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Full-Day Phnom Penh Sightseeing Tour
"Meet up with your guide just outside your Phnom Penh hotel and hop in comfortable air-conditioned transportation bound for your first stop. Begin your tour at Cambodia’s Royal Palace which stands majestically in the city centre just off the riverfront area. Several buildings are open to visitors including the ‘Silver Pagoda’ whose floor is lined with solid silver tiles. Continue to the National Museum. Located in a fabulous old build the Museum is filled with art and artifacts dating back to the pre-Angkorian era. At the north end of the city is the hilltop pagoda of Wat Phnom for which the capital was named. Climb the stairs to the top of the hill for fabulous views of the city below.In the afternoon take a look into the country’s tragic recent history with a tour of Tuol Sleng Prison (S-21) and the Killing Fields at sobering reminders of the evils of the Khmer Rouge regime. Although not a joyful tour visiting these monuments unlocks keys to understanding the development of this still developing country. In between there is also time for a visit to the ‘Russian Market’. Test out your bargaining skills as you wander through the stalls filled with souve local handicrafts
From $74.00
Half-Day Tuol Sleng Museum and Cheung Ek Killing Fields
"Pick up from your Phnom Penh hotel by your guide and driver and transfer to the Toul Sleng Museum (Prison S21). During the Pol Pot regime Toul Sleng formerly a high school (Toul Svay Pre School) was converted to a detention center known as S21. After interrogation and often torture prisoners were transferred to ‘Killing Fields’ where they were often tortured again and brutally killed. Today the building houses exhibit paintings and photographs of many of the victims. Visitors can see the crude cells built in the classrooms and the located just outside the city center. It was a Chinese Cemetery before it became the Khmer Rouge’s best known Killing Field. The remains of almost 9000 bodies have been excavated from mass graves in this area. A memorial stupa has been erected and displays over 5000 human skulls
From $58.00
Regime of the Khmer Rouge and Highlights of Phnom Penh Tour
"On this day tour will take you to a trip to Cambodia’s bitter past. You will visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Also known as “S-21” the museum was once a school but was taken over by the Khmer Rouge and used as detention and torture center of the regime.Next leg is Choeung Ek or more popularly known in the West as the “Killing Fields”. Although both sites are symbols of brutality and oppression they will give you a better perspective of Cambodia’s history and appreciate more the beauty the country has to offer.We will then take you to visit Stung Meanchey. The neighborhood is where you will find Pour un Sourire d’Enfant or “For the smil but you can surely drop by the center’s souvenir shop to buy some mementos.The remainder of the day we shall spend scouring the lively markets of Phnom Penh. Drop by Central Market an art deco structure presumably the largest market in the whole country. You may also want to try the Russian Market that is famous for its stone and wood carvings. You can find a variety of merchandise in both markets ranging from clothes to souvenirs jewelry
From $132.00

Tuk tuk Tips (37)

Getting around by Tuk-Tuk

Phnom Penh is very hot to get around on foot, but we don't mind the heat. If you want to get on one place to the other Tuk-Tuk is one of the easiest way around. Such as any places in Southeast Asia this kind of transport is very popular in Cambodia, but not all drivers are honest, so be aware!

We sometimes take tuk-tuk. If you know the price before, do not ask the driver (how much) because he'll ripped you off for a few dollar

I already knew the price of tuk-tuk, the owner of the guesthouse told us the regular fare around the city, but I sometimes play with drivers by testing them

I asked several times how much? the driver give us 5 dollar for three of us, while is only $2 dollar for a ride for the whole vehicle, either there were 1 to 4 person. Tuk-tuk can fit up to 5 people 4 inside and 1 behind driver

Some tuk- tuk drivers are wise and like to rip off tourists, I'm a hard traveller, not because I have my asian looks but some people under estimated me sometimes ;-)

A good tip: if you are going to use tuk-tuk, always give the exact amount, try to save your dollar bills for tuk-tuk. If you give the driver a bill in US dollar he normally give you in dollars back if you request. I keep my $1 bill for the Tuk Tuk otherwise he'll give you back in Cambodian Riel. If you are going to hire a tuk-tuk always negotiate the price before

shavy's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2016

Great tuk tuk driver

Chuon Tauch Tuk Tuk ("Touch" - pronounced "Torge")

Touch is a fantastic tuk tuk driver and made us realise what a great form of transport this can be to get around Phnom Penh - Tuk tuks are pleasantly breezy and very nifty in the traffic. Tauch will develop a tour or short trip to suit you - he's honest and hardworking with a very friendly personality and puts the customer first. You can contact him (sms or call) on +855 (0) 96 969 4306

Dec 11, 2015


-Everyone is like Piranha, just waiting for an opportunity to deceive you and grab your dollars.
-Be very careful with "Tuk-Tuk" , after confirming the price, please prepare the exact amount, any extra chances for you to get back the balance is rare.
-"Tuk-tuk" like Zombies scattered all around Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. It won't take long to terrified you (the way they approach customers is kind of scary). Never give us a chance to walk in peace to explore some places.
-Very funny guys, they will wait for hours looking for passenger, once get a tourist then will be overly charged. If the tourist walks away then will start to reduce the price.

Jan 05, 2014

Transportation from airport and in Phnom Penh

I am a young, female who travelled around Cambodia. I spend a few days in Phnom Penh. I really enjoyed having tuk tuk driver who took me around from the Royal Palace to the local post office, anywhere I needed/wanted to go. It is very safe. For half day you can have a driver for 10 USD and for a whole day for 17-20 USD.

If you want to have very reliable driver I can really recommend Sopheak who can pick you up at the airport or just drive you around the city and around. His telephone nr: (855) 012712775 (no email address).

Dec 08, 2013
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Hotels Near Phnom Penh

No. 18, Street 47 & 84, Sangkat Srass Chork, Khanh Doun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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No. 128 E3-E4 Street Sothearos, Sangkat Tonle Basacc, Phnom Penh, 00855
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No. 69, Street 174, Sangkat Phsar Thmey III, Khan Daun Penh, 855
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Villa-60s:#20R, St 252 & Villa-90s: #25, St 71, Phnom Penh, 12000, Cambodia
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No. 71, Street 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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53 Street 113 , Sangkat Boeung Pralet Khan 7 Makara
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Use Tuktuk and see more

With a tuktuk ride you can see more than with spending your time in car or bus. Phnom Penh is a large city and distances are long, but with tuktuk you reach easily your target and have shadow and breezy wind if you are eskimo like I am.

Negotiate the prices, the starting proposal can be like three times more than you should pay. You can take a driver with target or hour based and, for example, I negotiated 3$ for hour with unlimited mileage and time slot. No warranties or insurances so try to be careful (still I think I paid a little bit to much, but the driver was clever than me with the negotiations).

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Mar 16, 2013

An easy and cheap way to get round

Tuk Tuk's are an easy way to get round. Also cheap.

It seems that they base themselves somewhere, (like outside a certain hotel,) and work from there.

A driver can look for you again once you have used them, which is handy if you want to book in advance, these guys are reliable.

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Mar 12, 2013


Tuk-tuk can get you anywhere in town with a standard rate of 2USD for short distances only. If you wish to hire the tuk-tuk for a day tour, they have tour packages posted in the vehicle and you can negotiate with the driver too. We hired Mok, the young and funny tuk-tuk driver. At first, he offered us a 20USD for half day tour- Toul Sleng, Killing fields, Royal Palace ,Independence Monument. However, we tried to make a bargain with him since it’ll only be a half day tour and 20USD is too much for us (budget travelers, that’s what we are) . Good thing is we’re able to make it at 15USD… it’s very hard to convince him at first but after quite a long negotiation, we shook hands. We were happy how Mok treated us, he’s very friendly and gave us additional information about the city so we gave him a tip for a job well done.

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Dec 17, 2012

Angkor Best Driver

I would strongly recommend Angkor Best Driver for all your transportation needs in Cambodia. He is based in Siem Reap and is very knowledgeable about the temples at Angkor Wat, but he can also provide transportation to and from and around Phnom Penh or anywhere else in Cambodia. He can be reached at
hand phone +(855) 092 73 03 99
website :

Sep 26, 2012

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There was no bus in Phnom Penh in 2011. So, you need a tuck-tuck or motorbike to move around, especially going sub-urban of the city like:

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Killing Fields of Choeung EK
Russian Market

You can rent a tuck-tuck for a days or few hours in Phnom Penh:

Up to 12 hours - US$20

Up to 4 hours - US$15

There are motorbikes cruising around the streets in downtown. You can pay them either US$1 or US$2 to any destination within the city.

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Jun 24, 2012

Tuk Tuks Phnom Penh

I have been a tourist and now live in Phnom Penh. Most tourists stop in the city for 2-3 days. Tuk Tuks are a great way to see the sights and get around the city. If you want a smooth, hassle free visit in a place where you have not got the time to get to grips with all the scams and rip offs and need someone who knows the city. A good Tuk Tuk driver, who speaks English, knows the roads, is a tour guide, hotel and restaurant advisor and literally all you need to know to have a safe and good time in the city. This might sound easy, but thousands of Tuk Tuk drivers line the streets of Phnom Penh looking for opportunities, but many of them are straight from the villages have no idea of how to get around the city and you can find yourself more lost with a driver, whom you can't communicate with. When I first started working in PP I discovered Lin. He was so outstanding in his knowledge. I do not even google in PP, I just call Lin, whether is for the best pharmacies, tailors, computer/camera repair or book him for a friend who needs the full tourist treatment. Lin has now trained a team of Tuk Tuk drivers to his high customer service standards, teaches them the knowledge, English and tour guide information. If you want to have an easy time of it in PP, get Lin to pick you up from the air port or bus stop and organise what ever your needs are with him. You will get great service, honest prices, a local friend and you get to support an enterprising young man, whose passion and dedication toward customer service is quite incredible. Lin: Mobile +855 (0) 92346636..............sms him with time and flight details and he will be there to pick you up.

Apr 04, 2012


In Phnom Penh, moto-romauks ('tuk-tuks') and cyclos (bicycle rickshaws) offer somewhat safer (though not as safe as a car) alternative to mototaxis.

The Cambodian ‘tuk-tuks’ offer a quieter, more pleasant ride. Tuk-tuks for hire gather in popular tourist areas such as the riverfront and at tourist hotels. $1-$2 for short trips and $10-$15 for the whole day. Prices vary depending on the number of passengers and where you pick up the tuk-tuk. Make sure to keep your bag toward the middle of the tuk-tuk to protect against bag snatching.

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Mar 24, 2012

You will get fed up.

Before I start this tip, I would like to say that I don't want any mails or comments from self-righteous people telling me I should appreciate the local customs etc. - I do. The standard modes of transport in Phnom Penh are the tuk-tuk, ubiquitous throughout Southeast Asia, and the motodop. The latter is effectively anyone with a scooter that will transport you round the place for a relatively small amount. There are tuk-tuks and motodops literally everywhere and they are so easy to find. This is where my opening line comes in.

From the minute you leave your hotel in the morning until you return at night you will be constantly assailed by drivers shouting at you, slowing up beside you, sounding their horn at you, waving at you to attract custom. Yes, I know it is a small thing and it really should not irritate me as much as it does. I always try to be polite, but the three or four hundredth (literally) repitition of "No, thank you" really gets on my nerves. For those of you that are going to play the "adopt the local customs" card, I would suggest that I never see a driver shouting at a local person. If a local wants a driver they approach the driver, it is only the traveller that is hassled this way.

Actually, I usually walk everywhere anyway but if you do need to get around, especially to a less frequented area at night, both options are safe, relatively inexpensive and, as discussed, frequent to the point of unavoidability.

A word of warning though, agree the price before you start. I have heard some horror stories of drunk travellers being ripped off for a fortune. As a general rule, at time of writing in early 2010 no journey round the centre should be more than a couple of $US although the price rises slightly at night.

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Jul 08, 2011

Things to Do Near Phnom Penh

Things to Do

Tuol Sleng Museum

Tuol Sleng Museum, the complex used a secondary school until in 1975. Then the complex was occupied by the Khmer Rouge and used as a prison. The prison, known as S-21 eventually became the place where...
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Things to Do

Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument

Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument is located on streets between Street 7 and Sothearos Blvd. It was built in the late 1970s by the communist regime that took power after the Cambodian-Vietnamese...
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Things to Do

Sisowath Quay

The bustling Sisowath Quay promenade was recently renovated. The lady owner from our guesthouse told us about this area Four years it has been a building site that the view of many hotel visitor...
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Things to Do

Russian Market

To get here by tuk-tuk cost $4 because this is further out the center. This market offers many kinds of products from fabric, souvenir, shoes, jewelry, clothes. You also find tailoring, hairdresser...
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Things to Do

Silver Pagoda

Located within the Palace compound sits the Silver Pagoda .Removing our shoes we stepped inside . We were immediately wowed ! The floors are covered with 5000 silver tiles each weighing over a kilo...
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Things to Do

Foreign Correspondents Club

The FCC is housed in a three story French colonial building. It faces onto the Tonle Sap River near its confluence with the Mekong. The FCC dates from the 1990s and was once a hotbed of journalistic...
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