .
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Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Namibia

Things to Do

German Heritage

The Prinzessin Rupprecht Hotel of nowadays was built in 1901 - 1902 as a military Hospital and named after Marie Gabrielle, the wife of Prince Rupprecht von Bayern, who was the last Bavarian...
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Things to Do


Art nouveau architecture at its best: the Hohenzollernhaus in central Swakopmund looks completely out of place, but it's one of the town's highlights. Built in 1906, the house started as a hotel, but...
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Things to Do

Desert and dunes

The Sossuvlei/Deadvlei area is one of the few accessible parts of the Namib Naukluft National Park. It is a great place to experience the Namib desert and to hike on dunes. After entering the park and...
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Things to Do

Desert Explorers Adventure Centre

Want to have an outdoor adventure? This place is really a ‘One Stop Shop’ for outdoor activities in the area. I simply walked in and said I wanted to skydive. 2 hours later I was jumping out of a...
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Things to Do

Etosha National Park

The hook-lipped rhinoceros is getting rarer and rarer, but if you are lucky, you can see some in the Etosha NP. We were - and saw two males settling a dispute concerning who can drink where at the...
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Things to Do

Swakopmund Museum

The quite good Swakopmund Museum has some reconstruction of colonoal interiors and a lot about tranportation and exhibits about Namibias history and ethnologie. Open daily from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm...
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