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Private Custom Tour: Beijing in One Day
"In Beijing there are must-see destinations cultural and historical landmarks. Then there are those special activities and local attractions that you've read about and put on your list to do. No tour itinerary can cover exactly what you want to see in Beijing until now. Let us help you create your own personalized day in Beijing using public transport with a professional guide and interpreter. If you want to visit the Forbidden City and take in a show with world famous Chinese acrobats we can arrange it. Care to climb the steps of the Great Wall by day and have an authentic Peking Duck dinner in the evening? Well make it happen. Always wanted to tour the Hutongs by pedicab then visit the exquisite Lama Temple? Well put them both on you helping you bargain for the best prices on jewelry handcrafts
From $16.00
Beijing Your Way: Private Independent Tour with Optional Guide
"After pickup from your hotel travel by comfortable private vehicle to the city’s historic sites and visit local attractions. If you’re touring independently use your suggested itinerary and tell your driver where you’d like to go. Be sure to confirm your custom itinerary with the tour operator prior to your arrival in Beijing; that way they can carefully plan your independent excursion for you.A half-day independent tour takes you to top destinations within Beijing. Visit the Forbidden City and Summer Palace or explore the hutongs (alleyways) by pedicab. If you’ve selected a full-day independent tour you can also drive beyond the city to climb the steps of the Great Wall which offers sweeping views from above.Full- or Half-Day Guided Tour UpgradeGo more in depth with interesting commentary from a knowledgeable guide who helps you customize your tour. Your personal guide can take you where the locals shop
From $150.00
Backstreet Beijing Walking Tour
"Head to the Red Building of old Peking University from where the University students went out to Tian'anmen Square for demonstrations and initiated the famous 5.4 Movement. Then you will stroll along the old cultural Wusi & Wenjin Street one of the most beautiful street of Beijing We pass the corner tower of forbidden city wall and moat a bridge divided Beihai Park and Zhongnanhai Lakes till arriving at the old palaces of Beijing library one of the five biggest libraries in the world. It is a spectacular palace courtyard with historical stone lions and pillars moved from the ""old Summer Palace"".After that visit the Northern Cathedral
From $75.00

Acrobats Tips (15)

Acrobats: ChaoYang Theatre

In this small theatre you can have a taste of the chinese acrobatics skills.

Beautiful and impressive performances will not let you loose any part of the show.

Definitely worth a visit!

Tickets begin on RMB100 (EUR10) and show begins on 19h15.

Dress Code No special requirements.

ahoerner's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2004

Beijing Chaoyang Theatre: Amazing acts of balance and strength

We dont usually holiday for the nightlife - instead we are mostly in bed early and awake early the next morning, ready to fit as much as possible into our day. So, we dont usually go out much at night, this was our only big night out, and indeed our latest night out, getting back to our Hotel at 10pm! Most nights we are in bed between 8-9pm!

As part of our day out with Alvin, I had requested to see an acrobatics show. Alvin suggested this one and was also kind enough to purchase our tickets for us, at a HUGE discount as he usually buys in bulk.

Our seats were in the 280rmb area and Alvin managed to buy our tickets for only 120rmb, a great saving. We were on the first floor, row 15, seat numbers 8 and 9.

The show was spectacular and every act left us holding our breath and gasping with ooohs and ahhhhs! I would highly recommend going to see this show. They do 2 shows each night. The first is from 5.15-6.15pm and the second (the one we saw) is from 7.15-8.30pm. The acrobatics were amazing, as were the costuming and dancing.

Even more amazing is that when we entered the theatre, we were shocked to see we were sitting next to Christine and Eric, a couple from Belgium who we had met on the Great Wall earlier that day. They had followed us on the Wall for about an hour, listening to Alvin's entertaining commentary and we had talked to them a lot. We said goodbye to them on the Wall, knowing we would never see them again. Then .... amazingly enough we were sitted right next to them at the Acrobatics Show - WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! They were not too happy that their guide had charged them 380rmb for the 280rmb tickets, especially when I told them Alvin had got ours for only 120rmb!!! I should have given them Alvins phone number!!! It was very funny.

lindyz's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Acrobats: Chaoyang Theatre

This theatre is located in the Chaoyang District and is a Chinese acrobatics show involving bicycles, tight rope walking, and spinning plates that is aimed at tourists. It was a very entertaining show, highly recommended. Showtimes are 17.15-18.15, and 19.15-20.30 every night. Tickets are 50-300 RMB. Ours were 180 RMB each for good seats, right in the middle.

Dress Code Cameras seemed to be allowed.

clairegeordio's Profile Photo
Jan 20, 2007

I don't remember which one I saw: Beijing Acrobats and Circus

If you're in Beijing you gotta check out the Acrobatic Troupes. They are fun to watch! They were for me anyways. I went twice in Beijing and twice in Shanghai. It was fairly inexpensive too! Just a couple of dollars in 1987. I'm sure the price has risen since then. Just ask at your hotel or tourist office for the latest schedule and prices.

herzog63's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2003
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Chaoyang Theater: Flying Acrobats Show

I was on my third trip to Beijing last November 2009. On my first trip, I watched the Cultural Show, it was okay but a bit too long. This time we decided to watch the Flying Acrobats Show in Chaoyang Theater. There are 2 daily shows, 1715H and 1915H. The tickets are a bit expensive at CNY 280 each (over US$40) but definitely worth it. The show includes tumblers, gymnasts, contortionists, spinning spindles, spinning plates, hoops, 2 giant wheels with an acrobat juggling and skipping rope (even blindfolded) on top while the wheels spin. It's no surprise that the Chinese always place in the gymnastics competitions, they are really great. The grand finale presents 12 female cyclists who finally end up riding a single bike.

Dress Code No dress code but shorts would be a bit out of place.

Dec 06, 2009

Acrobats: Acrobatic Disapointment - Tiandi

I would NOT reconmend Tiandi Theatre. Tickets are more expensive than the competition and the quality is just okay. We tried to buy tikets for 180Y (25US) and they told us they were all sold out and we had to get tickets for 280Y (40US) - when we got to the show it was empty (maybe 30 seats filled and 200 empty?) - we complained but of course they did not speak english. Major disapointment that might have been okay, but the show was not that great either.

Dress Code casual

Feb 25, 2008

Beijing Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics World: Acrobatics:

After a long day in and around Beijing, our guide Jamie brought us to this acrobatics show.

On the website it says: "Chaoyang Theatre builds up a bridge between Chinese traditional culture and the world. It exhibits the profoundness of Chinese acrobatics to the world."
The show started exactly at 19:15, with a continuous flow of acrobats performing more and more stunning numbers. I especially enjoyed the acrobats walking all around the circumference of a giant metal wheel, performing unbelievable exercises. The bicycle number, with 10 or 12 girls riding one bicycle in a seemingly fragile human pyramid formation, was also very good.

I think the production could do with less extravagant costumes and props and less bombastic music, and let the acrobatics speak for themselves. One of the best numbers consisted of just one acrobat alone on the stage with a bunch of chairs, constructing a higher and higher tower with these chairs and climbing them to the top.

iblatt's Profile Photo
Feb 11, 2011

Acrobats: Various Acrobatic Shows in Beijing

there are three main Acrobatic Show Theaters in Beijing that showcase the more than 2,000 year history of the death defying acrobats of China of which the Chaoyang Theater is the Largest and most popular and the Tiandi and Tianquiao Acrobatic Theaters are the second and third respectively. The Acrobatic Show and the Kung Fu Show are usually offered to the big bus tours and private van tours by the tour guide as an extra as they are a good nightife activities of which there are usually 3 shows that start from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at 1 hour each per show at 20 minute intervals. Prices start at about 200 RMB if you are seated near the front and up to 340 RMB if seated in the middle center zone (the best seats on the house) and 180 RMB for the side seats.

Dress Code casual

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Oct 11, 2014


"The Northern Capital"
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"Beijing - Imperial Peking"
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"My wonderful Beijing"
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"Beijing: from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall"
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Acrobats: Special Chinese

Unfortunately, I really can´t remember, where the show took place. I was so tired after two days busy program. The amazing show prevented me falling asleep. It is worth watching that.

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Jan 28, 2005

Acrobats: Acrobat show

While in Beijing you should catch an acrobat show. It's inexpensive and quite fantastic what these artists can do with their bodies

Dress Code Casual

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2008

Typical show for tourists

Last night we were brought to watch an acrobat show.

A typical show for tourists, but there were many chinese people in the theatre too.

shivan's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2003


Here some girls try to kill themselves standing on a chair pile.

Seven chairs seven girls. They survived the nightshow, anyway.

shivan's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2003

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