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  • Peeled Coconuts!!!
    Peeled Coconuts!!!
    by tina4smart
  • Agbodrafo
    by tina4smart
  • Pirogue on the lake
    Pirogue on the lake
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Agbodrafo Things to Do

  • Vodoo in Agbodrafo

    Agbodrafo is today one of the voodoo strongholds in Africa where traditions, beliefs and superstitions are a way of life. Witchcraft, wicca and other rituals items can be seen along the streets all over the town. The place is genuine and the voodoo rituals are real.

  • Leorida beach

    Leorida beach is of the beaches in Agbodrafo. The place was once a popular seaside resort, but is now a mess used as public toalet for the locals. Don't expect a pristine sand and sea. The place is however interesting and has a lot of history.

  • The Slave House

    Simply known as "The Slave House" in Agbodrafo. This wasn't mentioned in my guidebook, but just ask around, people will point you in the right direction. This is an old buiding where slaves were kept under the floor in pretty horrific conditions before being shipped overseas. A trip down under the floor in the dark is quite a creepy thrill. Don't...


Agbodrafo Restaurants

  • Paradis bar

    Paradis bar is a local eating place and beerhouse close to the cemetery in Agbodrafo. The weird thing about this eating place is that you also can bring your own food and have it boiled by the staff.

  • Auberge taxi Plus

    Auberge Taxi Plus is a good place to eat and drink when you are in Agbodrafo. It is located close to the road, so the name "Taxi Plus" is suitable.The restaurant has a open air dancing floor and stage where the band can play. Chicken and rice.

  • Great place to eat-nice atmosphere

    The Safari's open air restaurant is a very pleasant place surrounded by well cared for gardens. The food is always good, fresh, and prepared under sanitary conditions...just go up and take a look at the crew at work in the open could eat off of the floor in there. Varied menu includes chicken, fish, pastas, salads, soups etc. Fish...


Agbodrafo Transportation

  • Bush taxi (taxi-brousse)

    Bush taxis (taxi-brousse) to Agbodrafo can be found at the autogare in the Grand Marche (Big market of Lomè). Just state your destination and you will be pointed to the next bush taxi. You will have to wait until the taxi is full of passengers before it leaves. So be prepared to wait. The trip to Agbodrafo takes 1-2 hours, and the fare should be...

  • To Agbodrafo from Lome

    Bush taxis(old run down vans) to Agbodrafo can be found at the autogare, which is in the Grand Marche(market). Just state your destination and you will be pointed to the next bush taxi that is headed to the area. You will have to wait until the taxi is full of passengers before it leaves...this can take hours, so be prepared to wait in the heat....

  • Agbodrafo Hotels

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Agbodrafo General

  • The family in Agbodrafo

    A family was sitting outside their house and prepared a dinner when I walked by their house. I was invited inside to see a newborn baby.

  • The school in Agbodrafo

    The school in Agbodrafo is located close to the sea. A lot of children came running towards the white man (me).

  • On the road to Agbodrafo

    The trip to Agbodrafo from Lomè takes 1-2 hours, and the fare was 1000 CFA (1,5 USD). The road pass along the coast shore of Togo, and you will see the big harbour, many beaches and former resorts, many villages, and jungle/bushland. Even a small snake was seen on the roadside in one of the stops close to Agbodrafo.


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