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Hard Rock Cafe Beijing CLOSED Tips (12)

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Hard Rock Cafe Beijing

What do you do if you are missing America and want a burger and a bit of Americana? Visit the Beijing Hard Rock Cafe, of course. The cafe itself has the usual assortment of American fare, but also has live bands (in English) a guitar shaped bar, and more Police Memorabilia than any other Hard Rock Cafe I have ever seen, and that is always a good thing!

The food was great, and has the high quality of Asian service that you come to expect over there. Plus, let me just say that every waitress I saw there was gorgeous!

Favorite Dish After being in Beijing for as long as I was, and after missing American food so much, anything was going to be good. But the burgers were exceptional!

kdoc13's Profile Photo
May 11, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: American food in China!

I had a very good cheeseburger in Beijing at the Hard Rock Cafe. It seems from my restaurant tips that I'm always trying a burger in these foreign cities but sometimes I don't feel like being adventurous and a burger offers a easy meal selection for the road weary traveler.

I had a very good draft beer from Singapore, a TIGER along with my burger. I stayed in the Great Wall Sheraton which was right across the parking lot.

Favorite Dish Easy on the ordering, a burger and a TIGER beer.

rsleisk's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Expensive but Exciting Environment

Vibrant nightspot and great dining venue! However, the waiters and waitresses always seem to try hurrying you to order and finishing your food.

Anyway, it provides great music with live band (but not on Sunday though) and it's definitely a place to dine with old friends and meet new friends!

Party starts at 10.30 p.m. onwards. Who knows, you might get pick up by some bella and hunks!

P/S: Due to its popularity in Beijing, as in the case the place might be booked for special function or events, do call up to avoid any dissapointment!

Favorite Dish Basically the food consists the usual fare of burgers, main course and salads but don't expect it to be in large portion - most of it is rather small unlike in other HRC around the world.

I like the Grilled Chicken but it was such a small portion that I didn't really get to enjoy it thoroughly - it was finished within minutes it arrived. Anyway, Nasi Lemak Malaya is no longer served in HRC as I discovered recently.

Nevertheless, they do offer shooters with cheeky names like "B-52", "Orgasm", and "BlowJ*b". Mind you, the price to get this pleasure is mind-blowing. So, you better be sober when you call for this shot!

maysue's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2005

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Welcome to the Boomtown...

One good way to gage the vibrancy of a boomtown is to check the local expat hangouts. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe early on a week night, and the place was just over-run with foreign devils...

Seems most everyone is trying to elbow there way into the booming Chinese economy...

kenmerk's Profile Photo
Aug 10, 2005
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Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Hard Rock Cafe Beijing

Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing was so much fun! There was a live band playing and we were drinking, singing, dancing and had a really GREAT party!!!
And the local Chinese beer was very tasty!
Tiger Beer, from Singapore is also a #1 favorite!!!

monica78's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

A panda in Beijing? Mmm, come...

A panda in Beijing? Mmm, come to Hard Rock Cafe. Great nightlife here. Great food at DIRT CHEAP prices. Great souvenirs to buy home too. Get their panda/ Tiantan pins and panda HRC t-shirts. Soooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!
Aug 24, 2002

Hard Rock Cafe: Not known for the food

Sadly, this American icon is not know in Beijing for the food or performances. It's known for the Mongolian prostitutes that practically crowd around older men at the bar. Not sure why management allows such things to happen as I have never seen this happen in any other city.

Favorite Dish Nachos and the hamburger.

pinksgone's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: same hard rock..different city

i went to the hard rock on my birthday because i was so tired of eating chinese food. it was the same as any hard rock in any other country.. nothing special and the food was still great. kind of expensive to drink alcohol there.. so if you're on a budget the drink first! can get crowded but we didnt have but a 5 minute wait to be seated.

Favorite Dish chicken

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Oct 09, 2006


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Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Skip This!

The food was not good, the whole restuarant must have been recently varnished because it smelled to high heavens. The wait staff very inattentive, the only good thing was Tiger beer on tap. Our kid's chicken nuggets were horrible. The bathrooms are gross, water dripping from ceiling. Definitely skip this restuarant, obviously they haven't kept it up!

Favorite Dish Safe to order the potato skins, but don't eat the " sour cream" that does not remotely look like sour cream, but actually looks like some kind of marshmellow?

Aug 18, 2006

Hard Rock Caffe Beijing: Hard Rock Caffe - Don't go!!!!!

The food was lousy: I ordered a full rack of ribs and got only half rack.... The Fajita chicken was dry and almost uneatable. And the desserts: skip it as well.
And the price: you could have 6 good meals in a local restaurant with much better food.

Oct 11, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: If you are an HR enthusiastic, don't miss it!

If you want to taste some western dishes after days of chinese food, at last you can go to Hard Rock Cafe...

Favorite Dish If you haven't tried it before, try the Pig Sandwich... just the basics.

ahoerner's Profile Photo
Feb 25, 2004

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing: Music makes up for the not so fresh seafood

I ordered a seafood pasta, and serving + taste was all right. However prawns were not too fresh, but i guess the music made up for it?

zestnzeal2003's Profile Photo
Jan 16, 2006

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