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3-Day Guided Safari: Kruger National Park from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. On entering Numbi Gate you'll take a leisurely drive with your guide pointing out various bird species antelope and discussing our flora and fauna with you.Then stop at one of the Kruger camps for a lunch break before continuing on your afternoon game drive till gate closing time and then check in to your accommodation for a well deserved good nights rest as does your 3 day classic safari in order to have a greater chance of seeing game so you’ll get a wake-up call at 5:30am in order to get on the road by the time the gates open. You'll stop at one of the Kruger camps for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast you'll continue on your safari hoping to spot as many animals as possible before lunch when you will stop for another break
From ZAR7,500.00
4-Day Guided Kruger Park Adventure Safari from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 7:30am. From Numbi Gate your 4 day adventure safari follows the Numbi to Skukuza road viewing plenty of game as you go. Many animals move towards water in the hot afternoon sun and you’ll see herds of impala and waterbuck on the banks of the rivers and at the waterholes. By the time you arrive at Skukuza the largest camp in the Kruger National Park you will have had a good idea of what’s to follow in the next few days on your Kruger Park adventure safari. You’ll be booking into camp before the gates close for the night and after checking in you’ll have a chance to freshen up in your chalet before joining others for a delicious buffet dinner at the camp’s restaurant. Days 2: Kruger Park (B D) The Kruger Park adventure safari gets going early in the Kruger
From ZAR8,900.00
2-Day Bushveld Safari Guided Tour from Johannesburg
"Day 1: Johannesburg - Kruger Park (D) Depart from Johannesburg no later than 6:30am. From the Kruger Park gate slowly making your way to the camp for lunch game viewing on the way.  (This may change as we are in radio contact with other vehicles so it all depends where the action is).  After lunch you'll continue your Kruger Park bushveld safari game drive until late afternoon when you'll will mak as does everything in the Kruger National Park in order to have a greater chance of seeing game and our elusive predators still on the prowl so it is up bright and early in order to get on the road when the gates open. Breakfast will be enjoyed at one of the picnic areas or Kruger camps after which we continue our game viewing departing from the Kruger Park at 10:00am and returning to Johannesburg in the late afternoon."""
From ZAR3,750.00

Game Drives (guided) Tips (10)

Guided game drives for excellent game spotting

As part of the price of the safari with Viva Safari we received 5 game drives. One sunset drive, one early morning drive, two afternoon drvies and one Kruger Park drive (for more on the Kruger Park Drive see my tip on transporation tip).

Inside the Balule Reserve the only way of getting out of the lodge is by taking a drive as the lodge is "gated". The game drives are dependent on the length of your stay. Having a ranger take you on the guided safari allows you to keep your eyes open looking out for the wildlife. The ranger does encourage everyone to share any sightings.

Our ranger was excellent, he is an employee of Viva Safari and was a wealth of information. The four drives in Balule Reserve were on average 4 hours long (time does go by quickly) and the ranger does know his way around and where to find the animals, so we did get to see a variety of animals.

Inside Balule Reserve we saw elephants, hippos, giraffe, zebras, monkeys, many, many impalas, waterbuck and the prize of them all, a 14 member lion pride. (See my travelogue for more on the lions of Balule).

The game drives are much more personal and up close and although I enjoyed visitng Kruger Park I was happy to have the opportunity to have the private reserve drives.

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
Aug 12, 2015

Safari Drive

Our lodge (nThambo Tree Camp) offered two guided safari rides each day, one at 5am and a second in the late afternoon, usually starting at 4pm. A large jeep, as in the attached photographs, was used and it was manned by a driver and a tracker, who sits on a special seat at the very front of the car. On each ride, we set off all over the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve looking for animals and stopped whenever we saw any. The driver remained in communication with other jeeps in case rare animals were spotted elsewhere, in which case we raced to the location before the animals hid from view - this would typically happen for lions or leopards.

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Jan 08, 2014

A must do

You should take a game drive that is guided. You must remember that spotting animals is a matter of luck and no one can very well predict spotting them, but given the abundance of wildlife in Kruger, save for the big cats like Lion and Leopard, you have a high probability of seeing all the other animals. The driver guides have very good knowledge and provide useful information about animals, birds and the forest in general. They are well trained and have a keen sense of hearing and observation. Our driver and guide by name Solley in Berg en Dal was simply too good. If ever you go there,try to go in his vehicle. He is wonderfully talented.

There are specific times at which they offer guided game drives --
*Early morning game drive starts at 5,30 a.m. sharp. It is a good time to spot animals. We saw plenty of animals in this drive -- giraffe, zebras, elephants, imphalas, kudus, hyenas, buffaloes,rhinos -- could all be seen easily.We saw the Big four and could not see the Leopard.
*The Sun set Game drive is the best one to spot all the animals. It lasts for 3 hours starting at 5.30 p.m. We saw all the big five in this drive!! It was so exciting... 5 on 5!!!
*There is one game drive in the afternoon too, when they try to spot animals coming out to drink water in the hot afternoons, but this is not the best time is what the guides say.
I would suggest that you take the Sunset drive for sure. If you are unable to spot animals at that time, then take one more guided trip.We just indulged ourselves and our boys and did three game drives.
*The Late night game drive is for 2 hours and starts at 6,30 p.m. This is also a good chance to see animals.
Apart from this do take your own vehicle for self driven game drives!

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Jun 03, 2013

Game Drive

It certainly is worth taking a guided drive in one of the landrovers. Not only do you get good views from being up slightly higher than when in a car, you also benefit from the rangers knowledge.
Taking an organised trip also means you get to go where the general public are not allowed to go.

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Jan 14, 2008
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Hotels Near Game Drives (guided)

C O Malelane Sun Lodge
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Kruger National Park, Nelspruit, 1350, South Africa
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Greater Kruger Park, South Africa
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Kruger National Park, South Africa
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Pioneer Dam, 1390
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Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park, Hoedspruit, 1380, South Africa
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Game Drives

We stayed at the rest camps inside the park and they all offer early morning and evening game drives. You are taken out in a small, open-air bus and drive around for 3 hours looking for animals. The morning drives leave before sunrise, at 5:30 AM and the evening drives leave just before sunset at 5:00 PM.

We were there in May, and even though it was comfortably warm during most of the day, the morning drives were COLD! The evening drives weren't much warmer. If you're there in the cooler months, you'll need several layers to stay warm. Bring a hat, sweatshirt, windbreaker and long pants!

I have to say, there wasn't much that we saw on the game drives that we didn't see driving around on our own. We saw a rhino, some jackals and a hyena, which we didn't see on our own. But all of the rest, (lions, elephants, buffalo, etc.) we did see on our own and in higher concentrations. So you don't HAVE to get up early to see good stuff, but you never know what you might miss if you don't!

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Jun 23, 2006

Sunset Dam

Sunset dam is a great place to watch hippos, crocodiles, and various water birds. You can find spoonbills, grey heron, yellowbilled stork, openbill stork, egrets, yellow weavers, black crake, blackwinged stilt and, African jacana to name a few common to the region. You can find many vantage points along the dam and get very close to the water.
Sunset is located on the lower sabie road H4-1 about 1km north west of lower sabie.

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Dec 02, 2004

Sabie Sand Wildtuin: guided day drives

Starting very early in the morning, they pack you in a Jeep and drive you around the Nature reserve.

Since there are several Camps and Jeeps and all are connected with radio equipment, they inform each other, if they see anything interesting.

So here is your best chance to see the "big five" (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephant) real close up, but in the wild.
Also you get all the information you need and want to know.

Isn?t that lion just the cutest?
I am not going to rub its belly anyway, sorry.

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Jun 14, 2004

Safari tours

Safari tours that usually take place early in the mornings and late in the evenings and last 4 hours. After two hours of 'hunting' your ranger and his tracker stop and you are allowed to step out of the jeep right to the wilderness to enjoy a nice evening cocktail or morning breakfast. But beware of wild animals that can pass you nearby without notice!

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Apr 15, 2004

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Early Morning Game Drives

Rise and shine the animals are up and are in full view. In an open air Jeep you are experiencing not only the sights and sounds but the smells as well. The jeeps and guides can communicate with radios and go off road on to trails so that your viewing pleasure is enriched.

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Feb 08, 2004


A safari in South Africa's Kruger National Park is an awesome experience and if you can combine it with a walk and night drive, then all the better.

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Feb 19, 2004

Things to Do Near Game Drives (guided)

Things to Do

Game Drives (at night)

This is a good time to spot animals. Make sure you wear warm clothing since the vehicle they take you in has open windows. They do provide you with blankets but the forest can be quite chilly in the...
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Big 5

Large herds of elephants roam Kruger. They can be spotted throughout the park. Elephant conservation has been a bright spot at kruger with population well over 10,000 having to be occasionaly culled...
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Game Drives (Self-Driving)

Kruger is a top wildlife photography destination and as seriously keen on this kind of photography, I prefer the self-drive (well actually hubby is the greatest driver I know). But the park also ...
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These Eagles have a look very similar to the American Bald Eagle. They are known as fish eagles because there primary food source is fish and they will sit on a treetop waiting for a fish to come...
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Things to Do

other wildlife

Here is a picture of a local frog. it's about the size of finger and very colorful. It's important amongst all the big game to keep you eyes open for the some amazing small animals that can be seen...
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Things to Do

picnic areas

Pack some food and head on to one of the many scenic spots near your camp. It is a sure way to have some fun. The Afsaals trading rest house between Berg en Dal and Skukuza is one such place to stop...
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Getting to Game Drives (guided)


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