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  • Just leaving Herat during one of my visits
    Just leaving Herat during one of my...
    by Penelope4
  • Afghan women walking across the mountain
    Afghan women walking across the mountain
    by Penelope4
  • Things to Do
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  • at the hospital...

    Kabul Off The Beaten Path

    We managed to get access to shoot at a hospital for women- one of Kabul's main hospitals.Before i knew it, i found myself with the camera on my shoulder, in the gynaecology ward. It was the most bizzare feeling to think where i was standing at that point- and that too in a country that until so recently, was under the Taliban.

  • Kabul Serena Hotel

    Kabul Hotels

    After almost 4 years in Afghanistan, for a change, I thought of spending some nights in the most...

  • Find a car service if you're not...

    Kabul Transportation

    Traveling around Kabul is very dangerous. Find a car service that the hotel you are staying with trusts. As you call them make sure that the driver can speak your language well enough. Foreigners can make some people nervous as they think that they may be targeted if they seem like a spot where foreigners hang out. So make sure your driver knows...



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  • Sites to see in Bamyan

    Bamiyan Things to Do

    Once you make it to Bamyan, you can check-in at one of two hotes there, then organize your sight seeing trips.There are a few nice places to visit.Obviously, the Buddha site is the most interesting. It is close to the city, ans one can easily walk there.The Red City is 20 minutes by taxi, from the city. Then it takes 15 minutes to walk to the top,...

  • Hike or drive - look at the mountains!

    Bamiyan Things to Do

    You will need the best hiking shoes. Stones, sands, slopes - they make hiking not easy. The sights of Grand Canyon-like mountains make you forget the difficulties.

  • Don't mind the crowd

    Bamiyan Things to Do

    Afghan people are kind-hearted although they are not wealthy. If you see crowds, don't be scared. Unlike in other countries where they would gather if guys are fighting or is being mobbed, in Afghanistan, they gather together if somebody's playing a musical instrument, if there's a film shooting, if guys are having fun dancing their steps "Atan"....


Mazar-e Sharif

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  • Blue mosque

    Mazar-e Sharif Things to Do

    Imam Ali Mosque (Shrine of Hazrat Ali) is always surrounded with thousands of pigeons. It is said, that this place is so holly, that every pigeon get purely white within 40 days. The shrine is blue like sky with a lot of beautiful mosaics, yellow or dark blue. It is not allowed to entry for non-muslims, but i think it is so gorgeous, that it is...

  • Kam Akhtar/Eid ul-Fitr (or just Eid)

    Mazar-e Sharif Local Customs

    This is not really a local custom but we arrived near the end of Ramadan and I had never been in any other predominantly Muslim environments at this time of the year, so Mazar-e Sharif was the first place that I ever experienced Eid. Ramadan is the Islamic holy month of fasting and self-consecration to Allah. Eid ul-Fitr is a three day holiday...

  • Horsecart

    Mazar-e Sharif Transportation

    I know in most of the countries, especially in Europe going by a horsecart is something special and you have to pay a lot of money to use it. Mostly, tourists use the horsecart for example here in Prague to go around, but in my country Afghanistan horsecart is used as a normal way of transportation and it is a lot cheaper than Taxi. Horsecart was...



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  • the mess

    Kandahar Restaurants

    the army mess-- fixed time for meals of course- airconditioned- guns on the floor- diet pepsi cans in hand- huge big men in uniform and a few women- going chomp chomp...a bit too early for me usually- each meal. later i would end up feeding upon the packed MRE meals that were lying around at the media room...

  • not a great many options...

    Kandahar Transportation

    while figuring out ways to get from kabul to kandahar, there were two modes to consider- road and road, it takes almost two days, and we were advised not to venture out without a band of armed guards. that option was quickly consigned to the air- some journalists often take a ride on american military helicopters and airplanes...

  • chopper in chopper out!

    Kandahar Off The Beaten Path

    i was told that servicing a helicopter can take upto a month back in america. here they turn them around in just a few days...blackhawk, chinook, and apache helicopters are usually lying there opened up and bieng worked upon.



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  • Travel Warning

    Jalalabad Warnings and Dangers

    Apart from international staff work for INGOs or UN agencies, as far as I know there is no single traveller interested to discover Jalalabad yet. The number of international staff non UN are 35 persons only until the moment I built my webpage.Threat of kidnapping especially to foreigners, suicide bombers, rocket missiles done by Taliban, Al-Qaeda,...

  • Be ready!!!

    Jalalabad What to Pack

    Muslim style clothing for women for summer season: sjaal is a must to cover the head, baggy clothes no tight clothes, "european style winter clothes", "punjabi" style, if possible "chadari" or "burqa". For (young) man: jeans, t-shirt, ... but afghan style man clothing is preferable. Sport shoes, sandal, slippers, socks Bring your own complete...

  • Fresh fruits throughout the year

    Jalalabad Restaurants

    Throughout the year, Jalalabad has variety of fruits in the market. Autumn and winter: banana, orange called "kino". Summer and spring: melon, watermelon, mango, grape. The price is very cheap. All the fruits are ripen from the trees and most of them are brought from Pakistan. So easy for me to make fresh natural fruit juice during the hot season:...


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