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Half-Day Battambang City Tour and Bamboo Train Ride
"STOP 1: PROVINCIAL HALL - SALAKET The historical building known as the Salaket has been used for many government functions and is a popular spot for photographers visiting the Battambang region. The Salaket stands out as a particularly beautiful work of architecture having been designed by the nationally famous Van Bolivian. As you stop to take pictures or simply marvel your tour guide will tell you about the building’s rich history.STOP 2: OLD STONE BRIDGEThe “Old Stone Bridge” earned it name during the French colonial period being the first stone river-crossing in Battambang. Since then it has become part of a network of many different trade routes and a commonly used meeting point for many of the local residents. This is seen by many as one of the more positive souvenirs left behind by French expansion
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Private Tour: Phnom Penh City Tour including the Silver Pagoda
"Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia was a bustling commercial hub during French colonial days and today has re-established itself as the political and financial center of the country. Its rich historical past can be traced to the Khmer and French influence evident in the ornate Khmer-style take a sobering look at Cambodia's disturbing past with a visit to the Tuol Sleng Museum a testament to Cambodia's recent bloody past under the Khmer Rouge regime. This tour operator is the 2007 Conde Naste winner of the Best Operator category in the World Saver Awards""""Explore Phnom Penh on this full-day private tour
From $120.00
Phnom Penh Full-Day Small-Group City Tour
"Your Phnom Penh tour starts with an educational experience about Cambodia's past. You’ll take a guided tour of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum a former school that served as a Khmer Rouge torture center. Then head out of the city to the Choueng Ek Memorial where a pagoda made up of some 8000 human skulls marks the site of one of the infamous Killing Fields. Afterwards enjoying a Khmer lunch at an NGO training restaurant and give back to the community.After lunch you’ll travel by moto-remork (a Cambodian tuk-tuk) and cross the Japanese Friendship Bridge leaving Phnom Penh to catch a ferry across the Mekong River to Mekong Island. The island is famous for silk weaving
From $107.00

More Off The Beaten Path in Khett Kaoh Kong

In the Cardoman mountains or down the river

If you have a little time and some inclination you can have some real adveture experiences in Khaoh Kong. Not much is organised yet, but you could start by dropping in and talking with Nick at Sauna...
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Mar 12, 2008
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Koh Rong Samloem

Khett Kaoh Kong
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On the Prek Koh Por, (just before the bridge to Thailand on the left side, right on the river), 09000
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Top Things to Do in Khett Kaoh Kong

Things to Do

The beautiful beach on the island

You are in the island, do not think you will be annoyed by local people who sales everything. I didn't see any vendors on the beach, I saw locals walking while we're there but I think those are...
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Things to Do

Some views of the island

On our way to the beach, we pass to this pool. This pool is belong to Freedom Island Bungalows Resort, but everyone is free to use the pool. If you buy a drinks from the resort restaurant you can to...
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Things to Do

Cabines to stay in the island

In this island you will not find high rise resorts, luxury hotels or whatsoever. Koh Rong Samloem doesn't all have those five star accommodation. Supply is limited in the island, most electricity...
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"Quiet but nice surrounding area"
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"Khao Khong"
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"Backpacking in Koh Kong"
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