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Whitewater Rafting on the Zambezi River from Victoria Falls
"Having booked a white water rafting trip you will be tingling with anticipation. Its an active day so go easy on the alcohol the night before and have a decent nights sleep. You will be collected from your hotel between 6.30-7am and it is advisable you have a snack breakfast beforehand (bananasrusks etc). Wear light clothing that you don't mind getting wet - including footwear. Bring sunscreen and lip balm. Any surplus clothes and valuables will be securely locked away in a storage chest. At 7am you will have an initial briefing from one of our and then along the bottom of the gorge to the put-in point.The guide will balance out the boat in terms of positions and you will practice his basic paddling instructions for 10 mins or so. A paddle to the foot of the falls allows an incredible s generally runs from August - December and higher water rafting (usually Jan-mid/end March and again June-July) may clip some rapids and overall distance. Be aware rafting may close April-May - but this is subject to water levels.Hammer your way through infamous rapids
From $120.00
Sunset Cruises on the Zambezi River from Victoria Falls
"There is complimentary transfers to and from this activity within Victoria falls town. Arrive at the jetty site 7km out of town at approximately 4-4.30pm during the summer and between 3.30-4pm in winter. A band of native Ndeble warriors in full costume w and take a seat either port or starboard side. Staff will serve complimentary drinks of your choice throughout the cruise (there is a fully stocked licensed bar). The captain will then provide a welcome address and a full safety brief. He will then expla if animals plants or birds of interest are seen - a guide will give full details and often provide some anecdotal and humorous insights. Complimentary delicious snacks are served. After 2-2.5 hours of cruising head back to the jetty and be welcomed by the warriors on your safe return. Then take a complimentary transfer back to town.""""A classic sunset cruise on the evocatively romantic Zambezi river. Cruise on the quintessentially African river - famous of David Livingstone and other great explorers. The cruise provides a fully stocked complimentary bar and delicious complimentary sna
From $48.00
Victoria Falls - 3 Hour Sunrise Cycle
"There will be breaks along the way at scenic viewpoints alongside the perennial Zambezi hardly believing that this seemingly placid and innocuous river will be transformed into a terrifying torrent of water a few kilometres downstream.Continue onto the Big Tree a massive and ancient Baobab which is over a thousand years old as your guide explains the unique fauna and flora of the region. From here on to the leafy tree-lined suburbs and then into Chinotimba Township where you get a sense of local customs and culture. Wander through the bustling market as your guide points out the different fruit and vegetables
From $120.00
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