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Phnom Penh Full-Day City and Architecture Tour
"Today explore the fascinating capital city of Phnom Penh. Sitting on the banks of the Ton Le Sap and Mekong Rivers Phnom Penh is a city rich in history heritage of exotic post-colonial culture. Largely constructed in the 1920s and boasting some of Asia's best preserved Art Deco architecture the 'Pearl of Asia' is the perfect place to learn more about Cambodia both old and new. Start the day with a tuk tuk ride to the magnificent Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda complex. Explore the elaborately constructed palace buildings and get a closer loo coupled with the 5000 silver floor tiles that give the pagoda its name.Walk on to the nearby National Museum before enjoying lunch at Friends International Restaurant. As an important NGO supporting marginalized young people in Cambodia for 20 ye Friends International boasts a menu of Cambodian classics with a twist. In the afternoon embark on a guided walking tour through the busy streets of central Phnom Penh. Start from the water front and explore some of the city's best-preserved colonial architecture
From $88.00
Half-Day Phnom Penh Icons City Tour
"Departure times starts from 7:30am onwards from your guest house hotel or from our shop.Return approximately six hours after departure time.Your day will begin by a short drive to the Independence Monument. Then you will discover the majestic architecture and beautiful statues of the Royal Palace. After leaving the Royal Palace you will enjoy a morning tea of a local traditional specialty. Your morning will finish by the visit of the National Museum an iconic building built in the 1920s and inspired by temple architecture. It is home to many beautiful art works artefacts and sculptures from across the ages.A lunch will be offer in a traditional restaurant to taste you the local dishes of Cambodia. From here you will take a short drive through the bustling tourist precinct of Riverside to Wat Phnom Temple. Built in 1373 this Buddhist structure is the highest religious structure in Phnom Penh.To round off this beautiful day
From $77.00
Traditional Dance Show
"The beautiful gardens of the museum are the setting for each 60-minute choreographed performance showcasing more than just typical Apsara dances. Discover the diversity of Cambodian culture and traditional arts through original and enjoyable pieces.Monday through Saturday (High Season)Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday (Low Season) ancient large shadow puppetry and/or Yike Cambodian musical theater drama and as well as new creative artistic work.As part of Cambodian Living Arts Artists Development program Sunday programming is dedicated to the development of diverse art forms and aspiring arts practitioners
From $15.00

National Museum Tips (53)

History and religion

The museum is a beautiful typically Cambodia style architecture. It has nice gardens. Its location is almost next to the Royal Palace. It has a sharp decline of the rooms which is usually the case of snow
countries. It has many Buddha statues and and historical sculptures. Before visiting the Royal Palace, please come here because its a relatively small site and you still have enough energy to go to the Palace which requires much more energy and time.

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Feb 15, 2015


A visit to Phnom Penh would not be complete without a visit to the National Museum, even if it is just to gaze at the renovated building. Inside the museum you will see the best collection of Khmer art, and there are a total of over 14,000 artifacts from prehistoric times to after the Khmer empire.

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Dec 04, 2014

The Return of the Prasat Chen Sculptures

Pride of place in Cambodia's National Museum go to five of the nine states that were looted from Prasat Chen in the Koh Ker temple complex in Siem Reap during the 1970's. Housed in a small room on their own, the damage is all too plain to see and it left me with a curious mixture of joy because they were finally back on Cambodian soil but immense sadness as to the extent of the damage. Hindu mythology is depicted in the statues as the warrior Duryodhana is struck down by his cousin Bhima at the end of a famous duel watched by seven attendants.

Two of the kneeling attendants were voluntarily returned by MOMA in 2013. The statue of Bhima was voluntarily returned by the Norton Simon Museum in 2014 and another of the Prasat Chen statues, the Balarama was quietly acquired by Chrities and handed back to Cambodia. Only after a protracted legal battle which saw the U.S. Government file a lawsuit on Cambodia's behalf did Sotheby's finally agree to return the statue of the warrior Duryodhana.

Whilst it is brilliant to see five of the nine states back on Cambodian soil and it is a true testament to the dedication and commitment of the team of archeologists who secured their return, it is still heartbreaking to see the empty plinths. Hopefully, I will return before too long and see all nine reunited once more.

For a detailed account of the return of these artefacts go to:

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Oct 24, 2014

National Museum

The museum is an eye-catching structure, and is the country's leading historical and archaeological museum. The Museum buildings are inspired by Khmer temple architecture, were constructed between 1917 and 1924, and are an attractive Rust Red colour.

Inside is one of the world's largest collections of Khmer art, including sculpture, ceramics, and lots more. The Museum’s collection includes over 14,000 items, from prehistoric times to periods before, during, and after the Khmer Empire.
There is also a collection of important Buddhist and Hindu sculpture. Pieces date back to the 6th century.
As photo's aren't allowed, I stopped at the Museum shop and bought some postcards and a nice souvenirs.
Cloakroom facilities are available at the main entrance where large items and bags are to be left.
Toilet's are located downstairs near the main entrance.
I found this museum to be very good and interesting, and should be on your places to visit list.


OPEN...8.00am until 5.00pm daily. Last admission tickets are sold at 4.30pm.

$5 for foreign visitors, 500 riels for Cambodians. Children and school groups are free
Guided tours can be arranged for individuals or groups at the museum entrance. Tours are available in Khmer, English, French and Japanese. A one hour group tour costs $3

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Jul 19, 2013
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The National Museum

This museum is housed in a red brick Khmer style building which was built by the French in 1917. Inside there is a collection of Khmer sculptures from the 4th to the 14th century.

The museum has a pretty courtyard with ponds and trees. I read somewhere that the roof of the museum is home to a colony of bats which swarm out at dusk.

Admission: $3.00/person.
Open everyday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Address: Samdech Sothearos Boulevard

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Jul 05, 2013

National Museum - Khmer history

The National Museum (Sala Rachana) is a nice place to visit, there more than 10 000 of objects telling Cambodian story from the 4th -13th centuries and it's the largest museum of history in Cambodia. The size of the museum us handy, you don't need to wander around hours and again hours, but you get a nice touch to Cambodian just taking a round (the museum like a square circle :) There is a small bar serving beverages and beer, at least when I was there it was really hot!

The Museum was build between 1917 and 1920 and has very nice Cambodian design and it's like a square with inner yard which is like a small garden. The museum was inaugurated during Khmer New Year on 13 April 1920 in the presence of H.M King Sisowath (statue in my Wat Phnom review),

The National Museum of Phnom Penh has the responsibility to preserve and exhibit Cambodian treasures to the public. The collections can be divided into four main categories: stone, metal, wood and ceramics. The National Museum of Cambodia works also to enhance knowledge of and preserve Cambodian cultural traditions and to provide a source of pride and identity to the Cambodian people. The Museum also serves a religious function; its collection of important Buddhist and Hindu sculpture addresses community religious needs as a place of worship. UNESCO is supporting the museum.

Entrance fee is 5$ and opening hours:
from 8.00AM until 5.00PM daily (last admission tickets are sold at 4.30PM).

Btw, museum publish in their web pages visitor statistics, quite slowly updated, but 1999 there were almost 50 000 and 2006 more than 100 000 visitors, so currently we speak about 150 000. Quite few, but wait, Cambodia is climbing in peoples wish lists.

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Mar 23, 2013

The Nation Museum of Cambodia

This is adjacent to the Royal Palace, entrance on No 178 St,

Well worth a visit, especially if you have seen Angkor Wat, as many of the origionals found there, are here.

Entrance fee is $5 us


You can take photo's in the inner garden for a photo free of $1us. (I saw that notice after I had taken the photo's, Oh Well.

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Mar 09, 2013

National Museum of Cambodia

National Museum of Cambodia is located between street 187 and 184, north of the Royal Palace. This Khmer style architecture building was constructed between 1917 to 1924. It was officially opened to the public on April 13, 1920. It was designed by George Groslier, a historian, curator, and an author who was passionate of the Cambodian's art and crafts. All the architectural ornamentation was completed by Cambodia craftsmen. The Angkorian architecture design on the doors and windows were craved by students of the Ecole des Arts.

This museum is a little unusual in term of displaying their items. It is a square high ceiling building without any air-conditioning. It is almost like a wide open-space corridor with big windows. In the central of the building is the courtyard garden. The terrace of the Leper King is situated in the center of the courtyard. It is one of the beautiful courtyards that I admire. Looking up the roof is another way to appreciate the art of Cambodia architecture.

You will expect to see ceramics, bronzes, textile and painting from the Pre-Angkor Period, Angkor Period, and Post-Angkor Period.

Opening Hours: 8:00 - 17:00

Admission: US$3 ( + US$1 for camera/video fee).

Also read, The Art & Design of the Museum

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Sep 07, 2012

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National Museum of Cambodia (Art & Design)

The National Museum of Cambodia's building comes with beautiful art designs including the naga heads and tails surrounded the building, the stone elephants and statues displays in front of the museum, monkey statues sitting on the outside courtyard, and the Khmer arts on its doors.

Don't miss the art detail of the museum.

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Jun 25, 2012


The museum houses one of the world's largest collections of Khmer art, including sculptural, ceramics, bronzes, and ethnographic objects. The Museum’s collection includes over 14,000 items, from prehistoric times to periods before, during, and after the Khmer Empire, which at its height stretched from Thailand, across present-day Cambodia, to southern Vietnam. The Museum buildings, inspired by Khmer temple architecture, were constructed between 1917 and 1924, the museum was officially inaugurated in 1920, and renovated in 1968.

admission: $3.00

8:00-5:00, open everyday

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Mar 24, 2012

National Museum

This museum is fantastic, there are over 5,000 objects on display here from the 4th -13th centuries. (There are also additions of more recent Cambodian art).

The only object in the museum which may be photographed is the statue of Yama, Lord of the Dead which is in the courtyard.

This statue comes from Angkor Thom’s Terrace of the Leper King, though I did get some nice photos in the courtyard and a few of inside by zooming in.

The museum is in a terra-cotta-roofed structure of traditional Cambodian design, which was built between 1917 and 1920.

You can easily spend a few hours here, well worth the visit.

Entry Fee: $3

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Mar 19, 2011

The National Museum

Originally we planned to skip the museum as our time in P.P was short. It proved to be a worthwhile visit however.
Built in 1920 it is arranged all on one floor , and has one of the largest collections of Khmer Art in the world. I especially liked the wrestling gorillas .
It's amazing it survived the devastation caused by the years of the Khmer Rouge rule in the 1970's. Although it was abandoned during this time and many of the staff were killed ,it was reopened in 1979. Today it is a source of pride for the Cambodian people.

No pictures are allowed inside but the grounds and building itself is spectacular and worth plenty of photos.

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Feb 17, 2011

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Tuol Sleng Museum

Tuol Sleng Museum, the complex used a secondary school until in 1975. Then the complex was occupied by the Khmer Rouge and used as a prison. The prison, known as S-21 eventually became the place where...
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Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument

Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument is located on streets between Street 7 and Sothearos Blvd. It was built in the late 1970s by the communist regime that took power after the Cambodian-Vietnamese...
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Sisowath Quay

The bustling Sisowath Quay promenade was recently renovated. The lady owner from our guesthouse told us about this area Four years it has been a building site that the view of many hotel visitor...
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Russian Market

To get here by tuk-tuk cost $4 because this is further out the center. This market offers many kinds of products from fabric, souvenir, shoes, jewelry, clothes. You also find tailoring, hairdresser...
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Silver Pagoda

Located within the Palace compound sits the Silver Pagoda .Removing our shoes we stepped inside . We were immediately wowed ! The floors are covered with 5000 silver tiles each weighing over a kilo...
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Foreign Correspondents Club

The FCC is housed in a three story French colonial building. It faces onto the Tonle Sap River near its confluence with the Mekong. The FCC dates from the 1990s and was once a hotbed of journalistic...
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Getting to Phnom Penh


Between the 178. and the 184., in the 13th road


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