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    the outskirts of Atbara
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Atbara Things to Do

  • The River Atbara

    The River Atbara is the last tributary to feed into the Nile. It is seasonal in that the volume increases from June until the end of September. Four times each decade there will be a high flood which causes devastation.It is pleasant to sit beside the river, even to watch the ferry crossing. This tranquil scene has a darker side, though.In the...

  • Railway district

    An interesting walk can be made around the old railway district. You can look round the old and crumbling station, and witness the chaos that a Sudanese train journey entails. There's also some unusual houses where railway workers used to live, little cottages with domed roofs, and a small church - a testament to colonial days. And there was no...

  • The river

    When people talk about the river in Sudan they invariably mean the Nile - no wonder, given its tremendous size and importance. But the Atbara river is significant in its own right and, snaking off towards Ethiopia through Eastern Sudan, surprisingly large.As with the Nile itself, there isn't really much to see - lots of water and some fairly dull,...


Atbara Transportation

  • cross with the ferry

    Nowadays getting to Atbara is quite easy as there is a new tarmac road from Khartoum which takes about 4 hours. Unfortunately it is also used by heavy lorries bringing goods from Port Sudan to Khartoum, which can slow things a lot. In the past Atbara was the main place for the railway- either going north to Halfa, or east to Port Sudan, but it has...

  • the railway

    In the past the only easy way to get from Khartoum to Port Sudan was by rail via Atbara. Atbara was the HQ for the Sudan Railways Corp. The original rail system was laid by the British, and they made the bridge across the Atbara River which is still in use today for rail , road and pedestrians. However, the bridge is narrow and a new bridge is...

  • Getting there

    By private transport: Easy! Whether approaching from north or south, just follow the road running close to the Nile.By bus: Best place to catch a bus is from the northern bus station in Bahri (Khartoum North). There are not-too-crowded minibuses, as well as the usual assortment of trucks and Toyota pick-ups. Journey takes a few hours and will drop...


Atbara Off The Beaten Path

  • A day trip to the Pyramids...

    Atbara is a suitable base for trips to the nearby Pyramids of Meroe, which are located just off the highway near a village called Bajrawiyya. take any bus heading to Shendi or Khartoum, and hop out when you see the pyramids rising from behind the dunes on your right after an hour or so. Ask your driver or kamasaari (bus conductor) for "Al-Ahraam",...

  • The Train to Wadi Halfa and Khartoum

    Every week, there is a train from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa, arriving there in time for the boat to Egypt, returning a few days later with newly-arrived apssengers off the boat. The trip all the way from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum takes in excess of 40 hours, is very uncomfortable and slow, so Atbara is a good place to break the journey. Just for an idea...

  • Get bitten by midges

    Most visitors to Atbara treat the place as nothing more than a place to change transport, and try to leave almost as soon as they arrive. Many do not realise that atbara is situated where the Nile and the Atbara rivers meet, and that down by the waterfront are some great watery views. You can take a ferry over to the opposite bank of the Nile to...


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