Seychelles Local Customs

  • Coco de Mere
    Coco de Mere
    by Twan
  • Coco de Mere @ post office, Victoria
    Coco de Mere @ post office, Victoria
    by Twan
  • Local Customs
    by globetrott

Seychelles Local Customs

  • Coco de Mere

    The coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica) belongs to the palm family (Palmae or Arecaceae). It is the only species in the genus Lodoicea, called a monotypic genus. The plant is endemic to the Seychelles, where it appears on Praslin and Curieuse. The fruit of the tree, also known as coco de mer or zeekokosnoot, contains the largest seeds of all known...

  • tiny fish-markets along the roads

    Fish is sold all over the Seychelles islands and that way you will find a small "fishmarket" in almost every village of the islands. It is always interesting to see these colorful fishes, that are mostly on display somewhere, where cars can make a stop easily along the road. Mostly there is no refrigeration at all, just a bottle of water that they...

  • Achiote / Bixa orellana - the...

    The fruits of this local tree named Achiote / Bixa orellana (= Annattostrauch in german) have an extra bright red color and it was used in order to produce lipsticks. You will see such a tree in the "Jardin du Roi" and the guide will also open a fruit for you and show you the flesh, red as blood. Try that with your fingers and it will take a long...

  • Nutmeg / Muskatnuss

    Nutmeg is a spice that are using without knowing much about it ! In Jardin du Roi you will be shown what the fruit looks like that finally will be exported under the name Nutmeg / Muskatnuss. All parts of the fruit (that is normally as large as a small lemon) are used for different purposes :The fruit-flesh is fed to the animals, the red peels of...

  • a bird "fishing" in the fishhall

    Did you ever see a white heron or similar bird walking around in a fish-market waiting for its chance to grab something to eat ? This is something special like I saw it only in Victoria so far: It was a lot of fun to watch this bird "fishing" directely in the fish-hall of the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Markethall. This bird really felt at home...

  • some giant spiders are harmless

    When you see them for your first time you might get a bit of a shock, BUT these giant spiders are not really poisenous or dangerous for mankind, but of course how ould you know when you walk in Jardin du Roi and all of a sudden there is such a spider in a giant net under one of the trees and you did not see it right away.You will find these spiders...

  • Buying Corals

    Be careful, when buying shells and corals in the Seychelles. In most cases it is not forbidden to take them out of the Seychelles, BUT taking them into your homecountry might be a severe problem when they catch you with corals or rare sea-shells.Taking home a"Coco-de-mer" is another thing ! In order to take them out of the Seychelles you need a...

  • Victoria on Mahé island is an easily...

    This information is mainly ment for passengers of cruiseships : To book an organized citytour of the town of Victoria does not really make a lot of sense and it is also a waste of money,because you really can do it on your own and an easy walk of 2-3 hours in total will show you everything without hassle and stress. The tour of the island,...

  • Coco d'Amour

    Coco d'Amour is a special liquor made in the Seychelles and it is made of ordinary coco-nuts and NOT by Coco-de-mer - nuts, as you might asume when you look at the special bottle in which the liquor is sold: The bottle looks like the famous coco-de-mer, a giant nut that is growing only in the Sychelles.You will be able to buy it in most boutiques...

  • Gonna have to slow it down

    Seychelles seems to be a lot like the Carribean. No one is in a hurry except the tourists. When you go to a restaurant, you will notice this most. It can easily take 2 hours to eat sometimes. The servers take forever to take your order, may not place it right away, and when it's ready, they may or may not bring it right over. You will probably need...

  • Sey Brew

    Well not quiet a cultural tip - but in some countries a beer is part of culture isn't it. Since the first bottle rolled off the production line of Seychelles Breweries Ltd in June 1972, SeyBrew Lager has been the favourite beer of Seychelles. SeyBrew is brewed with the finest malt and hops imported from Europe, Australia and South Africa. And after...

  • Blatant nudity is offensive in...

    It is quite acceptable to go topless on the beaches of Seychelles, however, discretion should be maintained. The Seychellois people are not comfortable with nudity, and are offended by people who prance around the beach wearing just a thong. I have seen nudists sunbathing just next to Al Mare restuarant in full view of the road, this is not...

  • Cinnamon

    On a trip around the island we came across this lady sitting by the side of the road stripping bark off the cinnamon tree. Only the bark is used and it is a very sought after spice which is one of the main exports of the Seychelles.

  • Beach Wedding

    When we was on Pointe Source D'Argent, I saw a special spot. It had been decorated for a beach wedding. The bride and groom were gone but I had to have a picture.Isn't the background beautiful?

  • Bread fruit

    Not a custom, really, but a food item....Breadfruits are abundant, and they make very good deep-fried chips out of them in addition to other stuff. Try breadfruit chips instead of potatoes, or as a snack with your Seybrew.

  • En las islas Seychelles...

    En las islas Seychelles podremos encontrar tortugas gigantes similares a las de las islas Galapagos.

  • Whatever you do, do try to...

    Whatever you do, do try to meet the locals. There are about 73,000 people living in the Seychelles, and they really are so warm. The people are a mixture of European, African, Indian, Arab, and they are going to welcome you with open arms from wherever you might come. The picture is of Leo and I with a very sweet woman we met named...

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Seychelles Local Customs

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