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  • wind rain and sun erodes
    wind rain and sun erodes
    by kenHuocj
  • the little pip on the top is destination
    the little pip on the top is destination
    by kenHuocj
  • Cederberg
    by CatherineReichardt

Cederberg Things to Do

  • A breathtaking maze of pinnacles and...

    (work in progress)I've visited many caves on my travels over the years, but seldom have I encountered anything as unexpectedly wonderful as the Staalraad Caves in the Cederberg.I thought that I'd done a reasonable amount of research in advance of our trip, but the first that I heard about these caves was when I saw them lurking on the edge of the...

  • The wind-eroded chambers of the...

    (work in progress)Even the most unenthusiastic photographer can't fail to appreciate the myriad photographic opportunities offered by the insanely photogenic Staalraad Caves.The intricate fretted form of the pillars, arches and chambers etched by aeons of wind erosion. Rock painted with a delicate palette of colours grading from bone white through...

  • Go swimming in the Maalgat natural pool

    (work in progress)It is almost impossible to overstate how very hot it gets in the Cederberg - in mid summer, temperatures range up into the low 40s and even around Easter (when we visited) it was still up in the mid 30s during the early afternoon.I'm not a fan of extreme heat, so when it gets that hot, all I want to do is to plunge myself into...

  • Stupendous views from the Stadsaal Caves

    (work in progress)By my reckoning, the Stadsaal Caves are pretty close to being the perfect tourist destination ... made even better by the fact that they don't attract too many tourists!These Caves have everything. Stunning geomorphology - tick. Fascinating history - tick. And jawdropping views out over the Cederberg massif - tick, Tick,...

  • Beautiful Khoi-San rock art of the...

    (work in progress)Whilst it's easy to find the car park for the celebrated Elephant Cave, finding the amazing Khoi-San rock paintings themselves is surprisingly tricky, as the signposting is pretty well non existent.Chances are that you'll clamber up the outcrop, and find yourself in the much bigger adjacent rock shelter, which was probably where...

  • A pretty well perfect rock shelter

    (work in progress)The first European settlement of the Cederberg took place in the 18th century, but long before that, the area was inhabited by the nomadic Khoi-San (Bushmen) people.The most visible legacy of the Khoi-San's presence in this area are the rock paintings that they left behind, the most accessible of which are found in the Elephant...

  • Cederberg Cellars: South Africa's...

    (work in progress)Wine culture is huge in South Africa, and a major drawcard for tourists to the winelands of the Western Cape, but as someone who's allergic to the stuff, I usually find it all a bit too precious and pretentious for me.However, the Cederberg Cellars are different. For one thing, at it's the highest wine farm in South Africa, with...

  • A toast to six generations of...

    (work in progress)The Western Cape was the first part of South Africa to be colonised by white settlers, and many of the Afrikaans farming community can trace their roots back to the early 1700s.Such is the history of the Nieuwoudt family - originally of Dutch stock - who have lived on the Dwarsrivier farm for six generations. The family bought the...

  • Keep a keen eye out for the smaller...

    (work in progress)As a general rule, the Western Cape doesn't offer the sort of spectacular game viewing opportunities that you'll be spoiled with elsewhere in Southy Africa. This partly results from the fact that the huge herds of grazing animals that occurred in the region prior to European settlement were subsequently shot out. However, in...

  • Lot's Wife hiking trail is very family...

    (work in progress)Lot's Wife is the shortest and most accessible of the hiking trails around Sanddrif, and is ideal for families or those who are short of time. The trail is so named because of the supposed resemblance of a rock pillar to the Biblical tale of Lot's Wife, who disobeyed God's instruction by glancing back behind her towards the...

  • Look out for wild flowers in season

    (work in progress)The Western Cape is a winter rainfall season, and in the Southern Hemisphere spring (around September), the landcape blazes into bloom. This is big business, and wildflower tourism is the mainstay of the tourism business in the arid Namakwa belt that runs from Darling up to the Namibian border. The Cederberg isn't as renowned for...

  • Hike the Maltese Cross

    (work in progress)One of the aims of our trip to the Cederberg was to convert our kids to the joys of hiking: an activity that we love, but have not had the opportunity to pursue whilst the children were small.The logic underlying the strategy was sound: this was a healthy activity that we could all do together, allowing us to explore nature,...

  • Window Rock: accessible even with...

    (work in progress)The Cederberg is a photographer's dream because it's stuffed full of spectacular rock formations whose character and colours shift as the light moves. The best times for photography are early in the morning and late in the afternoon, when the oblique light lends a glow to the rock and the shadows accentuate details that otherwise...

  • Fascinating plants nestle in nooks and...

    (work in progress)I love the diversity of plants that you encounter on hikes through the fynbos. Although it's the most ecologically diverse floral kingdoms in the world, it's not immediately glamorous, and like the wildlife, many of the most interesting plants are cryptic. With the exception of the proteas and aloes - whose architectural shapes...

  • Paths are well defined but involve some...

    (work in progress)We did three hikes during our time in the Cederberg: the Maltese Cross, Lot's Wife and the short hike from Sanddrif Camp to the Maalgat waterhole.In general the paths are well maintained, and as the Cederberg is sparsely vegetated, there's not much risk of the main hiking trails becoming overgrown.The starting points are...


Cederberg Hotels

Cederberg Restaurants

  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    "one's own Eatery": you need to be self sufficient

    by kenHuocj Updated Apr 30, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our Two Nights at Jamaka Chaletes,
    we were prepared,
    knowing there was a kitchen with fridge,
    made life easier.
    night one, Boerewors [ farmers' sausage ]
    night two, T bone steak
    with Rec Cape Wine and juicy Cape Fruits,
    peaches, nectarines and apples
    plus a few Passion fruit from the farm

    Favorite Dish: In the adjoining chalet,
    i was invited to join them for a drink,
    took my own bottle,
    but had a taste of their potjiekos
    i.e layered foods in a three legged cast iron pot - top marks
    to the chef
    met them again in Eersterivier outside Cape Town

    from Chalet's Stoep during Sundowner time view from Chalet #1's stoep

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Cederberg Nightlife

  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    Cederberg Cellar Observatory: Stargazing

    by kenHuocj Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    on the first Saturday of every month starts at 8.00pm
    when the weather is clear, and not on full moon nights
    here in the Cederberg, away from Urban lights
    the Cape Town Astronomical Society members
    bring the telescopes and knowledge;
    A talk is followed by opportunity to see the stars and galaxies
    a donation to Society is all that it costs

    Dress Code: clothes to keep warm
    a folding chair for comfort

    a day view, we were there at night
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Cederberg Transportation

  • Strong knees and stamina needed

    how i wish i had more stamina, stronger knees and a fiiter body,alas, i did get to the beginning of the Wolfberg crackswhere people do the easy or difficult routethe easy it clambering over huge rocks, the difficult is between rocks a few tunnelsnot for overly tick waistedso I was informed.knowing that is was another 60-90 minutes to get down to...

  • Gotta drive. Or hike

    The main track through the mountains is about 100 km long, and takes a good 2 hours to get through, in a good car. Our hire car wasn't a particularly good car. If you break down, well you'll have a long wait for help. And there's no cell phone coverage either. But you'll have some great scenery to look at. Make sure you take water with you...

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Cederberg Local Customs

  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    Get a local Guide

    by kenHuocj Updated May 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    South Africa has and is undergoing changes,
    that is since the "democratic" elections in April 27th 1994
    and subsequent change of power
    There have been changes, in who is who and what is what

    SO to get a guide for our planned hike up to the Wolfberg Arch
    fully aware of my own limitations,
    I contacted the Cederberg Conservancy via
    Cape Nature Conservation Board
    PO Box 356, Clanwilliam 8135
    Bookings:Tel: (022) 931 2088 Fax: (022) 931 2913
    International Tel: +27 22 931 2088 International Fax: +27 22 931 2913

    As we were on the gravel road after the turnoff from N7
    Cell phone message came in from our referred guide.

    our destination Algeria Cederberg Wilderness Area MAP" S 19° 21' 66 " E

    For 8 hours four hundred rands i.e.C$55-00 plus tip

    Cederberg Conservancy Map the biodiversity of the area
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Cederberg Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of the drop!

    (work in progress)Following on from my tip on road conditions in the Cederberg, it's also worth knowing that if you're approaching from the main N7 road to the west, which links Citrusdal and Clanwilliam, the first section of the drive (as far as Algeria Forestry Station) is quite a climb, and clings onto what is a very steep slope. The drop into...

  • The twisting dirt roads are scenic but...

    (work in progress)Most visitors access the Cederberg from the main N7 road to the west, which links Citrusdal and Clanwilliam. Although there is access from the east, it's not a great road, and is only recommended for those with four wheel drive (4WD), especially during the rainy season.It's a dirt road, but it's fairly well maintained and is in...

  • Bring ALL your food and drink with you!

    (work in progress)Unless you're planning to fast for the duration of your stay, make sure that you bring all of your food and drink with you if you're staying in the chalets or the camp site at Sandrif.If you haven't made a plant, there is no such thing as popping out of a meal or a drink here, as the nearest one would be about 90 minutes away on a...


Cederberg Off The Beaten Path

  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    Cedeberg - South Africa’s Highest Winery

    by kenHuocj Written May 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Google Map of Cederberg Private Cellar South Africa’s highest winery at 1000m Above sea level, where the unique cool continental climate of the high-growing vineyards is ideal for the production of Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. This terroir is also perfect for the slow ripening red cultivars like Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

    Winemaker David Nieuwoudt describes this wine as unique in that "it contains all the elements of a top Shiraz in one glass".
    Delicate floral and honeyed whispers. Lime with some biscuit aromas. A fat juicy palate, fragrant rich in ripe oaky / lees character. Full length with good acid backbone. Concentrated, structured for longevity.

    Nieuwoudts home Peacok at the Office view of Winery
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Cederberg General

  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    Coping with too many Digital Photos

    by kenHuocj Updated Mar 1, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Cederberg offers so many opprontunities to click away,
    whilst waiting for Luanne and the Ceonservancy man to return
    from the hike up the Cracks and to the Arch.
    beofre and after i saw the moving sun create
    so many variations to the weathered rock faces.

    Used Zoomorama, one has free storage of the big MBs //Sadly, this service ceased some years back, and no replacement has appeared //
    here is my Cederberg multi photo page link any alternative suggestion welcome

    Fondest memory: being with Nature.
    for the hike up along the paths and rocks,
    we need to be fit
    with strong knees too.

    I little out of the way for bulk of tourists, thus relatively tranquil, that's what we want, the peace and quiet away from the rat race ;-)

    the little pip on the top is destination ziz zagging our way up home of the small mammals colouful bushes base of the Cracks
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