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  • so much choice at dinner, even the dessert
    so much choice at dinner, even the...
    by sachara
  • Swimmingpool in the innercourt
    Swimmingpool in the innercourt
    by sachara
  • private bathroom with toilet and shower
    private bathroom with toilet and shower
    by sachara

Khartoum Things to Do

  • National Museum 4: Buhen

    Buhen was a trading centre from 12th Dynasty, declined during the Hyksos period and was reopened in the 18th Dynasty. It lay 25 km south of Aksha west of the Nile. The Temple is quite large and has about 40 pillars, and several rooms. Most walls and pillars are decorated and some retain traces of colour. At the back of the building the room there...

  • Gaddafi's Egg

    The Libyan built hotel [El Fateh Hotel] is called by the locals Gaddafi's Egg because it has the shape of an egg but with a protrusion on top.It is primarily white with windows of bright blue glass.Opinions waver between liking it, or hating it. I can't make up my mind. The building is now complete and used as a hotel and conference centre. Guests...

  • The Annual Flower Show

    The flower show has been held annually since 1968. It has been held at different venues over the decades : Gourashi Gardens, Friendship Hall and Khartoum International Fair Ground.It is held either on the last Friday in February or the First Friday in March. Having said that, in 2007 it was opened on Saturday 2nd March!There are prizes for the best...


Khartoum Hotels

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  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel

    Africa Road, P.O. Box 12290, Khartoum, Sudan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Burj Al-Fateh Hotel

    The Corinthia Hotel is a landmark along the Nile in the in the heart of Khartoum’s commercial...

  • 5M Hotel

    - We have had a good time staying in the 5M Hotel. Nice people and a comfortable place. And there...


Khartoum Restaurants

  • African style

    The restaurant is upstairs from the hotel reception. It is quiet , or at least when we were there. The decor was of an African design with bamboo, pictures of round huts, people preparing food etc. As soon as we sat down, the waitress brought naan bread and two dips, We had to wait quite a while for the food to be ready.We started with chicken...

  • Restaurant and Cafe

    There are so many new restaurants and cafes opening in Khartoum, often run by Egyptians and Lebanese. I know the name Spectra from living in Cairo, so thought it might be worth a visit.The restaurant upstairs is pleasant with wooden ceilings and walls hung with posters. There are tables for 4 or banquettes. We chose a banquette and asked for a...

  • High stile Good food

    We went to this restaurant for lunch on January 1st, immediately from the outside you can see that is special place... The the small parking place is full of suv's and other expensive's cars. You can sit inside or outside we choose the first, we sat in a big room with nice tables and pink chairs, we ate a little starter, hummus and cream of...


Khartoum Nightlife

  • Karaoke in Khartoum!

    In an exciting development, Papa Costa's, already the best place to be on a Thursday night when the Blue Stars band plays, has started having karaoke night on Saturdays. You, too, can be a star! And if you just want to watch the other stars (shooting and falling) you can have a nice meal, a smoothie, whatever. A very diverse crowd and fine for the...

  • Ice Cream

    Hey..this is the Islamic north so no hard nights of drinking. My friend got invited to a dinner at her acountant's house and invited me...she made some chocolate sauce and we picked up some ice cream here. This place is popular with the locals that can afford it and the expat crowd. In addition to ice cream they also sell snack and coffee here with...




Khartoum Transportation

  • Car Hire in Khartoum (and Sudan

    Mickey Tarag of 5M Car hire in Khartoum is exceptionally friendly, professional and reasonable on price. He'll rent you a car/4x4/bus with driver at a great rate. During our last visit (Jan '06) we were charged US$90/day for a sedan (which turned out to be a small 4x4 - which was better!) the price included all taxes and driver charge, except...

  • Traffic lights

    Not quite a transportation tip, but as it deals with traffic I'm putting it here.The road system in Khartoum has become quite complicated. The main roads are divided into carriageways, - right hand, left hand, and a wide central carriage way the seems to be dual and gives access to the two outer lanes. There are also traffic lights at all major...

  • "Rickshas"

    Nowadays Khartoum is facing terrible traffic congestion. In the past taxis, buses and pickups [boksis] were the main means of transport. In recent years minibuses have flooded the town, and the 'rickshas' are like flies round a carcase. They are noisy, do not obey any traffic regulations, making u-turns in the middle of the street, turning off...


Khartoum Shopping

  • Fruit

    When shopping for fruit the choice is either the main market or from stalls along the road. In Amarat beside the cemetery are a line of stalls selling fruit and vegetables. Walk along and compare prices before buying so that you get a feel for the price.The fruit is usually clean and well displayed. Most fruit is available nowadays- in season -...

  • Local stuff

    The locals claim this is the largest souq in Africa...thought the Mercato in Addis was but what do I know. There are many sections to the Souq. the one I went two was an alley that sold tourist items. Kkeep in mid if you are going to have problems with pickpockets and other petty crime in Khartoum this is the cab driver was even careful...

  • Produce market in Bahry

    The Bahry Aea, over the Nile east of Tuti Island, doesn’t offer a lot to see for a tourist. But, if you have the possibility to go there, visit the big, covered vegetable and fruit market. It is quite a sight and you can see what kind of produce is available – or not. If you start to buy things, don’t be surprised if young men with wheelbarrows...


Khartoum Local Customs

  • Women's dress

    All women in the past used to wear the tobe, a strip of long cloth wrapped round the body and over the left shoulder. The material was colourful and usually of fine cotton or chiffon. Many of the older women still do wear it. Many younger women wear the tobe only for special occasions like weddings.Most younger women wear a long skirt, long tunic...

  • In sickness and in health

    Medical services in Sudan are not cheap, but are readily available. In most areas there is a 'Merkhaz el Sahi' where a doctor is on duty to deal with emergency cases.Then there are the Government Run Hospitals - Khartoum Teaching Hospital, El Shaab Hospital, and Soba University Hospital which deal with general emergencies, and the common medical...

  • Eid el Adha

    Eid el Adha celebrates the occasion when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Ismail. At the last moment God sent a ram to be slaughtered in place of the boy. Every year Moslems kill a ram or goat . All adult males are expected to do this. The meat is divided so that the family has some and the rest is distributed to the poor and needy.This year...


Khartoum Warnings and Dangers

  • Mosquitos

    Especially after the rainy season , mosquitos come out in swarms. The government announces there is no risk of malaria after the houses have been sprayed and small planes spray overhead. Frequently this is enough, but still WHO pronounces Sudan as a Mosquito / malaria area,So to protect yourself, get a prescription against malaria.Pharmacies also...

  • Check your passport before flying to...

    If your passport stamp shows youve been from Israel, you may be denied entry in Khartoum. Thats the policy in Sudan. Also, on top of your visa, you are required by law to register within 10 days from arrival, at the nearest local police station of the district you are staying, else you will be fined, held at the airport for interrogation, and may...

  • Get a Permit

    Travellers to Sudan need to get a camera permit. These are available from the Ministry of Information.It is not allowed to take photographs of bridges or military installations. If there is any demonstration or political meeting , it is wiser not to take pictures or your camera equipment will be confiscated..Some ex-pats have even been chastised...


Khartoum Tourist Traps

  • Taxi 'price list'

    Taxis in Kahrtoum (like everywhere else) are known to overcharge you.Arriving at Khartoum airport, I discovered a new trick. When we negotiates the price, they took out the 'official' price list. A piece of paper with trips and prices on it, nicely done on the computer, but no official stamp! So just ignore it and continue to haggle about the...

  • Register on entry

    One thing that has always frustrated me when travelling to Sudan is that once you enter the country an entry stamp is stamped on your passport usually over the visa which took so long to get. What is not always clear is that on the stamp it states that you should register yourself within 3 days

  • Cheap internet right between two...

    If you're staying at Le Meridien or Khartoum Plaza (The hotels are about 100m away from each other on the same street) you'll be interested to know that there's an internet cafe with about 30 PC's located between the two hotels. Their hourly rate is SD200 (+-US$1) Not sure what Le Meridien charges, but it's half the price charged by the Plaza. It's...


Khartoum What to Pack

  • A day Trip to Meroe

    It is hot and quite exposed so you need a good sun hat, and good walking shoes for the sand as it is very soft in parts. Plenty of high factor sun block. A cover to protect from the sand is useful You will need to take water, and maybe food, as there are no facilities at the site, also a torch is useful for seeing the carvings on the walls...

  • Cotton cotton cotton

    Strong cases to withstand manhandling at airports , or soft bags that are light to carry if going out of Khartoum trainers for walking around, flipflops for indoors.No need to bring special gear for the weather. When it rains nothing will protect the ferocity of the rain, but rain is very limited indeed.. Nowadays most toilet articles can be...

  • Mosquito Repellent and a Torch comes in...

    Very important to bring a pair of sunglasses if u want to look after you're eyes, light clothes and no dark colours, a nice pair of slippers will come in handy not the expensive ones because they might get wrecked, a good hat will always come in use,


Khartoum Off The Beaten Path

  • Soba

    The area called Soba lies about 12 km south of Khartoum Formerly agricultural land, it is now being encroached upon by housing and small industrial enterprises. We lived here for 18 years when working at the Forest Rangers' College, This has now become part of Sudan University Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. There is also a Research Station in...

  • Watch the locals fish in Jebel Olea

    Jebel Olea is about an hour South of Khartoum. It is basically a big dam and some of the pictures I took here were no no's. It is a great place to spend a morning as there is a small fish market along the side of the road. Bring your photo permit here and check in with the local security man....I got some cool photos here watching the locals throw...

  • The local boatyard in Omdurman

    Omdurman Boat Yard is situated along the Nile and on the edge of the Abu Roaf district of Omdurman. The method of building boats has been around since the Nubians. Local boat builders cut tree trunks and shape them into traditional style boats which are still used today. The trade is in danger of disappearing since fast development is ongoing in...


Khartoum Sports & Outdoors

  • football

    As in many countries in the world, football [soccer] is the favourite sport. Sudann has two preferred teams based in the capital: Hilal [the crescent moon on a deep blue background], and Meriekh [Mars, a yellow star on a red background]. Whenever these two teams play, crowds swarm to the stadium, and supporters of the winning team take to the...

  • Al Falwa Riding Center

    Al Falwa Riding Center is the first privately owned riding centre in Kharrtoum. It offers courses to beginners, intermediate and advanced riders of all ages. Classes are small- 4 to a group. The coaches are experienced, and there are a number of beautiful horses.Visit or call to find details of fees and times lessons are available. Normally a...

  • Football and Cricket

    Football is the major and popular sport in Sudan and I also enjoyed Egypt-Sudan match where the score was as follows:Sudan- 1Egypt- 3There are Indian communities who have settled here and Cricket is popular among them.


Khartoum General

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  • Early memories of Khartoum

    I have lived in Khartoum now for 40 years and have seen many changes, particularly in the last decade. I used to drive all over the 3 towns , and for some years drove from the southern outskirts [Soba] to north Omdurman to what is now the Faculty of Education. I have done this trip in half an hour, but nowadays it will probably take 3 times as long...

  • cafe and rest in KRT

    it is very safe plac .. but expensive country .. i am a sudanese amarican single mother working AS HR and Admin Manager if you feel you need more assistant or information please let me know :) congratulation for the offer

  • Internet Spots

    I discovered nice Internet facilities at the Regency hotel (former Meridien), Central Kahrtoum (corner of El Qasr street and Said Abdul Rahman Street).They have 6 computers in the nicely air-conditionned hall that you can use for 5 SDG per hour.Don't expect a supr-fast access, but they work pretty well and the attendant (office on the right just...


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