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Full- Day Arusha National Park Safari from Arusha
"Your day tour begins your hotel pickup in the morning followed by the short drive to nearby Arusha National Park. Often overlooked by visitors to Tanzania this is nevertheless a special place: your driver-guide will show you the marvellous Ngurdoto Crater and the splendid resident wildlife. In a park which is the only place on Tanzania's Northern Circuit where the acrobatic black and white colobus monkey c though an elephant sighting would be rare and lion are absent. But there is every chance to see giraffe and zebra waterbuck and dik-dik. Enjoy the colorful birdlife with trogon turaco and flamingo among the many species while you break for picnic lunch
From $288.00
Nairobi National Park Day Excursion
"Nairobi National Park Kenya's first ever National park is a unique and unspoilt wildlife haven within sight of the city's skyline. Rhino buffalo cheetah zebra giraffe lion and plenty of antelopes and gazelles can be seen roaming in this open plains country with a section of highland forest as well as stretches of broken bush country deep
From $190.00
Nairobi National Park Tour
"Visit the Nairobi National Park and embark on a long game viewing drive around the park. It was established in 1946 114 kms (44 sq miles) of pristine savanna with a large stock of migratory game and lies between the Nairobi-Mombasa railway and the garden suburb of Langata. It is open on its south-east perimeter and here the Kitengela Conservation Area allows a corrido""Visit the Nairobi National Park that lies within Nairobi city. One has an option of either morning or afternoon with an extra option for the safari walk with lunch at a top 100 world famous restaurant. Please note the morning tour takes 5 hours  and the atitle=Highlights&1=Enjoy+included+lunch+at+a+world-famous+restaurant&2=Nairobi+National+Park+Tour&3=Take+a+game+drive+in+the+city%E2%80%99s+natural+park"""Nairobi
From $70.00

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Tipping your guides, porters, cook etc

Porters and the guides (porters especially) do the toughest jobs on the mountain. So rewarding them for thier efforts is customary, I might even say, mandatory. BUT a few things to remember.....There...
jackfruit's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2004

Chagga family cave

At the hotel we would see new people heading of to start their climb on the mountain and it was a bit of a torture. So to get our minds of things we decided to go for a guided walk in the area. For 5...
Gard's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2004
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