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Full-Day Dalat Bike Tour
"Itinerary: 50km cycling (L)This ride offers the best sampling of single-track downhill riding in the Da Lat area. On this excursion you’ll visit numerous attractions in Da Lat City including the Crazy House King Bao Dai's Summer Palace Lam Ty Ni Pagoda the Valley of Love Da Lat Flower Garden Langbiang Mountain
From $135.00
Mountain Bike Tour of Langbiang Mountain and Bidoup Nui Ba National Park
"This tour starts with a 45 minute vehicle transfer from Dalat into the hills to the north west of the city. We drive up the western side of Dankia Lake and around the back side of Langbiang Mountain to an elevation of about 1750 meters. The vehicle drop- and crosses over a clear mountain spring that feeds into Dankia Lake. From here we start climbing up a series of hills than cross over streams and go through small farms. There is a brief flat section before we climb another hill that takes us to the top one of the most beautiful and secluded waterfalls in Vietnam. We have lunch by the side of the waterfall. Lunch consists of fresh veggies and fruits baguettes with an assortment of toppings and a French-style pastry to satisfy your sweet tooth. After lunch we start heading back and you get to cruise down a few of those hills you battled up on the way to the waterfall. The trail heads off in a different direction after a couple of kilometers so the ride back goes mostly through different terrain. We reach the vehicle at the start of a paved road and transfer back to Dalat."
From $54.00
Cycling and Rafting Tour from Dalat to Nha Trang
"The first section of the ride starts in pine forest and rolls through the hills with beautiful views of farms countryside and Nui Ba Mountain. There is one final 3 kilometer climb to the top of the pass before some serious downhill. The 28 kilometer uninterrupted downhill section is the longest section of downhill we offer. And the longest we have been able to find.After reaching the bottom of the pass we pull over to the side of the river and climb off the bikes and into the inflatable 2 ma purpose made for the kinds of rapids we encounter on the Cai River. This river forms from the many tributaries flowing out of the mountains we have just ridden down. We float down the river for a half an hour or so before stopping for a picnic lunch brea enjoy the fantastic scenery and float our way closer to Nha Trang. At the end of the rafting we climb out of the river and into our vehicle for a short 40 minute ride to the city center. The total riding distance is customizable with about 60 km being the norm. The rafting section ""
From $119.00

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Mondol Kiri

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Khett Mondol Kiri
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Top Things to Do in Khett Mondol Kiri

Things to Do

Mondulkiri Project - elephant sanctuary

This sanctuary has been operating for two years. They now have 7 elephants who have been rescued from lives of hard physical work. I had a great time on their one day tour feeding and walking with...
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Things to Do

Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary

I joined their 2 days trekking and elephant bathing tour and had a wonderful time. In fact, it was the highlight of my trip to Cambodia. This organisation does a great job in educating locals on how...
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