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3-Day Guided Safari: Kruger National Park from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. On entering Numbi Gate you'll take a leisurely drive with your guide pointing out various bird species antelope and discussing our flora and fauna with you.Then stop at one of the Kruger camps for a lunch break before continuing on your afternoon game drive till gate closing time and then check in to your accommodation for a well deserved good nights rest as does your 3 day classic safari in order to have a greater chance of seeing game so you’ll get a wake-up call at 5:30am in order to get on the road by the time the gates open. You'll stop at one of the Kruger camps for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast you'll continue on your safari hoping to spot as many animals as possible before lunch when you will stop for another break
From ZAR7,500.00
4-Day Guided Kruger Park Adventure Safari from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. From Numbi Gate your 4 day adventure safari follows the Numbi to Skukuza road viewing plenty of game as you go. Many animals move towards water in the hot afternoon sun and you’ll see herds of impala and waterbuck on the banks of the rivers and at the waterholes. By the time you arrive at Skukuza the largest camp in the Kruger National Park you will have had a good idea of what’s to follow in the next few days on your Kruger Park adventure safari. You’ll be booking into camp before the gates close for the night and after checking in you’ll have a chance to freshen up in your chalet before joining others for a delicious buffet dinner at the camp’s restaurant. Days 2: Kruger Park (B D) The Kruger Park adventure safari gets going early in the Kruger
From ZAR8,900.00
2-Day Bushveld Safari Guided Tour from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 6:30am. From the Kruger Park gate slowly making your way to the camp for lunch game viewing on the way.  (This may change as we are in radio contact with other vehicles so it all depends where the action is).  After lunch you'll continue your Kruger Park bushveld safari game drive until late afternoon when you'll will mak as does everything in the Kruger National Park in order to have a greater chance of seeing game and our elusive predators still on the prowl so it is up bright and early in order to get on the road when the gates open. Breakfast will be enjoyed at one of the picnic areas or Kruger camps after which we continue our game viewing departing from the Kruger Park at 10:00am and returning to Johannesburg in the late afternoon."""
From ZAR3,750.00

Night Drives Tips (8)

Night Drives At all major rest camps: Night Game Drives

All of the major rest camps offer night and early morning game drives. For R100 per person (about $15 USD), you get a 3 hour tour of the surrounding park area back roads in an open-air bus, often spotting some wildlife that you might not see during the day. Things we saw on game drives that we didn't see on our own are: rhino, hyena and jackals. We did catch a glimpse of a male lion on our own, but we got a much better look at one on a game drive.

If you are very lucky, you might also see lions on the hunt. We did see giraffes, zebra and wildebeests running a lot at night, as if they were running from something. But we didn't actually see what they might be running from.

Some of the guides are very knowledgeable and will tell you things about the wildlife you might not otherwise find out. For instance, one guide told us that studies show that the average giraffe will, at any given moment, have 1000 ticks on it. That was all the information I needed to stay out of the grass!

Night drives usually leave at 5:00 PM, but during the winter, they leave at 4:30 PM. The tours last about 3 hours.

Dress Code Not sure how it is in the summer (Jan-Feb), but we were there in the fall (May) and the game drives were quite chilly. A hat, sweatshirt and windbreaker were essential clothing. Long pants were also very helpful.

diver-x's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2006

Night Drives: Night Driving!

As with the game walks, night drives are often offered at the campsites. These tend to be quite expensive and book up quickly, so make sure you get in there fast – especially if you are only staying one or two nights. I have been on night drives a few times and not really had much success in seeing animals. That said though, I have heard many stories of the great sights that await one after dark – so I guess, with everything in a game park – you could get there five minutes too early or five minutes too late!

It is an experience, so I do recommend going at least once. You all pile into the back of a truck, fitted with seats down either side. Although the truck is open at the back, there is usually canopy overhead - to keep off the rain! Whoever sits in the two front seats (left and right) is in charge of manning the spotlights that are trained into the bush on either side of the road. When the light reflects off an animal’s eyes, they glow in the dark and it is those glowing pin-pricks that can indicate game in the bush.

Dress Code I would recommend you bring along a think blanket to cover your knees, and a jacket to keep off the night chill. As the open backed trucks start to move through the park, the wind picks up and if you are not nicely wrapped up, it could be an uncomfortable hour or two!

kzngirl's Profile Photo
Nov 18, 2005

Night Drives: The best open bar in the world

Having a sun downer during a game drive in a private game reserve is tradition. Enjoy a drink as the light fades away, with the sounds of the bush surrounding you. Even though the sun sets - it appears as if the bush just wakes up.

MikeAtSea's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2005

At night the animals are at their best

Take a drive at night. Be carefull and first ask the park officials if you can do so. If lucky, you can do it on your own. If not, you will have to hire a guide, which is quite expensive.
But some rands or greenies can do wonders!!!

johanl's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2002
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nightdrives: Nightdrives

Every Kruger camp offers nightdrives. Depending on the season there are different options. In april 2001 we could choose between a nightdrive from 17:00-19:30 or from 20:00-22:30. In september 2002 there were only nightdrives from 17:30-20:30. This nightdrive costed 75Rand.
It is the oppertunity to see the nightanimals. It is not allowed to drive your own car in the park after dark.

Dress Code Take a warm wind- and waterproof jacket.

tompt's Profile Photo
Sep 26, 2002

Night drives

Kruger parks only form of nightlife entertainment, is to go on a night drive, organised by the staff at the park. They take you out in the night with spotlights which allows you to see nocturnal animals such as leopard, hyena, hippo and nocturnal birds.
Creates an interesting perspective and should be tried at least once.

Dress Code Warm clothes. Especially in winter.

7311275152084's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2004

Night Drives: Night-time safaris

To view nocturnal animals, like buffalo, go on a night tour as camp gates close at about 6pm, so you are literally locked in for the night! But this is for your own safety.

When we were last there, we were VERY fortunate to see two huge herds of buffalo just before 6pm... they actually blocked our path! We just sat and patiently waited for them to move on... it was thrilling and a VERY exciting finish to an awesome day!

Dress Code Dress for warmth and comfort. Take some water with you and a torch.

Jenniflower's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2005

Night Drives: Night Safari Drives

Night is a great time to see many animals that are not out or active during the day. We got a chance to see a Cheetah and also a pack of hyenias on the hunt.

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Jan 23, 2005

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Things to Do Near Kruger National Park

Things to Do

Game Drives (guided)

As part of the price of the safari with Viva Safari we received 5 game drives. One sunset drive, one early morning drive, two afternoon drvies and one Kruger Park drive (for more on the Kruger Park...
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