Cambodia Tourist Traps

  • Angkor Shopping Centre - Duty Free Shop
    Angkor Shopping Centre - Duty Free Shop
    by Mikebb
  • Don´t go there.
    Don´t go there.
    by cachaseiro
  • to top town night club
    to top town night club
    by machomikemd

Cambodia Tourist Traps

  • Killing Fields

    Phnom Penh Tourist Traps

    When you arrive at the airport you will be approached by taxi drivers who will try to rip you off. Remember, you can get a tuk tuk to take you anywhere you want for a full day for 15$, don't pay anything more, you will get offers to take you here or there for 30$ and on up, don't agree, shop around and when in doubt just head to your hotel and grab...

  • Touts

    Phnom Penh Tourist Traps

    As you arrive by boat from Siem Reap, you will find many guesthouses' touts waiting for you at the pier. It is a bit confusing at the beginning, they shout and hassle you around... If you have a guidebook, take a deep look at the accomodations section while you are on the boat, before arriving. Decide then where to go. You will probably find a guy...

  • How to cope with corrupt visa fees in...

    This issue has been long forewarned by Lonely Planet and other guidebooks. If you are coming from Laos into Cambodia, you will most likely encounter extremely corrupt and non-sensical officers on duty. Avoid arriving alone at the border! You will be riped off even harder! If you are coming from Si Phan Don in Laos, it is much much much cheaper to...

  • Russian Market - not a trap, exactly ...

    This is a covered market that has everything. Much cheaper to shop here than in stores. But at the end of April it was so hot and crowded, and truly claustrophobic. I did buy some lovely scarve, cushion covers and it would a great place to buy fabric for curtains, saris, or dresses if you were able to ship or carry out. There are people begging...

  • Begging and Peddling

    It's very hard to ignore beggars and peddlers, especially when they are children or are disfigured from land mines. Be aware that this is commonplace to experience in Cambodia. Be kind. Carry baguettes with you to break in half to give to the children. They seem just as happy to have food to eat. Sugar-free gum works well, too.

  • don't get on a motorbike taxi.

    in general you should avoid the motorbike taxis.they are quite unsafe in various ways.mostly cause they drive like crazy, but in the bigger cities they often act as pimps and drug dealers too and they will often ppester you to be taken to a brothel or a drug dealer.Regular taxis are generally much better and if you have the time for it, then the...

  • Aranyaprathet Money Changers

    The "official" exchange rate for US$1.00 is about 4000 Cambodian riels (as at Sep 2007 and reconfirmed in May 2008). A recent (May 2008) report stated that the money changers at the Thai/Cambodia border crossing at Aranyaprathet gave a rate of US$1.00 to 3200 riels only. 800 riels is not a lot of money but if changing a large amount of US$, they do...

  • National Mueseum turn to Buddha Museum

    WHat we can think when we hear about National Museum? Of course its about culture, king or previous president, bad incident, histroy and indepedent. But this Museum, its only a buddha statue...everywhere. Nothing you can see except a Buddha statue, with head or without head. So, I called this museum is Buddha museum, instead of National...

  • 1 dollar

    is it good or bad to donate? go figure.. give food or candy instead of money. bring your own bottle of drink, so you don't have to buy drink instead, maybe not only one but 2 or 3 if there is whole bunch of kids running after you.

  • pesky kids

    pesky kids, trying to sell you stuff. i managed to talk a less pesky one who was also trying to sell me something, and i realised that he is doing it for additional cash while he goes to school. so not all of them are uneducated. he goes to public school in the day, sells stuff at the wats in the afternoon, and goes to english classes at night!...

  • higher food prices

    we pay higher prices for food than locals. if you know the local price just pay it before they tell you you are wrong. make sure it is of a reasonable jack up. a 1000-2000r jackup is fine, but if they expect like 3 usd for fried rice at a streetstall, tell them to bugger off.

  • walk alittle bit

    We stoped at a Sugar Palm stand, and most Tourist were paying $ 1.00 USD for 3 packs of Palm Sugar. We walked just 2 stands away from the crowd , and my Wife got 6 Packs for 1.00 USD.Local guide said we could have held out for 7 or 8 packs. So it pays to get away from the group, and bargin. ASK the local tour guide BEFORE you shop about the aprox...

  • Guides at the temples

    there are some unofficial guides at the temples, they would offer to take you around, but before you accept their service, ask how much they want to charge. We did not bother asking thus at the end of our half an hour tour, we had to fork out 10USD. i know it is not much, but we could have got a full day guide for 20USD. Get some guide books!

  • Row Row Row your boat

    Boat trip on Siem Reap River. Each boat trip cost US$20 each which was a tad too expensive as there was nothing much to see on this trip. There were 1 or 2 schools on boats, a church, Vietnamese village on water, etc. Not very fantastic as compared to the boat tour to the floating market in bangkok. We wanted to tip the boatmen at the end of the...

  • Tuk tuk and moto-taxi over charging

    All will try and over charge you no matter where you go in Cambodian tourist spots most notably in Phnom Penh, and especially in Sihanoukville and Siem Reap. And I dont mean normal foreigner over charging. You will never get local rate in Cambodia but also you dont want to be ripped off. The general rule is that the money they ask for is twice...

  • Angkor Wat

    Lonely Planet will tell you that it is best to visit Angkor Wat after lunch because the lighting is better for pictures. I found quite the contrary to be true. I visited Angkor Wat at 10:00 A.M. and by lunchtime (12:00 P.M.) it was so empty I had the place to myself. I thought they had closed for lunch and the guards had forgotten to ask me to...

  • demand your rights

    We generally had a carefree time in Cambodia, but there was on instance that nearly ruined our trip. We wanted to go to jungle outpost Banlung in the far north of the country by local buses and boats. To save time, we had planned on flying back to Phnom Penh. Since the flights were on a very limited schedule, we found it would be more convenient to...

  • Money Money Money

    The official currency of cambodia is the Riel.Re-introduced in 1979 there are about (when I was there) 4000 to the UD$.They come in:50100200500100020005000100002000050000100000Because of low prices its unusual to find ones above 20000, and if you have one you'll find it difficult to change.The unofficial currency is the US dollar.So get used to...

  • To bargain for transport is stressful!

    Every time you need a motobike or a tuktuk (in the picture) is a real stress to bargain because they ask usually the double of real price. Ask around to tourist which is the real price. The best way is to use the motobike and tutktuk from your hotel or rent a motobike and drive yourself (but no insurance provided).

  • You want chicken?

    Most of the shooting ranges have been closed down but there is one place beside the airport where you could still shoot down an airliner... The rumours are true. After selecting my "uzi" and stepping on to the firing range the greasy man who was supposed to be in charge of safety leaned in to my personal space and with a meaningful smirk offered a...

  • You want chicken?

    Most of the shooting ranges have been closed down but there is one place beside the airport where you could still shoot down an airliner... The rumours are true. After selecting my "uzi" and stepping on to the firing range the greasy man who was supposed to be in charge of safety leaned in to my personal space and with a meaningful smirk offered a...

  • Beggars yeah right

    Don't give money to street beggars you get overrun by lots of them if they see you give something.And trust me they do see every move you make!The Cambodians are masters in ripping you off and begging like professionals in Angkor and Phnom Penh.I watched a group of kids while sitting in a pub and saw how they went to pick up there little sister and...

  • Mondolkiri Elephant rides

    OK, when you go to Sahara desert, you expect to go for a camel ride in the snd dunes. When you go to Mondolkiri you might like to go for an Elephant ride. Make sure of a couple of things before you start1/ Make sure that your ride starts straight into the fields and jungle. That is where it is most unconfortable if not impossible to walk.Half my...

  • Touts at Ferry Pier from Siem Reap to...

    There are several boy touts at the ferry point at Siem Reap. They will attempt to guide you to the boat and 'help' you carry your luggage to the back of the boat.And then demand an outrageous $1 for this. Hence, never pass off your bags to any of them. Carry your own bags and deposit them to the bag of the boat no matter what these boys...

  • Ankhor wat dinning stalls

    If you are used to sticking to touristic places, you won't find anything particular about the prices of the meals there but if you are on a budget travel you should know that a 4$ dish can be put down to 1/2 $. They will just tell you " don't tell anybody" !!! I am not telling anybody, just VTbody !!!!!!! LOL There is nothing unbearable to that...

  • Madness at Phnom Bakheng

    The scene at the bottom of the hill right around sunset is total Madness. There are so many people that prices for the touristy junk increases. You will be able to see Tourist buses, cars, trucks, motorcyles and bicycles lind up for as far as the eye can see along the road during the high season just before sunset. This isn't the place to buy your...

  • Boarder crossing from Bangkok

    We went from bangkok to poipet boarder by bus. We then walked across the boarder to cambodia. On the other side we got a small bus that we thought was taking us to siem reap. On the bus we had a very friendly local stand at the front and said he was our "group leader'. He told us a few facts about cambodia and said that you must have riel as that...

  • Tonle Bati Lunch

    If going to Tonle Bati and decide to have lunch in the village on the lake make sure you agree on pricing before you order. If not your bill may come to $20 US dollars or more.My driver made sure we agreed beforehand as not to get overcharged.

  • The Airport Car

    When you leave the airport, a man will offer you the airport car to take you to the hotel. It is a nice car, but do not accept it. It is way overpriced, about $30. Avoid the Airport car and look for a taxi or walk out to the main road and flag down a moto or taxi. Take the Taxi outside of the airport or be sure and call your hotel or guest house...

  • I had first experience of...

    I had first experience of shooting gun and pistles!!!Shooting reaction is real, I was so much excited in it! But it does'nt mean I am manior.Shooting tour in PhunongPennh.

  • Arriving from Bangkok directly...

    Arriving from Bangkok directly to Siem Reap you´ll be brought to a hotel where they get comission for you. Mostly it´s in the middle of no where and it will be allready dark outside when you arrive so the chance for you to change accomodation are not very high, but try to find outside a motorbike which brings you to the hotel of your choice.

  • Roadside Stalls

    In the country and feeling thirsty - be careful. While there are a lot of the roadside stalls selling fruit and drinks, there were also stands with bottles having 7Up and orange advertised on them but in actual fact contained petrol. This was to top up motor bikes and apparently before the major petrol stations set themselves up here, was the only...

  • Angkor Wat and all of Siem...

    Angkor Wat and all of Siem reap is definitly a giant tourist trap. But it is a must-be-seen that really must be seen. After years in soyh asia I suffer from temple fatigue, but I would return to Angkor Wat again if I could. Its an amazing place, but better go there very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

  • When crossing the border,...

    When crossing the border, there will be kids following you before the Thai border until you cross the Cambodian border. These kids will try to sell you transport from Poi Pet to Battambang, Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. Make sure you have lose change or small USD notes. But I will suggest you to walk all the way across the police checkpoint at the...

  • I suggest to try to move...

    I suggest to try to move yourself without looking for a guide. I often found them wordy and sticky...

  • Just a normal S.E Asia con,...

    Just a normal S.E Asia con, when you get a cab/ride from the airport or boat, some drivers get paid to take you to hotels that give them commision, so some will try and tell you that your hotel is closed, full, etc. Just insist you already have reservations even if you dont, if you dont want to go to one of their hotels. Another tip is in Siem...

  • Taking a bus from Khao San...

    Taking a bus from Khao San Road, Bangkok to Siem Reap - though you should leave around 6.30 and arrive to Siem Reap in the late afternoon, it's likely the bus company keeps you waiting before departure and on the road as well, even pretending to break down in Cambodia, so that you arrive very late and exhausted to your destination and stay in the...

  • Since I spent all my money on...

    Since I spent all my money on the luxury hotel in Siem Reap, I took the bus back to Bangkok, Thailand. This can be arranged by your hotel or guesthouse. The ticket was $10US. The roads in Cambodia are very bad so it was a VERY bumpy ride. Did I mention the roads are bad?! At the border crossing, everyone must get off the bus, walk some distance and...

  • This should not only be...

    This should not only be catergorized under 'tourist traps' but it should also go under 'warnings and dangers'! The fast boat service from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is expensive at $22 a head for foreigners, it is extremly overcrowded, and you'll depart the boat nearly deaf if you sit in the wrong area.The trip from Phnom Penh, up the Tonle Sap, to...

  • May also be put in Warnings...

    May also be put in Warnings and dangersWhen you plan to go to Thailand and pass the frontier by boat close Ko Thong and then go to Trat(Thailand), be very carreful, a real mafia team is waiting for you. You first have to take the ferry from Sihnaoukville to Ko Tong, there the speed boats are waiting for you, this people works together with taxi...

  • I got to know a canadian biker...

    I got to know a canadian biker who worked as a englishteacher. He rented a motorcycle for a month or so. One day we were driving in Phnom Phen, we were pulled over by two cops. We were fined for driving around without a licenseplate!!! 60 % of the motorcycles don't have a licenseplate... The nice thing about being screwed in Cambodia is that you...

  • Whenever you decide to buy...

    Whenever you decide to buy something from their markets, ALWAYS bargain! They tend to overcharge tourists. I've had items discounted at 50%! So, bargain, don't be embarrassed about it.Also, be careful of the (many) kids that come begging, once you start giving to one, everybody will charge at you to ask for money! They will ask you for money even...

  • A scam at the poipet border...

    A scam at the poipet border crossing is officials asking to see your international Health Certificate to prove if you are vaccinated against cholera. If you can't show it you have to pay 5US$ for tablets which have absolutely nothing to do with cholera. Try to get a doctor just to give you the cholera stamp in your health cert before you leave.

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