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Historical Niah National Park Day Trip from Miri
"Not far from Miri about a 90-minute drive away is the Niah National Park house to the famous Niah cave which has a story dating back to 40000 years ago. It is the place of oldest modern human settlement and civilization found in this region. Upon arrival register at the park HQ and then travel by boat across a narrow river. Trek for about an hour after this before arriving at the famous archaeological cave. This cave is home to bats swiflets and other specially adapted animals. The Niah National Park is home to one of the largest limestone caves in the world. The Park covers 3
From $81.00
Rafflesia Flower and Gunung Gading National Park Safari from Kuching
"Gunung Gading National Park is a 2-3 hour drive from Kuching and is Sarawak's main conservation area for the Rafflesia the world's largest flower also the offical state flower of Sabah.The Rafflesia flowers can grow up to 100 centimeters and weigh up to 10 kilograms. The Rafflesia's are noted to give off a vile rotten meat smell to attract insects.The Gunung Gading National Park also leading through primary rainforest to beautiful jungle waterfalls. A  packed lunch is included. Note : Blooming Rafflesia flowers may be a fair distance from park headquarters so visitors should be prepared to walk for some time in hot humid conditions.""""The Rafflesia flower is the world's largest and is predominently found in Malaysia and more specifically located in the Gunung Gading National Park
From $96.00
Half-Day Sightseeing Tour of Miri City
"After your hotel pickup your tour begins with a drive through the town for an overview of its cultural history and development passing the Chinese Temple and the Resident’s administrative office. You will see the Miri Center Miri Resource Center Chinese Temple Taoist Temple modern and trendy shopping malls
From $46.00

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Gayana Restaurant

Eating at the restaurant on Gayana Island was like sitting in an aquarium and having breakfast.The breakfast buffet was very good and as you ate you could look over the railing and see all the fish...
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Dukit Coffee House

The Dukit Coffee House is located inside the Telang Usan Hotel in Kuching,There is a breakfast buffet served to all guests of the hotel.You have your choice of a western or Malay breakfast.Which ever...
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tamu kianggeh

for backpackers or road trips ....pick-up a variety of malay kueh tamu kianggeh ...usually sold in b$1 packs .... kalupis = rice wrapped in daun mirik ..full of energy ... travellers companion...
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Food Stall

The best Malay food is usually found at stalls in hawkers centers.The main diet consists of rice and curry.All kinds of seafood is available also.
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indian coffeeshop

indian coffeeshop or restaurant ... roti kosong ...roti telor ....roti kosong bawang...roti murtabak daging ... and so on kopi o or teh tarik .. and so on...
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