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Half-Day Phnom Penh Food Tour
"This morning at 8am you will be met by your guide at your hotel to start this unique tour. First we will visit Pshar Kandal and enjoy some local delights such as Mi Char (fried noodles) Sach kor ang (BBQ beef with papaya salad) noodle soups and small traditional snacks. Afterwards we will move on towards Pshar Chas where we can try some Banh Srung a small noodle dish with coconut milk and fresh rice noodle slices and Chek Ktis - a sweet dessert. After breakfast we will walk to Phnom Penh’s old French quarter – home to a selection of fine colonial era architecture. Here you will be able to see a nu starting with the post office and French administration building.   Moving onward we will walk to Wat Phnom.  Wat Phnom – meaning ‘Mountain Pagoda’ is a Buddhist temple located in the heart of the city. Built in 1373 it is the tallest religious structure in the capital.  Walking onward we will pass the national library and Raffles le Royal hotel with its colorful history. Opening in 1929 b The hotel has hosted names as varied as Jacqueline Kennedy and Pol Pot. Between 1970 -75 most of the journalists working in Phnom Penh stayed here it was the last refuge before the Khmer Rouge forced all foreign nationals in to the French embassy.  Moving on we will walk to the train station where we will see the large colonial built train station. We will continue our walk to Cambodia
From $60.00
Regime of the Khmer Rouge and Highlights of Phnom Penh Tour
"On this day tour will take you to a trip to Cambodia’s bitter past. You will visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Also known as “S-21” the museum was once a school but was taken over by the Khmer Rouge and used as detention and torture center of the regime.Next leg is Choeung Ek or more popularly known in the West as the “Killing Fields”. Although both sites are symbols of brutality and oppression they will give you a better perspective of Cambodia’s history and appreciate more the beauty the country has to offer.We will then take you to visit Stung Meanchey. The neighborhood is where you will find Pour un Sourire d’Enfant or “For the smil but you can surely drop by the center’s souvenir shop to buy some mementos.The remainder of the day we shall spend scouring the lively markets of Phnom Penh. Drop by Central Market an art deco structure presumably the largest market in the whole country. You may also want to try the Russian Market that is famous for its stone and wood carvings. You can find a variety of merchandise in both markets ranging from clothes to souvenirs jewelry
From $132.00
Phnom Penh Hop On Hop Off
"With a hot climate year-round this air-conditioned bus tour is a perfect way to see the sights in Phnom Penh. Killing Fields & S21 Shuttle Bus Tour a must-see tour while in Phnom Penh now is available on an air-conditioned tour bus.The tour will start when all hotel pick-ups completed. The bus will take you to Genocide Museum also know as Prison S21 under Khmer Rouge regime. Recorded English commentary will be played on the bus giving you some basic background about this prison. The bus attendant will explain some guidelines about the visit. Audio tour is available in English and French at a cost of $3; in-house guide can be hired as well for USD $2/person or you can visit the museum by yourself. The prison is composed by 4 buildings
From $15.00

Central Market - Psah Thmay Tips (20)

Central Market....Impressive Building

If you have seen some of Southeast Asian Market, well, this market in Phnom Penh shouldn't be miss. Is just an ordinary market, but it has a very impressive building in golden dome design. This is one of nicest market I've seen so far, not for what they're sale, I mean the architecture is very beautiful

This market is located in a large concourse, four pearl white wings filled with busy vendors racks. No matter what you are looking for, you are likely to find a bargain here. CDs and DVDs at cheap tees, lush batik and brocade textiles gold and precious stones, there is something for every taste here

The largest and busiest market of Phnom Penh is called Central Market, which is also called the New Market. The building was built in 1937 and is in dark yellow in color. The Central Market is ideal to visit on a super hot day. The building is in fact designed in such a way that despite of high temperatures always remains cool.

shavy's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2016

WANDER AROUND " Psah Thom Thmey"

Psah Thom Thmey (New Grand Market) has been open since 1937 so perhaps it should now be called the Old Grand Market! Just wander around and see the gems and jewelry inside, the fruit and flowers outside as well as souvenir t-shirts, bags etc outside. Be prepared to bargain hard. I bought a day backpack and a crocodile belt, but the whole process took 20 minutes and ended up paying 50% of the first asking price.

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Aug 25, 2014

Central Market - Don't miss the opportunity

As all around in Asia, one of the best places to visit is local market. As coming from a grey and sterile country, I am always, again and again, surprised about the amount of stuff I never knew exist, local habits, like bargaining in different cultures and cool atmosphere of these places. I can roam for hours just looking, smelling and searching the environment.

Photo 1: Main gate to inside. Be warned, there is the middle building and branches, multiple exists, so take some kind of navigation rule that you find back. I used a colorful sun umbrella but my wife said that similar are in every exit. They were almost similar, small differences could be found.

Photo 2: This young lady was outside before exit we went in. She made a couple of deals with us and she smiled like she were better with bargaining than us. Probably she did, but some scarfs, silk ties and polos we bought and they were cheap. Probably not done under the logos presented, right.

Photo 3: The main building inside. Mostly jewelry and "more expensive stuff" like in all better department stores, at least in our country. The best profits and the most expensive rentals for sellers.

And from the other parts of the building you can find everything you need in your life, and a lot of more, I concentrated to spices and drinking beer as normal. This is must in Phnom Penh (and in all other towns these exit).

Barber and sewing department included, so if you have some of your clothes damaged, take with you and you get em repaired.

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Mar 17, 2013

Central Market (Phsar Thmey)

Central Market is listed as my favorite market in Asia. This distinctive building has an unique art deco and shape like a dome with four arms branching out into vast hallways with countless stalls of goods. This is the landmark of the city as you can spot this architectural building from several mains streets in Phnom Penh including Street 63, Charles De Gaulle, Kampuchea Krom, street 130, 67, 61 and 53. It is like being in the center of the town.

It was first built in 1937 being the largest market in Asia. Between 2009-2011, it was renovated by the French Development Agency spending over US$4.2 million.

Today, it remains as one of the most popular markets in Phnom Penh for both tourists and locals. It is painted yellow gold both interior and exterior. It does't require light during the day as it depends on the sunlight shine it thought holes in the roofs and walls. It is decorated with European style lighting. Vendors are selling an amazing collection of gems and jewelry inside the building. You could find vendors selling souvenir, handicrafts, silks, t-shirts, postcards, fresh produces, beg and etc at the entrance and hallway of the building.

Don't miss...

Opening Hours: 7:00 - 17:00

In Khmer: Phsar Thmey

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Jul 03, 2012
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The Central Market or New Market is a huge dark yellow building built in the shape of a dome with four separate hallways that are attached pointing in 4 different directions. It was the biggest market in Asia when it opened in 1937, and still in operation today from early morning to early evening. Inside there are gem stalls, gold stalls, money exchangers, coins and medals, and outside there is mainly clothes, baggage, souvenir t-shirts, magnificent flowers, books, seafood and a wide range of souvenirs, electronics, and other products. Nearby is a new shopping mall with a supermarket.

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May 21, 2012

Under construction - literally.

If you have read any of my other pages, you will know that I love markets, and particularly Southeast Asian markets with their bustle and activity, sights and, yes, smells. I remember wandering about Phsar Thmey (Central Market) for ages last time I was on town in 1991 and my memories are of a wonderful, vibrant market. Unfortunately for me, but probably fortunately for stallholders and customers alike, at time of writing in February 2010, the whole central building is under some sort of renovation and completely closed off.

There are still stalls in the surrounding streets, clinging like barnacles to a shipwreck but it is a pale shadow of the place I remember. Hopefully when I return (and I fully intend to) it will have returned better than ever, although I can't help but worry it may become a bit antiseptic and lose some of it's charm. We shall see.

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Jul 10, 2011

Art Deco design

The Central Market was built in 1937 and is a masterpiece of Art Deco design - perhaps one of the finest examples of this era in Southeast Asia. The building features a huge central dome with four wings but it was being renovated when I visited in December 2008 and all the food stalls were crammed next to each other outside. Normally the inside is teeming with numerous stalls that sell goods ranging from gold and silver, antique coins, money exchange, men and women apparels, clocks, books, flowers, food, fabrics, shoes, souvenirs, fish, seafood, dessert, luggage, and countless other products.

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May 02, 2010

visit the Central market

The Central market is in a large ART DECO building.

There are heaps and heaps of stalls, inside and surrounding the market, where I think you could find virtually everything, including, gold shops, money changers, electronic shops, & more.....
You can buy a Khmer scarf from here if you wish.

All roads seem to lead here, and it is very busy. I thought the items that I bought here, were very reasonably priced. These were a couple a pair of shoes and some nice bags.


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Sep 05, 2009

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Phsar Thmey (Central Market)

If you can’t find what you need in the Russian Market, head out to the Central Market. Before you enter the main building you can find rows and rows of food & drink stalls which goes at a really cheap price. Inside the main building you can find things like pirated watched, jewelry, clothes, books and other stuffs which sure to make you want to take out your wallet and buy them all.

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May 28, 2008

Soooo much too buy, such cheap prices...

This is great for a visit, soooo much shopping you can do, it is fun!! You can find really many clothes, watches, bags, etcetera... and the prices are really cheap, just bargain and you will get your price. Just walk pass the 'shops' and enjoy!

Visit this busy market for gold shops, money changers, electronic shops, stationary, second hand clothes, food, watches etc... Though the choice of goods for sale may seem comparable other markets, the quality is usually superior to what you would buy elsewhere.
The structure was built in 1937 in Art Deco style on an area that was until 1935 a lake collecting the runoff during the rainy season.

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May 01, 2008

The Central Market

This is an excellent opportunity to try to find anything you need, or you don't need, but could serve you for a present to one of your friends, when coming home. Impossible to imaging something they don't sell. And even , when they don't have what you want, they will send somebody away to find it for you.

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Apr 01, 2008

Markets, Markets, Markets

Worth a go to wander around, inside the huge easter egg looking structure itself houses lots of watches, jewelry, silver and etc. Outside there is a bonanza of foods and little shops selling clothes, bags and little trinkets. Overall I didn't feel like there was a ton to buy here, more just things to see and a chance to sample some foods. There are definately better markets in Phnom Penh.

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Feb 04, 2008

Things to Do Near Phnom Penh

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Tuol Sleng Museum

Tuol Sleng Museum, the complex used a secondary school until in 1975. Then the complex was occupied by the Khmer Rouge and used as a prison. The prison, known as S-21 eventually became the place where...
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Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument

Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument is located on streets between Street 7 and Sothearos Blvd. It was built in the late 1970s by the communist regime that took power after the Cambodian-Vietnamese...
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Sisowath Quay

The bustling Sisowath Quay promenade was recently renovated. The lady owner from our guesthouse told us about this area Four years it has been a building site that the view of many hotel visitor...
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Russian Market

To get here by tuk-tuk cost $4 because this is further out the center. This market offers many kinds of products from fabric, souvenir, shoes, jewelry, clothes. You also find tailoring, hairdresser...
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Silver Pagoda

Located within the Palace compound sits the Silver Pagoda .Removing our shoes we stepped inside . We were immediately wowed ! The floors are covered with 5000 silver tiles each weighing over a kilo...
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Foreign Correspondents Club

The FCC is housed in a three story French colonial building. It faces onto the Tonle Sap River near its confluence with the Mekong. The FCC dates from the 1990s and was once a hotbed of journalistic...
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