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3-Day Guided Safari: Kruger National Park from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. On entering Numbi Gate you'll take a leisurely drive with your guide pointing out various bird species antelope and discussing our flora and fauna with you.Then stop at one of the Kruger camps for a lunch break before continuing on your afternoon game drive till gate closing time and then check in to your accommodation for a well deserved good nights rest as does your 3 day classic safari in order to have a greater chance of seeing game so you’ll get a wake-up call at 5:30am in order to get on the road by the time the gates open. You'll stop at one of the Kruger camps for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast you'll continue on your safari hoping to spot as many animals as possible before lunch when you will stop for another break
From ZAR7,500.00
4-Day Guided Kruger Park Adventure Safari from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. From Numbi Gate your 4 day adventure safari follows the Numbi to Skukuza road viewing plenty of game as you go. Many animals move towards water in the hot afternoon sun and you’ll see herds of impala and waterbuck on the banks of the rivers and at the waterholes. By the time you arrive at Skukuza the largest camp in the Kruger National Park you will have had a good idea of what’s to follow in the next few days on your Kruger Park adventure safari. You’ll be booking into camp before the gates close for the night and after checking in you’ll have a chance to freshen up in your chalet before joining others for a delicious buffet dinner at the camp’s restaurant. Days 2: Kruger Park (B D) The Kruger Park adventure safari gets going early in the Kruger
From ZAR8,900.00
2-Day Bushveld Safari Guided Tour from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 6:30am. From the Kruger Park gate slowly making your way to the camp for lunch game viewing on the way.  (This may change as we are in radio contact with other vehicles so it all depends where the action is).  After lunch you'll continue your Kruger Park bushveld safari game drive until late afternoon when you'll will mak as does everything in the Kruger National Park in order to have a greater chance of seeing game and our elusive predators still on the prowl so it is up bright and early in order to get on the road when the gates open. Breakfast will be enjoyed at one of the picnic areas or Kruger camps after which we continue our game viewing departing from the Kruger Park at 10:00am and returning to Johannesburg in the late afternoon."""
From ZAR3,750.00

wildlife Tips (19)

More than the Big 5

Unfortunately, too many people are only interested in seeing the "Big 5" that they miss the opportunity to see some of the other great animals that call Africa home. I say this because many of the...
Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2014

Animal spotting

To help you spot more animals try looking for what should NOT be there. For example, is that solitary dark tuft of grass in the distance really a tuft of grass or a lion lying low? Is that grey object...
Apr 19, 2006

Watch Carefully

Sometimes the slightest hint could be the big find. If you look on this picture carefully - this is how I discovered a leopard - just by its tale hanging from the tree. Other cars looked at it and...
MikeAtSea's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2005

Kruger is the best

Some people dislike Kruger because vehicles are required to stay on roads -- not permitted to chase and stalk the animals across the fields.I admire Kruger for that reason. Elsewhere in South Africa...
NedHopkins's Profile Photo
Feb 15, 2005


the speed limit must be adhere to they even have speed traps on the roads in the park most often just before closing time of the gate then the people are scared that they dont make it in time and get...
Braveheart.southafrr's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2004

Photo Safari!

What I loved about Kruger National Park was that everywhere you look there is something beautiful! Whether it wildlife, the landscape or the wildflowers. It was hard to take a bad photograph there! My...
diver-x's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2004

Finding the Animals - Patience is the Key!

I loved the fact that we were seeing animals in the wild! But remember that the park is huge and it is definitely not a zoo, so you will have to be patient and explore to find the animals you want to...
saraheg77's Profile Photo
May 07, 2004

Queen of the Beasts!

On our final morning in Kruger, we had left Mopani Camp by 7 AM as we had a relatively long drive to the south, hoping to reach the Nelspruit area before dark. About a half-hour later, we noticed...
Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2004

Cameras and binoculars

You really need a 300mm zoom lens to capture some great pictures! I took a 120mm handheld, but the zoom was'nt good enough to get the great shots I wanted. Luckily Neil 'The Bearded Heron' let me use...
MattTB's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2003


If you stay in the park at night you get the real wild feeling. The sounds of the animals in the dark is just awesome. The hyena sniffling around the garbage can at night, while we were sitting near...
Go-again's Profile Photo
Jan 10, 2003

Look to the ground

Not all the wildlife is big and famous. If you are camping look to the ground when you are eating. Birds tend to pick up the leftovers. There are some colourfull birds in the park. This Frankolin with...
tompt's Profile Photo
Oct 02, 2002

Finding the animals

Try to recognise the signs and you will find the animals easier. Are there many trees broken, or pulled out of the ground? There must be elephant in the neighbourhood.Sometimes you will find a lot of...
tompt's Profile Photo
Oct 02, 2002
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Top 5 Kruger National Park Writers

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"*THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK* and the surrouding area"
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"Kruger, the total wildlife comfort!"
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"Kruger National Park"
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"The Kruger National Park – Wildlife Paradise"
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Things to Do Near Kruger National Park

Things to Do

Game Drives (guided)

Our lodge (nThambo Tree Camp) offered two guided safari rides each day, one at 5am and a second in the late afternoon, usually starting at 4pm. A large jeep, as in the attached photographs, was used...
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Getting to Kruger National Park


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