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Mekong and Tonle Sap River Sunset Cocktail Cruise with Dinner Option
"Enjoy an evening experiencing Phnom Penh from the water on this 2.5-hour cruise. Sail along the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers at sunset and take advantage of the all-inclusive nature of the trip which includes unlimited soft drinks and one alcoholic cocktail beer or spirit and delicious food.Step onboard and let yourself relax as your cruise sets off along the water. Quench your thirst with the large variety of available teas coffee soft drinks beer
From $26.00
Mekong River Silk Culture Cruise Including Breakfast and Lunch
"After boarding you will be served breakfast as your boat leaves the Tonle Sap to venture out onto the Mekong River. Your boat will first dock in the village of Prek Bongkong for an exhibition of how silks is made by tracing the steps from collecting the silk from silkw enjoy an aperitif with spring rolls and appetizers then lunch with French wines will be served on board.Then after rounding Koh Dach island you will discover an ancient and mysterious pagoda located minutes walk from the river. Guests can enjoy an atmosphere of serenity in very old ""Koki"" enviroment. Koki is a type of of teak wood unfortunately currently endangered in Cambodia due to over-harvesting.At 2pm
From $42.00
Udong Day Cruise Including Lunch and Unlimited Drinks
"Cruise from Phnom Penh to Udong the ancient capital of Cambodia and learn about the authentic riverside life at this historical site and its stunning overview on countryside and river. Sailing along the Tonle Sap river you will discover the scenic life on the river: floating houses traditional fishermen and pagodas along the river.Dock near Udong and enjoy a 10-minute trip by tuk-tuk up to the top of Udong Hills with our guide. Featuring old stupas and pagodas this site located in the heart of the former capital
From $49.00

Friends Restuarant Tips (10)

Friends the Restaurant: Dining and supporting a worthy cause

Having last visited a number of years ago, it seemed only right to return. The place is conveniently located near to both the National Museum and the Royal Palace this place serves as an ideal place to eat at for either lunch or dinner.

The menu specialises in tapas dishes and the menu is split into simple sections which gathers together the vegetarian dishes, the meat dishes and the fish dishes. I opted for the Sun- dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Wanton Wrappers and the ***ake, Mozerella and Herb Risotto Balls on a Tomato Sauce. There was also a board of specials so there was definitely something to suit all tastes.

The restaurant was incredibly busy and there is a high turnaround of diners. You can choose to sit in the small garden out front, the inside or the rear garden and all areas were very busy. Just buy the door are the names of the current students and the module number that they are studying as well as a list of the teachers who work there. Students are dressed in yellow T-shirts, the teachers in pale blue T-shirts. Food arrived quickly and was very well presented; it was as tasty as I remembered it to be from my previous visit. The staff were very pleasant and customer service is clearly an extremely high priority but I did feel that it had lost some of it's old charm and lacked slightly in atmosphere.

The desert menu has a number of tantalising tastes to choose from and it is very hard to choose. In the end, I opted for the Passion Fruit Tart with White Chocolate Icecream and I was not disappointed. The pastry was thin, crisp and light and the passion fruit had a gorgeous zesty tang to it.

All in all, this is a nice place to dine and you do so knowing that you are supporting a good cause.

CEP1863's Profile Photo
Oct 21, 2014

Friends Restaurant: very nice food and great initiative

If you're in Phnom Penh, I suggest you go eat here. It's not only nicely decorated, and nice food, but it's also a great initiative.
Children from the street can go to school, and can learn in the restaurant how to cook and how to serve, so they can get a decent
job when they are older.

mvdwater's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Friends Restaurant: Paintings Everywhere!

Some of the staff were waiting by the door and greeted us as we arrived. The place was pristine and glowed with warm yellow light. Numerous artworks decorated its walls.

Favorite Dish Apple Lime Freeze, Spring Rolls...

f8stop's Profile Photo
Nov 10, 2009

Friends: Eat and Help Street Children

The Friends Restaurant is part of Mith Samlanh, an organization that helps street children. I found out about it from my Lonely Planet guidebook under "Dining with a Cause." It is close to the National Museum and Fancy Guesthouse, where I was staying for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I arrived on Saturday night and left on Monday morning, and did not get to try it since Friends is closed on Sunday.

AlbuqRay's Profile Photo
Apr 05, 2009
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Friends Restaurant: Friends Restaurant

Friends restaurant opened in 2001 as part of a training initiative of the Cambodian non-government organization Mith Samlanh/Friends.

This program trains former street kids in the skills of hospitality.
The students with support from their teachers are actively involved in all areas of the restaurants operation, including designing the menu and creating new dishes.

Friends Restaurant is most famous for its Asian and Western tapas ($1 each) and snacks as well as its atmosphere and excellent prices.

Its fun atmosphere, great food and fantastic prices have made this restaurant very popular among expatriates and tourists visiting Phnom Penh.
Our favorite dish here is the Khmer Chicken Curry and they make the best icy cold milkshakes I have ever had!

All the staff are former street kids who have been gaining first-hand experience in the hospitality business, serving customers, taking orders, cooking and learning about hygiene in the workplace.

Since opening, The Restaurant has succeeded in becoming wholly self-sufficient and all profits are reinvested into the Training Centre activities.

Friends also sell a book called "The Best of Friends, The Restaurant " which has recipes of food you will find on their menu. All proceeds from the book go back to the Mith.Samlanh Friends organization.
It's a great book and well worth it, we have cooked up many of the recipes and they are delicious.
The stories, recipes, drawings and photos are fantastic, its well worth the price of US$29 and the kids have done all the write-ups and drawings.

We were very fortunate on our last visit to Friends to be taken on a private tour of all their facilities.
What an eye opener it was.

Hundreds of beautiful children swamped us. They were so excited we had come to see their class rooms. We watched young boys practicing their technical skills on old TV sets, girls learning how to cut hair, students having English lessons.

There’s not enough space on this site to go into detail what our experience there was like. It was fantastic but also so very sad.
It was also very special to see our names on the huge wall at Friends restaurant in recognition of a donation we made to help with the purchase of the land that the organization is on.

So Friends is a wonderful restaurant with good food and a great story behind it.

Phone: 012 802 072
Address: House 215 Street 13, Phnom Penh
Directions: Near the National Museum

Cathy&Gary's Profile Photo
Mar 19, 2009

Friends Restaurant: Excellent food for a good cause!

Eating at Friends restaurant has two huge thumbs up! First, it has amazing food. It's a tapas style restaurant and everything I have had so far are amazing! Second, the money you spend there goes towards training that helps Cambodia children learn a trade for a better life. I highly recommend this place. Also, next door Friends has a shop that is filled with a lot of recycable crafts that are pretty amazing! And, when you are standing in front of the restaurant, facing across the street, take a right then your first left. This street has many silk shops and other shops that are very fun to shop around at.

Favorite Dish The meatballs are amazing! I'm not sure the whole name but you'll see it on the menu. Also, the sweet potato fries, cashew chicken, and grilled vegetables. They also have an apple/lime freezy that is amazing! Who would have thought that combo would result in such a heavenly flavored ice drink. And the banana/strawberry spring rolls are good too!

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Oct 17, 2008

Friends Restaurant: Friendly Food

Friends is a non-profit restaurant run by former street kids and it is definitely well worth the visit. The food is absolutely awesome, the staff are great and the atmosphere friendly. Make sure you look out for the cookbook (I bought my copy from the Mith Samlanh shop in the Russian Market) so you can cook these tasty dishes back home.

Favorite Dish Mandarin & Mango Daiquiri, Khmer Chicken Curry, Mushroom & Leek Spring Rolls with Lemon Mayonaise. We had a group of 13 people and everyone raved about the food.

arianne_1504's Profile Photo
May 19, 2008

Friends Restuarant: Eating for a good cause

All proceeds go towards the education and job training of street children. They are trained at the restaurant, great service. Mainly Tapas on the menu, but main meal options available We opted for 4 tapas dishes with rice. Food is delicious and I would go back. We sat outside surrounded by plants. This is a very popular place so expect to share your table (not a problem with us). They have a generator in the event of one of the daily powercuts. Reasonably priced.

Favorite Dish Meatballs with sauce (like spare rib sauce) Sorry forgotten the name, but it was really good.

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Jun 09, 2007

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Friends Restuarant: Help Cambodia's kids while you eat

Friends is a really unique restaurant. I got this from a website:

"The Friends Restaurant is a thriving tapas bar which provides meals at lunch time and evening to hungry tourists to Cambodia. The meals are cooked and served by street kids (over 16 years old) under supervision of an Austrian Chef. The atmosphere at the restaurant is warm, friendly (as befits the name) and exciting. The staff grow in self esteem through the work and move on to open employment - a future very different from the one envisaged at street level.Goutte d'Eau has developed a water purification factory in Poipet with finance and support made available by DOH International and the European Commission. The street kids of Poipet are trained in the technology of water purification and the water is sold to the local population. The factory was the brainchild of a young Khmer American who escaped from and survived the Pol Pot regime. A brilliant invention, the water purification factory brings much needed clean water at a very low price to local people, introduces this technology to western Cambodia and provides employment, hope and prospects to street children in the area. "

Favorite Dish Everything we had was scrumptious!

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Mar 28, 2003

Friends - Mith Samlanh - Restaurant: Eat Meaningfully

Open for lunch & dinner. Part of a program for street children and their families & community in Cambodia, very meaningful meal.

Its a non-profit making restaurant.

Favorite Dish Fish soup with some peanuts at the bottom, green in color, but i forgot the name

Curry Chicken with Bagette

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Feb 11, 2003

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Getting to Friends Restuarant


#215, Street 13, Phnom Penh


  • Sunday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Monday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Tuesday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Wednesday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Thursday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Friday 11:00 to 22:30
  • Saturday 11:00 to 22:30