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  • View from the roofterrace
    View from the roofterrace
    by sachara
  • Livestock market
    Livestock market
    by sachara
  • First view of Hargeysa
    First view of Hargeysa
    by sachara

Hargeysa Things to Do

  • Overview of the town

    Not far from the airport you have a great overview of the town. Straight from the airport Mohamed Abdirizak of Safari Travel Tour & Culture brought us to this place to show us the view and give us the first information about the town and show us the landmarks, especially the Naasa-Hablood hills, twin hills located on the outskirts of Hargeisa. We...

  • Central market, friendly and hasslefree

    I enjoy to walk around markets. The expansive market downtown Hargeisa is hassle free and gives a interesting insight in Somali market life. At the market you see many women.Business women selling herbs, perfumes and many more products. Also many women stroll around for shopping. A few who could speak english liked to have a talk with us. So we met...

  • Central market, abundance of products

    Our hotel was close to the central market area. So it was easy to go for a walk and stroll around at the market. It is a labyrinth of open and covered stalls. All you can imagine, mention it and you can buy it here. We saw colourful cloth for female dresses, all kind of clothes, shoes, kitchen utensiles, vegetables, meat, spices, herbs,...

  • Livestock market, goats and sheep

    We visited the livestock market early morning. After we had first visited the area with cmales we walked around to other parts of the market.The camel section of the market was business for men. At the sheep and goat section there were more women around. In Somaliland there are special fat-tailed sheep with a black head. You see them everywhere in...

  • Livestock market or camel market

    We visited the livestock market in the morning. The best time is before 10am. The market is also known as the camel market. In Somaliland are many camels everywhere in the countryIt is a bustling market with camels, goats and sheep. We walked between the huge amount of camels. I like camels, I did some camel trips in the desert. Making pictures was...

  • Civil War Memorial

    In the centre of town you can not miss the war memorial. This Hargeisa Civil War Memorial, which consists of a Airforce MIG fighter jet is mounted at a base. The jet crashed in the civil war during the regular aerial bombardments of the town by Somalian dictator Siyaad Barre from 1988 to1990. About 50.000 people of Somaliland were killed. The...


Hargeysa Hotels

See all 3 Hotels in Hargeysa
  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

    Airport Road, Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Deero Hotel

    From the airport the tour agency brought us to the Deero Hotel downtown. From the first moment I...

  • Maan-Soor Hotel

    Along the eastern edge of Berbera along the beach

Hargeysa Restaurants

  • Teashop

    After our walk at the Central Market it was almost end of the morning and getting hot. We needed a shady place to have a drink. We walked to a teashop not far from the market. We had seen before that his place has a nice shady terrace. And it was only a few minutes walk from our Deero hotel, 100m opposite the street.Most male visitors at the...

  • Good food

    On our first night Mohamed from Safari Tour and his friend took us out for dinner in the Royal lounge. It is a rather new restaurant at a 20 minutes drive from downtown not far from the Mansoor Hotel at the JigJiga Yar Road. The restaurant is managed by a Somali man, who lived in London. It was a nice ambiance, the food was good, the owner...

  • Hargeysa Hotels

    3 Hotels in Hargeysa

Hargeysa Transportation

  • thelittlevoice's Profile Photo

    Getting in and out

    by thelittlevoice Updated Jan 4, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I went into Hargeisa from Harar, Ethiopia. I took a bus from Harar at 7am to Jijiga, 15 Birr, arrived in Jijiga around 11.45am. Then got on a minibus from Jijiga to Wajaale at 12pm, also 15 Birr, arrived in Wajaale around 1.45pm. This was the most packed ride I've ever been on in Ethiopia. It was just a minibus and there were at least 30 of us. Once in Wajaale, watched for the MAO sign to get your Ethiopian visa stamped out. Then walked for about 200m to get your Somaliland visa stamped in. Both processes were no hassle. From Wajaale, I took a shared taxi to Hargeisa for $5, took almost 2 hours, there were like 5 checkpoints so it slowed us down a bit even though the driver drove very fast. The driver dropped us right at the Oriental Hotel.

    I took a flight out from Hargeisa on Ethiopian Airlines. When I bought the flight, it was supposed to be Hargeisa - Dire Dawa - Addis Ababa but it turned out to be Hargeisa - Addis Ababa. I was lucky(or not?) to be on the same flight as the Somaliland's President. Had a few words with him. Probably due to the fact that he was there, our bags were throughly searched many times. The departure tax was $30 and $2 for security.

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Hargeysa Local Customs

  • sachara's Profile Photo

    Money changers

    by sachara Updated Jun 22, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not far from our hotel in the direction of the Oriental Hotel was the money market. The moneychangers have small boxes or tables stacked with thousands of notes.

    For 20 dollar we got 130.000 shilling. Instead of a purse you need a bag for 130 notes of 1000 shilling. The rate of 6500 shilling for 1 dollar was very well compared to banks. Later it was also easy to change shilling back into dollars for a good rate.

    Local people pay with their mobile phones. Not only in shops and restaurants, but also in streetstalls and in the countryside. Even cash money they buy in the street with their mobile phone. Every stall has its ZAAD number.

    We were very surprised to find this system in an African country, but it is very effective instead of carrying heaps of money and counting tens or hundreds of notes all the time.

    Moneychangers in Hargeisa Moneychangers box with zaad number for paying Here we changed 20 dollars Our shillings

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Hargeysa Tourist Traps

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    by DAO Written Mar 4, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi drivers are the greatest thieves and worst sort of human on the planet. Many people stay at the Ambassador Hotel because they have a web-site and other perfectly good hotels do not (Please see my Hotel Tips on my Somalia Page). You can WALK to the Ambassador from the Airport. The guards inside the Airport secure area also own taxis. Parasites, every last one of them. They will tell you that the ‘Official’ rate is $10. Total lie and a rip-off! Pay no more than $1-2. The other Taxi drivers outside will do it. If not, start walking towards the gate. They will get the idea that you know how close the hotel is.

    For $5 (max) they will take you from the Airport to the far side of the city. For $10 they stay with you for 1 hour and drive you around.

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Hargeysa Off The Beaten Path

  • Was this the former British Club

    Somaliland was a British colony till it reached its independence in 1960. Hargeisa was the capital. In the capital. Mohamed from our touragency brought us to the former British club. Nobody in the area seemed to know anything about it. What we saw was an almost empty building in decay and used by some local people. Later I red that there is still a...

  • Toon, nice shady water place

    From Hargeisa we visited Toon, 20 km more south and only reachble by dirt track. We thought we should visit a nomad camp, but ended up at a nice shady water place.During the day nomads come here with thier goats, sheep and camels. Around the ater yoiu see a lot of footsteps of the animals, When we were there around sunset it was a pity there were...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Hargeysa General

  • Visa

    I got my visa done in Addis Ababa. It took only 5 minutes. I had a friend called the office a few days ahead to make sure the ambassador would be there. The number is 2511 635921 / 635922. In Addis Ababa, I stayed with a host from hospitalityclub.org and his place is on Bole St. The Somaliland Representative is between Bole St. and Cameroon St. so...

  • Money Exchange

    You can find many little stalls on the streets that can change your money(sorry no picture, I thought I took one but I can't seem to find it). It's not necassary to exchange your money though. You can easily use USD. $1 equals a bit over 6000 Shillings.

  • International Call

    I made one phonecall back home from Telesom Office which is a few minutes walk from Oriental Hotel. I think I talked for about 2-3 minutes and it costs $1.5. It was a lot cheaper than in Ethiopia. Dial 00 follow by your country code and number.


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